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LOL. Something i came up with.
LOL. as i said before.
[20:46] PHUUUCK faacee: k.
[20:46] PHUUUCK faacee: :3.
[20:46] elephanteats: ??
[20:46] elephanteats: hahaha
[20:46] PHUUUCK faacee: :3.
[20:46] elephanteats: u seem happy?
[20:46] PHUUUCK faacee: peepee :3.
[20:46] elephanteats: poo poo ;D
[20:46] PHUUUCK faacee: mk :3.
[20:47] elephanteats: ....o.o ur scaring me
[20:47] PHUUUCK faacee: why
[20:47] PHUUUCK faacee: :3.
[20:47] elephanteats: cauee all u do is that facee :3
[20:47] PHUUUCK faacee: oh i see :3.
[20:47] elephanteats: hahahah
[20:47] PHUUUCK faacee: aaa :3.
[20:47] elephanteats: why the samee facee?
[20:48] PHUUUCK faacee: idk :3.
[20:48] elephanteats: hahah
[20:48] elephanteats: mmkaays
[20:48] elephanteats: ohh guess what?
[20:48] PHUUUCK faacee: WHAT?!
[20:48] elephanteats: i got texting xD
[20:49] PHUUUCK faacee: you told me last week
[20:49] elephanteats: idid?
[20:50] elephanteats: hahah
[20:50] PHUUUCK faacee: yes
[20:50] PHUUUCK faacee: LOL
[20:50] elephanteats: ohh...lmao
[20:50] elephanteats: ohkaays
[20:50] elephanteats: well yeahhh
[20:50] elephanteats: i got texting xD
[20:51] PHUUUCK faacee: ...
[20:51] PHUUUCK faacee: LOLWUT
[20:51] elephanteats: soo...thanks for making me smile through my tears todaay ;D u the best
[20:51] PHUUUCK faacee: IKR.
[20:52] PHUUUCK faacee: >;3.
[20:52] PHUUUCK faacee: :3
[20:52] PHUUUCK faacee: :3
[20:52] PHUUUCK faacee: :3
[20:52] elephanteats: hahah
[20:52] PHUUUCK faacee: LOL.
[20:52] PHUUUCK faacee: asdflasrawr
[20:52] elephanteats: rawr? ohh hahah that brings back memories. roar <33
[20:52] PHUUUCK faacee: LMFAO,.
[20:52] PHUUUCK faacee: YAAh
[20:53] elephanteats: ohhmyninjaa i always see u everydaay..o.o weird huh? hey what religion are u if u arent catholic?
[20:53] elephanteats: COOOL rlly?
[20:54] PHUUUCK faacee: yessssss
[20:54] PHUUUCK faacee: o_o
[20:54] elephanteats: so every sunday do u go to a buddhist temple and stuff? o.o i wanna know
[20:54] PHUUUCK faacee: LOLNO/
[20:54] elephanteats: ohh...
[20:54] elephanteats: hahaha
[20:54] PHUUUCK faacee: LMFAO.
[20:54] elephanteats: i thought u would.
[20:54] PHUUUCK faacee: (x
[20:55] PHUUUCK faacee: i saw you!!!!
[20:55] PHUUUCK faacee: omfg i saw you at the market!!!!
[20:55] PHUUUCK faacee: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
[20:55] elephanteats: ????
[20:55] PHUUUCK faacee: 12!@#!@#!@#!@3
[20:55] PHUUUCK faacee: 123!@#!@#!@
[20:55] elephanteats: when?
[20:55] PHUUUCK faacee: never.
[20:55] PHUUUCK faacee: :3.
[20:55] elephanteats: .......LMFAO
[20:55] PHUUUCK faacee: LOL.
[20:55] elephanteats: wtf?
[20:55] elephanteats: u very hyper todaay arent u?
[20:56] PHUUUCK faacee: Nopeee.
[20:56] PHUUUCK faacee: i was on firee at recess.
[20:56] PHUUUCK faacee: playing basketball(x
[20:56] elephanteats: ahhaha i didnt see u.
[20:56] PHUUUCK faacee:
[20:56] PHUUUCK faacee: I hit 6shots in a row!
[20:56] elephanteats: good job?
[20:56] PHUUUCK faacee: IKR.
[20:56] elephanteats: ahahah
[20:56] elephanteats: yupppp
[20:57] PHUUUCK faacee: ahaha
[20:57] elephanteats: GOSH todaay was soo suckish. we had to play inside at lunch
[20:57] elephanteats: even if it wasnt raining
[20:57] PHUUUCK faacee: ikrr
[20:58] elephanteats: but i lovee rain.
[20:58] elephanteats: rain is my favorite weather
[20:59] PHUUUCK faacee: LOL
[20:59] elephanteats: how bout u?
[20:59] PHUUUCK faacee: uhidk
[20:59] elephanteats: ;O
[21:00] elephanteats: hahah i hope it doesn rain tomorrow...we have pe tomorrow xD
[21:00] PHUUUCK faacee: LOL.
[21:00] PHUUUCK faacee: :3.
[21:00] PHUUUCK faacee: same.
[21:00] elephanteats: heey are u goin to join decatholon?
[21:01] PHUUUCK faacee: maybe
[21:01] elephanteats:
[21:01] elephanteats: u should it'll be fuuun
[21:01] elephanteats: and theeen we can fool around and stuff.
[21:01] PHUUUCK faacee: LOL
[21:02] elephanteats: especially at the likee the place where the smart ppl go on the floor to like compete but we just stay in the stands and cheer
[21:02] PHUUUCK faacee: LMFAO
[21:03] elephanteats: damn it aim crashed for a while
[21:03] elephanteats: sorry
[21:03] PHUUUCK faacee: LOLL
[21:03] elephanteats: sooo yeahh where was i? ohh yeahh yeahh we just do whatever we wnt in the stands
[21:04] PHUUUCK faacee: Lmao
[21:04] elephanteats: yeahh were u there last time?
[21:04] PHUUUCK faacee: nope
[21:04] elephanteats: ohh sucks
[21:05] PHUUUCK faacee: Lolhoww.
[21:05] elephanteats: u shoulda been there it was fuun. we had so much food ;D
[21:05] PHUUUCK faacee: Lolfatties
[21:05] elephanteats: yupppp
[21:05] elephanteats: hahah
[21:05] PHUUUCK faacee: LOL.
[21:05] elephanteats: and we just had fun, u should go into decatholon this year
[21:06] elephanteats: u and all ur other cooool buddies in 7th grade ;D
[21:06] PHUUUCK faacee: o_o
[21:06] PHUUUCK faacee: what
[21:06] PHUUUCK faacee: i was in decathlon last year.
[21:06] elephanteats: u were?
[21:06] elephanteats: weird. o.o
[21:06] PHUUUCK faacee: uhh yes?
[21:06] elephanteats: i didnt know
[21:06] PHUUUCK faacee: O_____O

[21:06] elephanteats: the only 7th graders i saw were trickk izabo amd alex g.
[21:06] PHUUUCK faacee: izabo?!
[21:06] PHUUUCK faacee: LOLOL.
[21:07] elephanteats: idk how u spell her name.
[21:07] PHUUUCK faacee: LMFAO
[21:07] PHUUUCK faacee: IZABOOO
[21:07] elephanteats: Dx dont make fuun of meee
[21:07] elephanteats: IDK HOW TO SPELL HER ******** NAME
[21:08] elephanteats: how do u spell it?
[21:08] PHUUUCK faacee: isabeau?
[21:08] PHUUUCK faacee: o___o
[21:08] elephanteats: ..o.o wtf? and u pronounce it izabo right?
[21:08] PHUUUCK faacee: pretty much
[21:08] elephanteats: then? wouldnt u think thats how u spell it?
[21:09] PHUUUCK faacee: no
[21:09] PHUUUCK faacee: LMFAO.
[21:09] elephanteats: Dx dont laugh at my inspellingness
[21:09] PHUUUCK faacee: o_____O
[21:10] elephanteats: yeshers i said in spellingness
[21:10] PHUUUCK faacee: LOL.
[21:10] elephanteats: *YAWN* im tired.
[21:10] PHUUUCK faacee: LMAO.
[21:11] elephanteats: imma go to sleo
[21:11] elephanteats: sleep*
[21:11] PHUUUCK faacee: Lates.
[21:12] elephanteats: byeee <33 see u tomorrow xD andd umm umm....ilutiwtku little brother xD
[21:12] PHUUUCK faacee: woah
[21:12] PHUUUCK faacee: ilutitku?
[21:13] elephanteats: my secret code. xP
[21:13] PHUUUCK faacee: what.
[21:13] elephanteats: ??
[21:13] elephanteats: THAT IS NOT WHAT I WROte o.o
[21:13] PHUUUCK faacee: tell me what it means.
[21:13] PHUUUCK faacee: >:3.
[21:14] elephanteats: noope maybee next time.
[21:14] PHUUUCK faacee: :[
[21:15] elephanteats: mmkaays promise tomorrow byee
[21:15] PHUUUCK faacee: byee.

[19:50] elephanteats: sorry i had to eat dinner
[19:50] XxmawrxX: its k
[19:50] elephanteats: sooo what was i sayin?
[19:50] XxmawrxX: you were better?
[19:51] elephanteats: mmhmm. ;D
[19:51] XxmawrxX: lol thas good
[19:51] XxmawrxX: u doing hw?
[19:53] elephanteats: noo im donee
[19:53] elephanteats: why?
[19:53] XxmawrxX: neh, just asking
[19:53] XxmawrxX: some of ur other classmates are still working on theirs haha
[19:58] elephanteats: ohh haha sorry for the late reply
[19:59] XxmawrxX: its k
[19:59] XxmawrxX: im busy doing something anyway haha
[20:00] elephanteats: ohh goood
[20:00] elephanteats: causee i have to do sumthin for my ipod too
[20:00] XxmawrxX: ahhaha we're busy xD
[20:07] elephanteats: YUPPERS
[20:33] elephanteats: hii
[20:33] elephanteats: x)
[20:34] XxmawrxX: yo
[20:34] XxmawrxX: whats up
[20:34] elephanteats: WOOOW took u a while
[20:34] elephanteats: GOODNESS
[20:38] XxmawrxX: srry haha i was working on something
[20:38] elephanteats: what u workin on?
[20:38] elephanteats: ohmyninja can u draw me anime things ;O?
[20:38] Meebo Message: XxmawrxX is offline
[20:38] Meebo Message: XxmawrxX is online
[20:38] elephanteats: ?????
[20:38] XxmawrxX: eck DC
[20:39] elephanteats: ?
[20:39] elephanteats: what?
[20:39] elephanteats: can u draw my little anime doodles ;O?
[20:39] elephanteats: me*
[20:39] XxmawrxX: i cant draw lol xD
[20:39] XxmawrxX: ask kristen
[20:40] elephanteats: LIES
[20:40] XxmawrxX: no really i cant draw
[20:41] elephanteats: fiiine
[20:41] elephanteats: w/e
[20:41] XxmawrxX: >.>
[20:42] elephanteats: hahaha
[20:43] XxmawrxX: r u seriously gonna do that?
[20:43] elephanteats: yesh
[20:43] XxmawrxX: like walk up to a random person and start crying?
[20:43] XxmawrxX: wow
[20:43] XxmawrxX: lol you got guts
[20:43] elephanteats: hahah that randuum person will miraculously be jeannica
[20:44] XxmawrxX: lmao xD
[20:44] elephanteats: mmhmm i can make things happen xD
[20:45] XxmawrxX: hahah
[20:45] XxmawrxX: you go do that
[20:45] XxmawrxX: aww i wanted to visit tomorrow
[20:45] elephanteats: why?
[20:46] XxmawrxX: just cause lol
[20:46] elephanteats: [20:46] PHUUUCK faacee: peepee :3.
[20:46] elephanteats: poo poo ;D
[20:47] elephanteats: lmao
[20:48] XxmawrxX: lol wtf?! xD
[20:48] XxmawrxX: randomness
[20:48] elephanteats: ikr?
[20:49] XxmawrxX: haha
[20:50] elephanteats: Yuppers
[20:50] XxmawrxX: is this from a song?
[20:50] elephanteats: mmhmm
[20:50] XxmawrxX: nicee
[20:51] elephanteats: wait what is?
[20:51] XxmawrxX: the song lyrics thingy
[20:52] elephanteats: my status?
[20:52] XxmawrxX: yea
[20:52] elephanteats: yeahh its from an owl city song why do u ask?
[20:53] XxmawrxX: no reason. i just think the lyrics are nice
[20:53] elephanteats: samee
[20:53] elephanteats: thats why i put it up
[20:54] XxmawrxX: hahaha
[20:54] elephanteats: xD'
[20:54] elephanteats: u wanna know the song?
[20:54] XxmawrxX: sure
[20:55] elephanteats: vanilla twilight by owl city
[20:56] XxmawrxX: ahh okie ill download it later
[20:56] elephanteats: coooool
[21:03] elephanteats: damn it aim crashed for a while'
[21:03] XxmawrxX: ahh so that was what was up with all my disconnecting?
[21:04] elephanteats: idkays
[21:05] XxmawrxX: hahah well at least i know its not my laptop effin up xP
[21:05] elephanteats: yuppers
[21:09] Meebo Message: XxmawrxX is offline
[21:09] Meebo Message: XxmawrxX is online
[21:12] elephanteats: heyy imma go
[21:12] elephanteats: byeee
[21:12] XxmawrxX: oh ok.
[21:12] XxmawrxX: bye
[21:12] elephanteats: ilutiwtku <33 xD
[21:12] XxmawrxX: whoa lol xD
[21:12] XxmawrxX: what does that mean ??
[21:13] elephanteats: my secret code. xP
[21:13] XxmawrxX: hmmm
[21:13] XxmawrxX: i give? x)
[21:14] elephanteats: i love you that i want to kill u
[21:14] elephanteats: HAHHA
[21:14] XxmawrxX: lmao xD
[21:14] elephanteats: insider**
[21:14] XxmawrxX: hahah
[21:14] elephanteats: xD
[21:14] XxmawrxX: well same to you?? i guess? lol without the killing part
[21:15] elephanteats: hahah
[21:15] elephanteats: byeee
[21:15] XxmawrxX: bye

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