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Zoey's Profile
Zoey's Profile
Name: Zoey 001. She was born with the name Rhodes, but after two years of intensive surgery following her sister's death a great deal of her body has been replaced with convincing prosthetic grafts. Following a new trend on Earth where young people who undergo such drastic physical changes start calling themselves "cyborgs" she changed her last name.

Age: 24 (claims to be 21)

Title: Cyborg, Black Market Smuggler

Marital Status: Single

Children: None

Brothers and Sisters (including steps): Euclea, Deceased Twin

Race: Human

Height: 5'10" (and she's pissed to have fallen short of 6')

Weight: 118 lbs.

Appearance: Zoey has straight, auburn hair that grows naturally and hazel eyes with copper wiring visible in the iris'. Despite the common perception that red-headed, green-eyed (she actually hates it when people call her eyes green; they're hazel) are native or ancestral Irish her great-grandparents hail from Spain. No one would ever guess; Zoey doesn't speak a lick of Spanish.

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Picture 3

Blood: B+

Skin Tone: Tan; think Texan. Or Spanish!

Eye Color: Hazel. Not green!

Hair Color: Auburn.

Preferred Hand: Right-Handed.

Mental Stability: Zoey: "Uh, why would you ask that?"

Hearing: Heightened on account of her implants.

Visual Perception: Her left eye was altered but the right left alone, so although she has greater visual acuity on one side (she has to wear contacts on the other until she can afford to have them evened out) closing one eye or the other can sometimes leave her disoriented.

Intellect: Zoey had always been a quick learner (especially with Euclea at her side; the twins were so close that oftentimes what one learned the other knew instinctively) but once her sister died she had to adapt to working hard for her knowledge. She's bright and downright clever with a little effort.

Ingenuity: She's quick with her hands and an active learner. Of the two of them if Euclea was (or rather, had been) the brains Zoey was definitely the adept fingers. What she can do with a blender, a can of cooking spray and a lighter... *Shudders*

Temper: Sometimes she can be a little (or a lot, if it's that time of month) hot-headed, but most of the time she has a very even temper.

General Mood: Coy.

Food Intake: Vegetarian.

Self Control: Strong.

Bleeding Rate: Slow bleeder, considering that almost 40% of her is prosthetic.

Skill(s): She could learn to use guns and has the potential to become a real master of the craft, but she hasn't been taught anything yet.

Dislike(s): Nothing, really, unless it gives her a reason to dislike it.

Favorite Food(s): Mexican food. Taco taco, burrito burrito, taco taco...

Weapon of Choice: Zoey hasn't been trained in anything yet, but she's already got her handgun picked out and carries it around in a shoulder-holster when she goes out with a jacket. Otherwise it stays at home or wherever she happens to be staying at the time.

Closest Friends: Ed

Enemies: N/A

Heroes: N/A

Favorite Song(s):

Weakness: N/A

Special Abilities and Talents: N/A

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