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Only Dreams I can't do everything, but I can imagine it.

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I see a little girl trying to call for help, but it was too risky to call the police. So, she took her chances to defend herself, accidentally pushing her murderous mother down the stairs, hitting her head against the brick wall, killing her. No one believing her because she was an unwanted kid, they institutionalized her.

10 years later, after receiving an early birthday gift from her only friend, she loses her temper with the nurse. The guards come in to hold her down and she gets injected with sedatives, passing out before her perverted and cruel doctor comes in and performs many experiments on her. Later, she wakes up and goes to see Emilie. As she goes down the stairs, she overhears a secret conversation between the nurses. She finds out the cruel truth of why she and the other girls are experiencing harsh torture and rapes and human experimentation.

Confidence and a new hope growing inside her heart, she tells Emilie about everything. Smiling for the first time, Emilie tells her a big plan to her: a way for her to escape to find help and save Emilie and the other girls and exploit the institution for their crimes. Giving her the key to the exit, Emilie puts her plan in motion and helps the girl escape from the place. Leaving successfully, she runs off to seek some help. But, the guards and their lackeys won't let her go so easily...

A single mother and her child, waiting for the taxi, sees the girl in desperate need of help. Noticing that the others are after her, they take her in the taxi to hide her. But, they catch up to her and stop the taxi. The girl, not willing to go back, takes the wheel and floors it, but crashes due to not knowing how to drive. They take the family hostage and will spare them if she comes back. The girl strongly refuses, but is unable to run any further. Losing hope quickly, she notices a river and jumps into the water, hoping to end it all. However, her weight doesn't allow her to sink and she gets washed away to an underground sewage treatment plant. The guards and hunters leave, not realizing that she survived.

A week later, after stealing some food from some workers and hiding secretly in the dark bathrooms, a man finds her secret hideout. Fearing for her life, she closes her eyes and prepares for the worst to come. However, being kind and understanding, he helps her get dressed up and fed back to normal health. Meeting his friends, she starts a new life that she can actually live. Changing her name to Katie to forget about the past, she exploits the institution and Emilie and the girls are freed as the ones that worked there were imprisoned for their crimes against humanity.

A couple of years later, with new physical identities, the girls live a free life of their own. Katie and Emilie live with their friends as they work the same jobs as the other sewage workers. The man Katie was founded by eventually starts a relationship with her and they all lived in a new future, with institutions no longer causing harms to patients and the government changed into a better one.

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