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In Wine there is Wisdom, in Beer there is Freedom, in Water there is Bacteria.
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[color=#A23BEC]✘✘✘⇢[/color] [color=lawngreen]nickname[/color] [color=#A23BEC]⇠✘✘✘[/color][/align]
[imgleft]http://i279.photobucket.com/albums/kk126/Yotsuba-chan/RP Demon Girls/AAAAAAAAAAAA-1.jpg[/imgleft]
[align=right][size=18][color=deepskyblue]↘↘↘[/color][/size][color=white]xx[/color][color=magenta][size=18][color=lawngreen]yeѕ, ι'м ιɴѕαɴe,[/color] [/size]вυт every ɴow αɴd тнeɴ ι нαve тнeѕe[/color] [color=white]xx[/color]
[size=18][color=deepskyblue]↘↘↘[/color][/size][color=white]xx[/color][color=magenta][size=18][color=lawngreen]нorrιвle perιodѕ oғ вoredoм[/color] [/size]wнere ι нαve тo[/color] [color=white]xx[/color]
[size=18][color=deepskyblue]↘↘↘[/color][/size][color=white]xx[/color][color=magenta][size=18][color=lawngreen]αcт ɴorмαl, lιĸe yoυ.[/color] [/size]ѕαd, ιѕɴ'т ιт?[/color] [color=white]xxxxxxx[/color][/align]
[color=deepskyblue][color=lawngreen]✘✘✘⇢[/color] wнere αм ι? ☞ [size=9][b]LOCATION[/b][/size]
[color=#A23BEC]✘✘✘⇢[/color] ι'м ғeelιɴɢ rαтнer... ☞ [size=9][b]MOOD[/b][/size]
[color=magenta]✘✘✘⇢[/color] αɴd мy ιɴjυrιeѕ αre ☞ [size=9][b]PHYSICAL STATUS[/b][/size][/color]

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[color=lawngreen]♪ ♫ ♪[/color][color=magenta]ѕтory oғ мy lιғe![/color] [size=9][url=URL]NAME[/url][/size]

χ α ı я e xxx š ħ α ¢ κ š ħ α f т
✘✘✘⇢ ƬHΣ ΓΔƁID ШΘLF ⇠✘✘✘

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↘↘↘xxyeѕ, ι'м ιɴѕαɴe, вυт every ɴow αɴd тнeɴ ι нαve тнeѕe xx
↘↘↘xxнorrιвle perιodѕ oғ вoredoм wнere ι нαve тo xx
↘↘↘xxαcт ɴorмαl, lιĸe yoυ. ѕαd, ιѕɴ'т ιт? xxxxxxx

✘✘✘⇢ wнere αм ι? ☞ Out in the streets!
✘✘✘⇢ ι'м ғeelιɴɢ rαтнer... ☞ Insane!
✘✘✘⇢ αɴd мy ιɴjυrιeѕ αre ☞ Nonexistent!

ƬӇЄ ԼƛƁ ƦƛƬ was dancing along in the streets, doing her little thing. Because really: if Xaire isn't going to dance in the streets past curfew, who is? It's not like Fred Astaire is going to jump out of his grave and start Puttin' On The Ritz with Xaire. PFFT. That was a little far-fetched, don'tcha think? Yet, Xaire didn't think so. Hell, the girl hardly ever thought on such trivial matters. She'd been walking for at least ten minutes now. Where was the base again? Xaire had pretty much forgotten already. And even though she could have sworn Koketsu had named some landmarks for her, Xaire couldn't see them. Everything looked the same here: dilapidated and drab. Occasionally, dilapidated and burning. Xaire had a stash of marshmallows just for roasting on a flaming building. No one ever questioned her for it. How smart is that, questioning an insane person?! Not very! And Xaire knew this. Which is why she could do so many things without question. Because she was insane. The huge scissors was a plus, but she liked to believe it was because people thought her hair was weird.

Xaire had come to realize that she had a horrible sense of direction. But how could XAIRE, MASTER OF SCISSORS, have a bad sense of direction?! Unfathomable! Blasphemy! And the girl shrugged it off as such. Then her meet up with Bullwinkle--that was her name for the guard--replayed in her head. Oh, it was just too funny! How could a grown man do such a thing?! With that, a whole WAVE of laughter erupted from the pink-haired menace. Her eyes were tearing, though her red eye cried some black fluids and her blue one cried tears. It didn't matter! It was funny! If he wasn't the enemy, Xaire would've had a nice civilized talk about Marshmallows with him. The girl loved Marshmallows. I mean, who doesn't!? They're like eating a cloud. And stuff. And to reenact the whole event, the Lab Rat started running her foot down over and over again like one of those bulls charging at you! After letting out a few snorts and grunts, she started to CHAAAARGE! A loud whinnie echoed through the slums.

But then, something interesting caught her eye. The red one, to be precise. She could have sworn that Fenris was fighting that blondish looking guy whose name she couldn't care to remember! Eggbert or something. Xaire skidded to a stop, barely scraping fine bits of rubber from the soles of her military boots. Her eyes were fixated on them. Someone had to pinch her now, because she was dreaming!
Either she was seeing Fenris and Eggbert, or Xaire was being delusional again.

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♪ ♫ ♪ѕтory oғ мy lιғe! Don't Forget This Nightmare :: Rosemary's Baby

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