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Kowsauni's Journal and Rp stuff
For now this is just a place to put my rp characters for quick reference.
Outfit Recipe: Cymbre the Bllack
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1. The Case of Pietro (eye shadow)

2. Across Blush (blush)

3. In Silence I Kill (underwear)

4. Sovereign Wyvern (wings)

5. Retro Turbo Wanderlust (background)

6. Princess Less Than Three (removes bow in hair)

7. Freckles (freckles)

8. Curse of Kingdoms (horns)

9. Dark Hymn of Faith ( legs)

10. Lively Talker (smile)

11. THE Dark Bride (arms)

12. Sleepy Dark Etoile (top)

13. Karp’s Glance (eyes)

14. Hana's Graceful Letters (shortens top)

15. Listen to the Lyrics (Cute Hair) (hair)

Outfit Recipe: Chiffon Fox
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1. Hime Bangs Haircut (cuts bang)

2. Djinn Chopper (skin)

3. Cloak of Invisibility (removes underwear)

4. Lexxon's Garden (background)

5. Princess Less Than Three (removes stuff from hair)

6. Quiet Seraphic Fox (face)

7. Me Day (arms)

8. Slim Face (slims face)

9. A Hearty Harvest (background)

10. Kitty Tail (tail)

11. Sleepy Graceful Kitty (hair)

12. Fabled Snow Warning (legs)

13. Light Thieving Fox (hair)

Outfit Recipe: Harpy Thrills
User Image

1. Cloak of Invisibility (removes underwear)

2. Sainte Ciel: Agape (haircut)

3. E's Sketchbook (headband

4. Daring Dollhouse Demon (dress)

5. Purrsuasion Purrformance (hair)

6. Breezy Moth To A Flame (eyes)

7. Jas' Wide Grin (mouth)

8. Halfling Ears (ears)

9. Djinn Chopper (skin)

10. Hana's Graceful Letters (turns dress to crop top)

11. The Ancient Surgeon (removes birds from wings)

12. Brilliant Sky Terrarium (background)

13. Brilliant Nymphicus x3 (Arms, legs and tail)

Outfit Recipe: Orange Wind Serpent
User Image

1. Shy-Blooded (blush)

2. Rose Commander (nose)

3. Heliotrope Marionette Restrung (hair)

4. Cordial Frail Vestige (background)

5. Child of Thaumas (arms)

6. Shuaijan Serpent (snake lower half)

7. Velvet Scales (skin)

8. Ayumi's Attitude (eyes)

9. Wrathfully Cold Blooded (snake tongue)

10. Cloak of Invisibility (removes underwear)

Outfit Recipe: Summer Fawn
User Image

1. Oisin's Blessing (deer lower half)

2. Evertree Embrace (background)

3. Across Blush (blush)

4. Bad Pun (removes Steam)

6. Honeydew Hot Springs Hottie (top half)

7. Here’s Looking At You Love (eyes)

8. Stitch Witch (Short Hair) (hair)

Outfit Recipe: Spider Girl
User Image

1. White Body Dye (skin)

2. Sainte Ciel: Agape (haircut)

3. The Twisted Juniper (blood on ground)

4. R's Sketchbook (hairpin)

5. Lori The Vamp (mouth)

6. Grim Crane Warrior (background Building)

7. Under Bright Weather Too (darkens frame)

8. Ahri Naturel (hair)

9. Midnight Moga Sunsoaked Beaches (background beaches)

10. Spider Sweets (webbing)

11. Vehement youth (arms)

12. Hana's Graceful Letters (crops top)

13. Widower Experiment 666 x2 (bottom and eyes)

14. Spicy Baka Beach (bow and ponytail)

15. Fiery Enchantelure x2 (top and brooch)

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