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~Mind of Emy~
I'm just writing whatever, like what happened today, what I feel, and just stuff. Wanna read? Go ahead.
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pls no thievery!

[x] from pinkytutu
[x] from Moving in Slowmotion
[x] from Elyit
[x] from Nueel

[x] from Anti Alois
[x] from popstar-kitty-6667
[x] from Jo Witte
[x] from Duke of Nuts
[x] from Toxic Slushie
[x] from Sintailor
[x] from starlight_of_ur_heart
[x] (A sprite!) from Weirdo Freaky Idiot
[x] from Spica_P.i_16
[x] from mikedav17
[x] from Kevinblacksheep
[x] from summer champagne
[x] from Unicorn Pow-Ah
[x] from I l m a - x
[x] from Sitting On It
[x] from Elyit
[x] from Anomii
[x] (I blink and wink!) from Nex101
[x] (Pixel Art!) from Average Username
[x] from Vyana
[x] from Perah Shoot

[x] from w0nd3r_k
[x] (A Berry!) from HiePi
[x] from summer champagne
[x] from out of control
[x] from Elyit
[x] from Address Not Found

[x] from Wafferusu
[x] colored by -x-Azami-x-
[x] from Skys Silent Star
[x] from OhMyTeaCup
[x] from Darkrai_LOL
[x] from Anne Von Teese
[x] from Moving in Slowmotion
[x] from DeadxChimera
[x] from God_of_Luncheon_Noodles
[x] from Beastly Harlot
[x] from iArthur KirkIand
[x] from miichi xo
[x] from Ayz Crem
[x] from Ayz Crem
[x] from paper-jam-ftl
[x] from addicat
[x] from 373755_abi
[x] (Light Outline) from Lee Ling K
[x] (Dark Outline) from Lee Ling K
[x] from lelock
[x] from PsychoStranger
[x] from EverlastingRitz
[x] from suiofei-
[x] from Elyit
[x] from Chocolat Crepe
[x] from Delicate Wish
[x] from AngelBaby12349
[x] from Emi Mori

[All Four] (Mini-Comic!) from flourfly
[2nd + 4th] from DeliciousCream

Cat by Rebel Refrain
[x] (group pic with golumsmegle & Ancient Illusion[me be feline]) from Ni-Ni-kun
[x] (Current Avi) from Tai-ji
[x] (Decepticon/Ravage) from s4f3ty
[x] (Group pic with Futterwack, s4f3ty, yoyko, & more[me=cat]) from s4f3ty
[x] (Avi Mashup[me is cat] with s4f3ty, yoyko, & lots more) from s4f3ty
[x] (Hawk-Cat-Jellyfish) from s4f3ty
[x] (Tree-Bed-Snow-Person) from s4f3ty
[x] (Group pic with us as other gender. I’m teh cat. B]) from s4f3ty
[x] (Pig-Rabbit [from You're Beautiful] Pixel) from MoreThenAir
[x] (Beach scene group pic. Me=Cat) from s4f3ty
[x][x][x][x][x] (A odd comic-like thing, lol. Me=Black/Green Cat) from s4f3ty

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