Before we get started here I just wanna let you know that this Naruto series is called Naruto: The New Series! because the REAL Naruto series are the regualr Naruto (As shown on TV) and Naruto Shippuden series.The MY series is called Naruto: The New Series! So this IS based on the regular Naruto as shown on TV but i added new adventures and characters to the story. Well,since we covered that now lets get started with our episode!!

Naruto surprised range
Sasuke biggrin ark blue
Shizuna: Olive green

Satsuki apparently poofed away into the forest.Jumping around on trees, running away.She is crying non-stop.

Why!?Why me....why does everthing always have to happen to me! crying I dont want a demon...i didn't want to be kidnapped when i was little...i didn't want any of this to happen! crying * trips and falls down on the ground from 8 foot drop.* AHH! *umph!* Waaaaaaaaaaahh *crying hard but not because she's hurt on the outside but because she is hurt on the inside* crying Waaaaaahhhhhh *sits up against tree rapping her arms around her knees putting her head against her knees and crying* Waaaaaaahhhhhh...*sobs* whhhhhyy!!* Back to the Leaf Village* Great its been 5 hours and she still hasn't come back to the village! Shizuna! I need you to immediately bring me Kiba Inuzuka!Right! *Ton-Ton* Oink! *poofs to Kiba's house and knocks on door*Yes?I have orders that Lady Tsunade immediately needs to see you right away!Ok! *poofs to Hokage Mansion* You needed to see me Lady Tsunade?yes i need you to go look for Satsuki Inuzuka.She's missing!?No no. Not missing. She just ran away upset outside the Leaf Village. I would assume she is in the forest.Alright! I'll go look for her.Kiba....bring her back here...she'll be in trouble if she doesn't come back...the Moon Village Shinobi would probably be out their.So hurry!Right!*poofs away into the forest jumping from tree to tree looking for her*Where did you go Satsuki? Why did you run away? hmm? *hear's crying noise* Satsuki!? Where are you!? Are you hurt!? Answer mee!!*sob sob* its..Kiba!..*sobs* I gotta..get further away....or he'll find me *sob*....*tries to move* OUCH! *looks at leg* M-my legs broken! I didn't even notice until now...*sobs even harder* Waaaaaaahhh! *sobs**Looks over at a tree* Satsuki!! Their you are!! I was so worried about you! Why did you run away?*sob sob*......Satsuki come on dont cry.Lift your head up so i can see your face. Come on. Tell me what happened?*sob*...m-my..legs broken......*sob sob* * Her head is still against her knees not looking up*What!? How did that happen?! ...I *sob* tripped..*sob*..and fell from an 8 foot drop on a tree....*sob*...Satsuki..please look at me. We need to hurry and get you back to the Leaf Village! Lady Tsunade said the Moon Shinobi might be out here and you could get in trouble.Plus we need to fix your leg. You know? went really far from the village...your almost out of Konaha territory! *sob*... N-no....What do you mean "No"? Aren't you in pain!?Y-yes..*sob*...but my pain...cant be healed...Yes it can. We could fix your leg in no time! *lifts up head fast yelling at Kiba* You don't get it do you!? *still crying the whole time she's yelling* Didn't Lady Tsunade tell you!? Didn't she tell you i'm a monster!? Well!? *crying*Satsuki you don't have to yell! No, Lady Tsunade didn't tell me anything. And what do you mean "monster"?! I'm a monster! *crying* i have a demon inside of me too! Just like Naruto! *sobs* I have a 1- tailed Dog Demon inside of me! I was kidnapped when i was a baby and my parents were killed. I was all alone being beaten and ignored all the time! *crying* I was all one was with me. I was sad...i have a horrible life. And now i know why people treated me like dirt! *crying* I have a demon and i didn't know about it! *sob sob*Do have any idea how i felt and still feel now!? *crying, putting her head against her knees again* Waaaaahhh! *crying* No..i dont know how it feels....but i can imagine it...I'm sorry Satsuki. i didn't know everything.But your not alone anymore.*grabs her and hugs her* ...K-kiba?...You made 2 very special friends while you were alone and locked away...they understood you and had the same life. But they didn't know they had demons either. So you weren't totally alone. You have very special people who care about you and would risk their life for you.And now you have the whole village. Ongari,Chrno,Sasuke,Naruto,Shikamaru,Tsunade,Iruka,My Sister, Konahamaru and his friends, and more. And most of all......I care about you. ....Kiba....*starts crying on his shoulder* Now lets take you back to the Leaf Village and get you leg healed..ok?*sob* O-ok...* both poof back to the Leaf Village hospital* 8Kiba is carrying her on his back*Alright Satsuki...just stay here in the hospital bed while i go and tell Tsunade that your safely back in the village.Ok....and Kiba?....Thank you. *falls asleep**Smiles and then walks out of the room and poofs to the Hokage Mansion* Lady Tsunade. Satsuki is safely back in the Leaf Village. She has an injury and is in the hospital but she'll be ok.Good. Thank you Kiba. I knew you could do it.Did she get the injury from nay moon Shinobi? No, she jsut fell. Its a broken leg but that all. And Lady Tsunade? Why didn't you tell me about..Satsuki's demon and why she ran away? becuase i knew she would tell you herself. Plus your the only one i could have sent out to get her.Why only me?Because nobody else is closer to her and understands her more than you.Besides her best friends.....I'm gonna go to the hospital to heal her wounds and check on her. Are you coming as well?Yeah.*both poof to the hospital and walks up to Satsuki's room* *Knocks on door* Satsuki you awake?Lady Tsunade! *sits up*Lay back down Satsuki,your gonna hurt yourself.But..Kiba's right..lay back down while i look at your leg.Yes ma'am...*lays down**sits down and loks at leg* Yup.its definitely broken alright.Satsuki.I'm gonna need to numb your leg so i can fix it.Alright.*numbs leg*You know...if you didn't run away this would have never happened.I know I know.Can you move or feel your leg?No.Good.Kiba? I'm about to fix her leg and I'll probably be cutting her skin open and such. You might wanna leave. no its ok. I want to stay. Wait wait wait, hold the phone!Your gonna be doing WHAT to my skin!?I'm gonna be cutting it open and such. How else do you expect me to fix it?B-but...Dont worry Satsuki.I'll be sitting here right beside you the whole time. ok. but Tsunade you dont have to fix it! When ever my any of my bones would break at the Moon Village they wouldn't even bother too look at it! So..i'll be ok without you fixing it. I've been threw this millions of times.Thats just terrible!I cant believe they would do that to a little girl. Plus what hokage would i be to just let you sit in pain for 2 months while your leg heals when you can be happy in 3 days with it already healed?Fine.But it didn't take 2 months, it took 1 week.Or Satsuki you could just fall asleep.Why would i do that?!Yes i think we should out her to sleep.She looks tired anyway.Wait wait when did i agree to this!?Right, now just drink this and it'll be done before you know it.Noooo! i refuse!Kiba i'm gonna need you to hold her arms and try to keep her down for me.Ok Lady Tsunade. *hold Satsuki's arms and tries to keep her down*Kiba how could you do this!? I'm sorry Satsuki but i think we should do this. plus i have to listen to her.Alright enough chit chat time to go to sleep Satsuki. 8opens Sastuki's mouth*Noooo! *Tsunade makes her swallow*See now that wasn't so bad.*falls asleep*

Well its hard to say this but...that was actually the end of the episode instead of a cliffhanger...I'm so proud of the writer! I think this is the longest one she's written.Well her is some stuff about the next episode!

Naruto: Satsuki's Recovery!

Satsuki gets healed and put on crouches for a few days.Kiba stays with her and helps her get around.Everybody is bringing her get well gifts!