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Rp characters biggrin
A story I'm writing, I'll prolly update when ever I think of doing so. Constructive criticism would be helpful since I'm trying to become better at writing. o.o

Shhhhink, whoosh, slash, slash, stab … The man was going full force against his opponents, or, it looked like full force from the woman’s perspective that was watching the battle, did the one she was watching know she was there? She could not tell, for he made no movements that said he knew, so, she just figured he didn’t. He was outnumbered greatly there were fifteen, verses him. But, his movements remained calm and fluid, as though he wasn’t intimidated at all. But, then again, this man wasn’t normal. His bare torso was tan, and muscular, he was tall. At least seven feet, or more; coming from his back, were long spikes, and in-between them was a tail like appendage, it looked like a skeletal tail, but, it worked and moved like a normal one that had flesh, but this one descended from his upper back. His legs, which seemed to be dog legs ended in large paws, and his head, wasn’t human. It was a black wolf head, with bright yellow eyes, which, she would have to admit were extremely attractive. She wasn’t human either, well, not fully. But she looked completely human, her father had an affair with a demon, and so Rose came to be. The wolf headed man wasn’t just some random person though; he was a part of her father’s army, their trump card if you will. Since he was a demon, he could take more damage, and, do more damage. But, he was in quite the predicament here, while fighting off the men, one of them drove their sword through his abdomen, causing him to cringe, but, he stayed standing. He gripped the sword, preventing it from going further in and used his own katana to lop off the guy’s head. The Wolf man then went into a rage, slaughtering every one of the men that got close to him, three survived, and they ran for the hills when he so much as looked at them. When there was no one else around –Which he knew of– he calmed down, his fur stopped standing on end and he continued into the forest, he was bleeding profusely, and, Rose was worried about him. So, she followed him, staying behind far enough to where he couldn’t see her, or hear her, the wind was luckily blowing in her direction so he wouldn’t be able to smell her she hoped, it didn’t seem he did.

After long hours of walking, the wolf man collapsed; there was a trail of blood on the ground, showing pretty much anyone who wanted to find him where he was. Once this happened, Rose couldn’t hold herself back anymore and she ran up to him, rolling him over to see the wound. It was bad, but, this man was a demon, so he would recover within three months if treated. So, Rose used all her strength to hoist the male up and drag him to a place she visited often, an abandoned shrine where not even spirits lingered. She lied him down on the floor, which had a straw mat on it for sleeping and went into a different room which contained a fire pit as well as everything Rose had left there before. Luckily she had left some bandages, so, she grabbed them and walked back into the other room, using all of her strength once more to hoist him up so she could put healing ointment on him and bandage him. It was difficult, but she managed, his tan skin was very smooth and very warm, she wondered what it would be like to cuddle him, but, she resisted the urge and went into the other room and got her fishing net, then wandered out to the river, where she hoped to catch some fish. It took her long hours, but she finally managed to catch some, three to be exact. She was proud of her catch and hoisted them up, using a knife to gut and clean the fish. When they were all clean she went back into the shrine, she looked outside and saw the first rays of sun peaking out from behind the hills and trees, so, she started a fire and cooked the fish, as well as some rice and miso soup. She left the food on a trey which she placed next to the wolf headed man and left her handkerchief for him to use as a napkin and left. She had to be back to the brothel before sunrise when everyone woke up, she would probably be in trouble for not being there the previous night, but, she had other things to do.
She ran as fast as she could back to the brothel that her father owned and had sold her to, so she could work there and make him more money. Some Samurai he was, he rarely hit his daughter though, but he showed her off to every single one of his men at some point. But not yet, to the demon that she had just tended to. She wondered why, though, he took turns with his men and she had yet to meet all of them. When she had finally reached the brothel two men that worked there caught her sneaking back in.

“Hey! We’ve been looking for you all night! Where did you go?” one of them growled, grabbing her by the arm and holding onto it tightly.

“Not like it matters, I came back didn’t I?” Rose questioned, the man was hurting her arm, and probably going to leave a bruise.

The man scowled at her and threw her into the room she was supposed to stay in. A room in which everyone on the outside could see into, as well as the inside, it was how they selected the girls they wanted to be ‘entertained’ by. Rose was by far the most selected, being the one that brought in most of the profits of the place. She did not want to be there though. She sat there, bored, occasionally talking to men who spoke to her, most were ugly wealthy men who had nothing better to do, but every now and again she would speak to a very handsome Samurai who was passing through. She liked those days, when a samurai purchased her for a night, though she wasn’t allowed to go farther then toying with them. She liked the men, some of them were very courteous, respecting her and touching her gently, so as not to hurt her. She waited for half the day until she saw her father, walking with a very tall being that had a head of a wolf. It was the male she had seen to, he was wearing a yukata and she could see the bandages, there was blood soaking through them. His wound must have re-opened, poor thing she thought. Her eyes were sympathetic; she paid not attention to what her father was speaking about, and noticed that the wolf man stayed silent. Nodding his head to agree, or shaking it to disagree, he shifted awkwardly, as to make his wound hurt less, but, it did not help, she could tell he was in pain just from the position of his pointed ears, which were lied back in pain. The man then stopped walking, and turned his head to Rose, he stared for long moments, then her father stopped and smiled, patting the demon on the shoulder.

“That’s my daughter, beautiful isn’t she? She brings in more customers then any brothel in the country. Others are jealous and have tried buying her from here, but I won’t allow that.” He explained to the wolf, whose ears were now erect, turned one ear to the side in annoyance. Her father laughed “She’s open to any of my men as well, so long as they pay for her services, though, she’s still a virgin.” He explained before walking into the building, motioning for the demon to follow.

The wolf man merely looked at him, then back at Rose, and then followed his leader into the building. Rose watched the two walk up to, and into the master suit that only the wealthiest men could rent. Not too long after a man came to her room and told her to go to that room, she nodded and did as she was told, she knew her father wouldn’t be happy with her for running away temporarily. Some sort of punishment was in order, she knew. But what was the punishment going to be? He always had his men punish her, since he thought it would be cruel for him to hit his own daughter, and the men were powerless to deny him, so they always did as he ordered.


More will come later :3

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