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Night's Journal
usually a place where I store my poetry and my unfinished stories that u hope to finish sometime in the future.
Just felt like typing out a story but I will decide a title

XXX A loud crash sounded from behind a closed door, that soon was to be destroyed when a body goes flying threw it. "Get the hell out!" shouted a male's voice. "******** you!" came the reply. The girl who replied had one eye swollen shut and a busted lip. "You're not my dad! You can't order me around, even if you're drunk!" she shouted, a well aimed fist connecting with the man's nose. "Gah! You ******** whore! Who do you think you are!?" he shouted, his nose now bleeding profusely. He grabbed the girl by the hair, causing her to shriek in pain, and punched her in the gut. With the wind knocked out of her, the girl could only double over, coughing to catch her breathe. "HARRY! What do you think you're doing!?" cried another female's voice. Both Harry and the girl looked over to see the girl's mom coming at Harry with a bat. "How dare you hurt my daughter!" she screamed, hitting the man in the face with the bat. Toppling over, due to his being knocked out, Harry fell next to the girl's feet. 'Again saved by my mother... Why can't I solve my own problems?' the girl wondered as the mother wrapped her arms around her. "I'm so sorry baby." she sobbed. The girl gingerly returned the hug but she stared blankly ahead. "It's okay mom. Next time it won't happen again..." the girl said in hushed tones. Pulling back her mother gave her a confused look. "Whatever do you mean, Yoru?" her mother asked. "Next time her hits me... I'll kill him." Yoru said, while her mother stared at her shocked.

Chapter One

XXX A small petite woman with short, blonde hair with a blue splotch on the top of her head stood outside a building that looked like a castle but more modern in it's design. Unnatural blue eyes stared at the gates before she grasped them with fingers that looked bones more so than actual fingers and shook it a bit before realizing that it was locked. "I was told to be here today but it's closed..." she spoke in a hushed tone, not really liking the sound of her own voice. Ever since she found out she really was, people had a bad tendency of not leaving her alone once they heard her speak. Being something that the girl had at one point thought of being something out of the imagination has still proven difficult for the young woman to handle. "How I was born into a normal family, I'll never know and I still don't believe that guy when he told me that I was a demon... I guess that makes sense since I was able to kill that rotten excuse of a step-father." she murmured to herself and since she was so deep within her own thoughts, she didn't realize that the gate had become unlocked.

"You may enter now, Miss Wolfe." the sudden voice made her jump, especially since she had no idea where it came from. When she finally noticed the little speaker attached to the gate, again came the voice, except it sounded annoyed this time. "Will you hurry it up? I have other things I need to attend to." Frowning, Yoru nodded even though who ever was speaking to her couldn't hear her nodding. Grasping the gate once again, she gave a slight pull, only to almost fall on her butt when the metal thing finally gave way. 'Will everyone be rude to me while I'm here?' sighing, she walked past the gate and up to the entrance of the huge building in front of her.

Before she could even knock, the door opened just as her knuckled were about to touch the door and ended up hitting someone on the head. "Oh my! Are you alright!? I'm so sorry!" she scrambled to apologize but she was met with a warm understanding smile. "It's quite alright deary." 'Deary?' opening her eyes, she noticed that she was speaking with a older woman dressed in what seemed to be a maid's outfit. "Um, am I at the right place?" she asked, quite unsure. She hadn't heard of there being household staff working there. "You are Miss Wolfe, correct?" the nice lady asked, the look of confusion written on her face. "Uh, yes I am but you can call me Yoru. Please it would make me more comfortable if you do." she said with a small smile. The woman nodded. "Alright Miss Yoru. I'm Gladise and my mistress would like to see you now." she said warmly. Sighing, Yoru followed Gladise inside, only to jump when the giant doors slammed shut behind her.

Confused, the young woman looked behind her to see a strange man with glasses looking at her. She didn't like the feeling she was getting from the man and his smell was weird. 'Wait! His smell? I hope all I'm smelling is his deodorant.' except she knew that it wasn't true. Nobody smelled as though somebody had died and the smell was strong. Scrunching her face together, she was interrupted with a, "Don't look like that. You'll get wrinkles." looking up, Yoru stared wide-eyed at the sight before her. A tall but yet beautiful woman stood before her, a kind smile etched on her face. She held out a hand to Yoru, but the girl knew better than to go on by looks alone. "You're right not to trust me, especially since you just learned of what you are." the woman said, a sad expression tugged at the corners of her eyes but she kept her welcome smile instead. "I don't even know what exactly I am. All I know is that humans don't leave me alone once I talk to them..." Yoru's voice was mournful. She had gotten a child killed because she had talked to him and he had followed her across the street, only to be hit by a car.

Seeing pain flit across Yoru's face, the woman could only nod before ushering her further into the castle. "I understand that you may have faced many hardships as you come of age, however it is the circle of life for us, supernaturals." 'Supernaturals? What the hell is she talking about?' however, her thoughts were interrupted when something fell in front of them, water everywhere. Once Yoru had a close look however, the poor thing was screaming bloody murder. A little boy with horns, devil wings, and a arrow tipped tail was knelt in front of the mistress apologizing until Yoru's screaming interrupted them. The woman had to cover the girl's mouth, only to have Yoru faint in her arms. "I knew she was new but I didn't think about this..." those were the last words the girl had heard before blanking out.

Everything was blurry for Yoru when she finally opened her eyes, the horned boy from earlier hovering over her. "s**t!" wide awake now, she scrambled up and tried to get as far as she could away from the thing as the bed would allow. "What the hell are you?!" she shouted, throwing a pillow at it. "P-please don't be scared!" he mumbled, Yoru had to really strain just to hear him. "Fine, but just tell me what the ******** you are." she said after she had calmed down. Seeing that Yoru had calmed down, he smiled and scooted closer. "I didn't say you could get closer!" she hissed. The boy frowned but slowly nodded and backed away. "I'm a boy version of a harpie. The girl's look more like birds but us boys look like something out of a nightmare." the boy harpie explained. Yoru nodded and when she finally realized that the boy wasn't out to hurt her, she visibly relaxed. "Okay, I guess that makes sense, but if you are a Harpie, what does that make me?" she asked. She was glad that she didn't look like a bird mutant, not that she had anything against the harpie race. "Well, you have the most unusual blue eyes. Very pretty if you ask me. But other than that, I do not know. Maybe you are something never once heard of." he suggested. Sighing, Yoru could only nod.

"Well, my name is Yoru." she said, holding out her hand. "What's yours?" she asked when he has shook her hand. "Mine? Well, I don't have one. Mistress never gave me one. She told me to choose and there are so many things to call myself, I never came up with one." he explained. 'What the heck has everyone been calling him? Boy? Devil?' cutting off her thoughts rather quickly, the blue-eyed woman shook her head. "Well, what about Damien?" she asked. The boy knowing now that he had a actual, forgot about her uneasiness around her and launched himself at her. "Thank you! Thank you! I love it!" Damien cried while a completely surprised Yoru tried to get him off of her. "Your welcome but will you let go?! I can't breathe!" she gasped, his grasp around her neck tightening. Soon enough, the boy let go off her and gave her a apologetic smile. "Sorry! I kinda forgot about my strength." he said with a twitch of his tail. Shaking her head at his innocence, she wondered how a boy like him had even made it out the reality of the real world.

((will finish when my back isn't hurting))

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