Hahaha yes yes I think randomly. I thought what if I randomly hugged a person and that person was a guy, how would they react especially when I keep hugging them whenever I see them?

I thought what if I wasn't the same person I was yesterday? As in I've completely changed day after day?

I thought what if I was always apathetic? Would I be able to make friends?

I thought what if I was cruel? Would my friends fear me?

What if most of the people dislike me? Would it be better to be ignored?

Is there a shortcut in life? I guess not but what if there is just likea video game?

What if my friendsdon't acceptme as I am? I wonder how it feels like to be ignored....

What if I never existed?

Hmm hmmm....a lot of questions have been poppingout of my head lately. I felt like I want to type this in my journal. xd : Now I feel relieved! Ahahaha! rofl