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The Great Journey: Chronicles of Grunt
The story behind my character, and continuing short stories every few days or so.
story fer ryan
What you guys havent heard yet is that me and Zero were planning this all out for about a year, on messenger, because i was grounded and couldnt use a computer. what we got down, and actually played out, (for those of you in Negative Zero) started off when Grunt-AKA Amai the demon-comes out of some floorboards in FD university, some random college that he crashed in, literally, after being cast down, (or UP rather) from the underworld to Earth, because of his defiance to Satin, or Below. he found a rod in his pocket after checking his pockets, which can extend, and had the words, The Mad Grunt scrawled on the bottom. he then met Zero and some others, who helped him out and hid him from other people. They eventually got caught with grunt, actually, Zero did, and she and Grunt were expelled, and went back to her house. Grunt couldnt stay with Zero forever, so he left a few days later, then traveling up a mountain to meet a new freind, a fellow demon, a girl named Clover. they both stayed in one small cabin thingy and continuessly tried to fix their TV signal, (dont ask). so after living with her for awhile, grunt had his powers revealed to him by clover, because she thought he would need them to protect himself for the coming of the end of the world. utilizing them in the wrong way, he accidentally destroyed clovers cabin from the inside, unable to control himself. he then thought clover wouldnt be safe with him, and these uncontrollable powers. he left the day after, and headed to zero's house, then stopped mid way because he though he might be a threat to her also. he then met jack, a random pirate dude who soured the seas for sunken items, and apparently knew a thing or two about grunts powers, and helped him control them better. he also taught grunt how to fight and hunt. a few years pass and he adopts grunt and takes him in as a son, jack now being his un biological father. he returns to zero, now able to control himself, and tells zero of clover and jack and such. a month later they meet, and grunt makes up with clover. however, over the months zero sees all of grunts powers, and frightening abilities, and helps grunt into not using them anymore. she later finds out clover has much more power than grunt, and can easily turn against them. a substance called 'corruption' which is a black gooey mush that attacks you, corrupts you, and makes you stronger, infects clover, she uses her power to trick grunt and zero into a trap, then tries to kill zero, and persuade grunt to join her. she unleashes her entire wrath on zero, and nearly kills her. grunt, having no other choice but to end it himself, battles clover, and almost kills her, when mochi, zeros pessimistic teddy bear backpack, thing, comes in when clover is about to kill zero, he takes her katana, and stabs clover right through her chest, killing her. she wasnt fully dead yet, so grunt had to preform a seal which would turn her into stone , and never let her escape again. he did, but when clover returned to the underworld as a soul, they did not let her come back in, because she had done good almost nearly half of her life. they sent her back to earth as a mortal, and erased her memory. she came back to zero and grunt, not knowing where to go, when grunt atacked her, also not knowing that she had lost her memory. when they found out, they took her in, and rebuilt their relationship. every now and then though, she gets 'headaches' and remembers her past when reminded of something related to it.

Posted: Wed Mar 31, 2010 10:48 am

INTRO TO Mad Grunts Hell; or 'Seven Rods':
(This all happens 5 months after the previous story) One day, while grunt zero and clover are hangin around, a huge corruption beast, has an appearance of a dragon, breaks through zero's roof and takes clover, Grunt thinks it might have something to do with the power she holds, so he and Zero catch up to the beast and dismember it, taking back clover.the different parts of the corrupted dragon come together in one gooey mess to form a giant corruption worm, which then chases zero, grunt and clover into a secret underground tunnel that zero says leads to the city. once they get out, they race to the city, (jack comes in at this part with one of zeros freinds motor bikes) and they all have to stop the worm before it reaches the city, so the tree (excluding clover) fight the worm, but cannot kill it. Later, while they are still trying to kill the worm, a small black bird, with a purple aura, comes in and starts helping to devour the worm. it doesnt work, and the bird introduces himself to the group, calling himself Lord Squirrel. The bird morphs into a squirrel, thus proving his name. He is a demon creature, that came on the earth first seeing a squirrel, thought it was 'vicious' looking, so he named himself after the first thing he saw. He nick-named himself squirt, to shorten his title, and thought that was even more tough sounding than squirrel. The group discusses with Squirt how they could beat the corruption worm, and Squirt points and zeros teddy, Mochi. Mochi is also part demon, and they used to know each other in a past life. Mochi tries to distract the worm by jumping on it and hanging on tight, when he realizes he's sucking the worms energy in himself. the worm gets smaller and smaller, til mochi sucked every last bit into himself. suprised, the group thank mochi, and head into the city for a bite to eat, and a place to stay. They go to a freind of Zero's, Tam, and he provides food and a small place to sleep. Squirt explains overnight that the worm isnt just the only thing theyd have to face on their Journey. the group is angered at the word, 'Journey', because they could use a little rest. Squirt explains that the corruption still on earth is all looking for clover, who weilds the power to corrupt the entire planet, in other words, an all you can eat buffet for the corruption. Squirt says though, to stop the corruption, and rid it from the earth, you would have to collect seven Rods, just like Grunts rod, and put them together in a special place, and seal the corruption away, forever. Squirt then shows them an old map that he had of all the locations of each rod, and where it is. the catch was, each rod has an Owner, and each owner possessed an element of the world (fire; lightening; earth etc.) and so they have to beat the Owner fairly, in a battle, to retrieve their rod. Also, when each rod is collected, to activate them, every rod must be held by an individual person, for the seal to work correctly.

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