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Roleplaying Character
This journal will be totally headed on to my roleplaying character.
Character - viewable description

Name: Myoto
Age: 15 years and 11 months.
Hair-color: Black
Eye-color: brown/greenish
Size: 174cm
Race: Human
Job: Unemployed

Character - clothes
Hat: Samurai hat given by his father.
Shirt: White kimono.
Shoes: yukata
Back: Brown round-shaped shield.
Accessories: a belt, which carries his sword and his notebook.

Character - Ideals
Life goal: His main goal is to never look back on the past and build a perfect future for everyone. To do that, he uses the knowledge he gets from books to maximize his strength in combat. He has the ability to analize his opponent in a matter of 3-4 minutes. He is not invicible and doesn't plan to be, yet he will strike through everyone that wants his goal to perish.
Dreams: His main dream is to drive away the evil that came upon his house, killing his father and mother and claiming his brother's body as his own. He wants to destroy that evil and claim his brother's body, heart and soul back.

Character - Weapons
Name: Yusokya
Type: Double-swords
Shape: Lightning
Colours: Yellow. Some say it turns red whenever his anger comes on.

Name: Notebook
Type: Notebook
Colours: Blue . On it's cape it says "Yokayto" which means Dreams.
Use: To study his adversary , he notes-down every single aspect of him on this book, which will then use to perish the opponents mind through versatile words.

Character - Story
Myoto was a normal boy for his age. He was born on the Six day of the Fifth month of the year 1614. His father was part of the King's Royal Guard and his mother was the daughter of the King. On the year 1624, a boy was found unconscious near the city's gates. His name was written on a label near his chest. Pokyo. They brought this boy to the king, who ordered someone to check how he was. Suddenly, the boy opened his eyes. He said some words and the king was caught by some ropes. "I shall make your kingdom perish. I shall regain the throne you stole to my father and I shall make your daughter and grandson pay for your acts." - "No! Don't! Kill me instead! But leave my grandson out of the judgement! And how! How are you using that body.." - "You, don't need to know. Die." - He died. The king's heart had stopped not long ago, when Ishiro, Myoto's father, came back from the neigbeerhood country. He felt some disturbance and run off to the throne chamber. He could only see a boy, of the same age of his son, glaring a dead body : His King dead body. He knew what had happen, pulled out his sword, but it was too late. A lightning came out of the boy's hand and it went through his heart. "Myoto live.." , were his last words. Not distant from there, Myoto felt his heart pumping harder. He knew something had happen. He rushed in to his house to check his mother. She was helping out the maid. "Mom" he said "something happen. I can feel it." - "I know son, i can feel.." she stopped. A voice was being heard from somewhere not-too-distant, and the whole kingdom heard: "I know you are out there Shama, and it's just a matter of time until I find you. You and your son." - Shama, Myoto's mother, had her face covered up in tears - "Yes, there's only you and your son left for me to destroy. Your husband and father, are dead." - she screamed in anger - "I know where you are and I'm coming. I will destroy you. There's no use in running, I will find you, and kill you." Everything was going around Myoto's head. His father and grandfather.. dead? He couldn't believe it. And now a boy was going after him and his mother? What was going on? - "Myoto, run as fast as you can. Do it." - She said. - "But why ?! What's going on!?" - " DO IT!" - They were outside their house and Myoto started running in fear while crying desperably. Suddenly, a shadow was upon their house. A shadow of a boy with black hair and brown eyes. His brother was smiling at him. "Well, what do we have here?" - "NO!" - Shama screamed - "LEAVE US ALONE !" - "Why would I leave you mother? Afterall , you made me." - "You are not my son!" - "How pathethic , and sad. Atleast you got something right." - He started laughing. That laugher hurt his heart. "What is this pain? What is this strange light inside me?" Myoto thought. - "My my, don't perish in curiosity Myoto. You shall die now." - Everything was sudden. A lightning was forming upon Pyoko's hand , his mother was running towards him.. He closed his eyes. After screams, he opened them. His mother was dead, laying in front of him. Not quite dead. He could still feel her weak heart. "Myoto.." she said. "please my son. you must destroy the demon inside your brothers body so he can rest in peace. you must survive. only you can do it. because you're the only one that have.." - she tossed. "Oh, you're going to let him know his true power so soon?" - Pyoko replied while laughing. "Find the power inside you, my son, but don't forget your heart." She closed her eyes. "Well, three down, one to go." - Pyoko laughed. Everything was so sudden. Everything was going around Myoto's head. Power? Mom, i'm strengthless. I can't even open the steel gate. "Find the power inside you" what power were you talking about mom?! "Well, I guess it's time for you to join your family." - Pyoko said, with an evil look. A strong light suddenly appeard. "Leave him now!" His grandfather, father and mom spirit's were in front of them. "What?! NO!" - Pyoko screamed. Light-made ropes were going around him and for the first time he felt fear. "You shall be inprisoned now Pyoko! For all that's left in our light power, you shall be inprisoned!" - Shama said. Screams and lights and then, a Pyoko in rock shaped was there in front of Shama's house. "Grandfather! Father! Mom!" he screamed. "I'm sorry grandson, I could not stay any longer. Your mom will explain." - "You will have to find your answers from now on and live with them. Pyoko will be free in 6 years. Train and get stronger until then so you can avenge and eliminate evil from this land. Be the dream you always wanted." - Shama said. "Take this swords, son, use them to get stronger and to destroy evil." - His father said and 2 lightning-shaped swords appeard in front of him. The spirits started to get even further away from him . He could only hear his mom . "Remember son, use your heart!" and dissapeard. 5 years and 11 months later, he still couldn't take this story. But as we know, this story still doesn't have an end until Light destroys Evil..

*OOC - Got carried away , sorry for typing mistakes too xD*

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