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Blithe and Vexed... Two very unlikely companions... but they Exist in Harmony in Me....

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Tohru's Affair FF12
Do not be deceived, this fanfic is not about Fruits Basket. However it is about Final Fantasy 12's Captain Basch fon Ronsenberg of Dalmasca. I got inspired to write this right before the end of school last year. Things weren't going well for me so I needed something to keep me going and thinking about this helped a bit. But I must warn you, it is a yaoi (guy on guy) situation so read at your own risk!). Enjoy

This is Basch...

&a href="http://media.photobucket.com/image/basch/FranBunansa/Final%20Fantasy/Basch09.jpg?o=126" target="_blank"&<img src="http://i245.photobucket.com/albums/gg41/FranBunansa/Final%20Fantasy/Basch09.jpg">&/a&

and this is him two years into Nalbina Dungeon (poor guy...)

&a href="http://media.photobucket.com/image/basch/Raindrop_baby/Moods/basch_JESUS.jpg?o=125" target="_blank"&<img src="http://i200.photobucket.com/albums/aa162/Raindrop_baby/Moods/basch_JESUS.jpg">&/a&

This is who I modeled Tohru after. His name's Yuki and he's from a manga called "The Wallflower"

&a href="http://media.photobucket.com/image/the%20wallflower/Sweatdrop_Stealer/WallFlower/yukinojoh.gif?o=405" target="_blank"&<img src="http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b140/Sweatdrop_Stealer/WallFlower/yukinojoh.gif">&/a&

Now that that's out of the way... we can begin...

The young man sat shivering against a stone wall. Around him the vagrants and scum from all the Empire could be seen loitering, trying to use the small amount of moonlight that shone through the opening in the center of the large room. Tohru had learned to hate the bitter desert nights during the two days he had been in Nalbina dungeon. He shivered and drew up his legs to his chest, glaring around to make sure none of the other prisoners tried to approach him. The didn't. In fact they ignored him completely, as if he were nothing more then just another corpse laying about. He was thankful for that much. At least they weren't all over him... like that man had been, but it was only a matter of time. He was the closest thing to a woman in this place, with his slender build and soft, honey colored skin.

Tohru grimaced when he thought about the man who had consequently landed him in this dump of a situation with no way of escaping. The man, whose name was Samuel, was Arcadian gentry and being so though he could have what and whoever he desired. This belief was almost excusable considering that his wealth had gotten him his every wish up until Tohru who was a mer ardent. When he had refused the man, Samuel had been outraged, telling the authorities that Tohru had stolen gil and chops. As the guards restrained the struggling Tohru, Samuel had whispered in his ear, "Your so beautiful, pitty the thieves and killers will have you and not me." He had then licked the boy's ear then and smiled as Tohru was taken away. The boy growled and shivered as a bitter wind teased at his bare skin. He wore only a pair of pants that reached down to his knees and nothing more. Sure he had some tanned leather wristbands and matching anklets but they did little to nothing against the cold.

Slowly Tohru did find peace and was able to nod off despite the frigged chill. When he awoke it was early morning and the desert frost was still clinging to everything. He shivered and rubbed his arms. All around he could see Imperial soldiers standing at attention. He stood and backed away, not wanting any confrontation with the Empire. Then he watched from a corner of the courtyard as three new captives were escorted into their midst. First he saw a man with short brownish red hair and a superior, slightly smug expression on his upturned face. Clearly a sky pirate from his disposition and choice of wardrobe, and there was something about the way he held himself that seemed to suggest freedom.

The next he saw nearly knocked the wind from his lungs. Most of the other inmates experienced a similar reaction when the stunningly vibrant vera graced the room with her presence. She too seemed distant, like the man had seemed, as though she were still out in the sky. Her hair was long and the most beautiful sheen of white. The armor she wore was black and skimpy, showing off much of her rich chocolate colored skin. As she passed, men stared in disbelief at her. Most of them hadn't seen a woman in months of agonizing starvation and sexual deprivation. Now to be face to face with the most beautiful of creatures was probably working on the last bit of sanity they cleaved to. Tohru looked away form the woman, noticing the third member of the party though nobody else did because of the vera beauty. It was a boy, no older then Tohru himself. He walked with his gaze to the ground, every once in a while he shot resentful glances at the Arcadian soldiers but never met their eyes. He was fair of skin and his hair was a bleach blond, trademark Dalmascan features. From the looks of it though he was no more then an ordinary street rat. Tohru watched as he sulked behind the other two captives with much less dignity in his step. Curious about the newcomers, Tohru stood and, after the Imperial soldiers had gone, followed the three to where they settled themselves.

Balthier sat on the ground, his legs stretched out casually and his arms resting behind his head, his back pressed comfortably against a wall. Vann, his new companion was making a fuss, pacing back and forth with an agitated look. Tohru listened to them talk, hiding from sight. The confident sky pirate sighed, "Vann, calm down won't you? Save your energy, you'll need it if we are to escape."

The young man scoffed, "Escape!? How can you be so calm about this Balther!? We're in Nalbina if you didn't know! Nobody Escapes from Nalbina dungeon! And where is Fran anyway!?" Tohru had to agree with Vann, as his comrade had called him. When he had arrived he had tried everything to escape, looked everywhere for a way out but to no avail. Many men had tried, and he was sure they had failed. If rumor was true, and they probably were, Nalbina was more of a labyrinth then a prison. Those who were brave, or foolish enough to leave this sanctum of misery found themselves in a seemingly endless expanse of corridors and chambers, some of which contained monsters. Rumor also had it that the place was cursed and that the bones of those who tried to escape still walked the pathways, searching for the exit but doomed to never find it and killing the living escapees out of envy.

"If you have no weapons, you have no chance." he said as a matter of fact, stepping out from behind the wall. The two men looked up at him, Vann glaring apprehensively. "Sorry about that, I just wanted to talk to you guys is all." Tohru continued, tapping his sandaled foot on the ground. Balthier observed him with an amused expression, his gaze falling to a mark on the back of the boy's hand.

"So, you are from Arcades then lad?" Balthier asked, although he clearly knew the answer, "What crime have you committed that the Empire saw fit to send a meer slave boy to the terrible Nalbina?" his voice was so calm that Tohru felt a little put off. He noticed quickly that his mark was visible and quickly hid his right hand behind his back, a blush befalling his cheeks.

"I was falsely accused of a crime I did not commit." he said bluntly and looked at his feet. His cheeks were indeed hot with anger. Remembering the horrible circumstances of his imprisonment was the last thing he wanted to think about. "So you plan to escape do you?" he asked, changing the subject, "Take me with you please? I'm not as weak as I look and I can hold my own in battle."

Balthier smirked and crossed his arms over his chest, "Really now? Tell me, why should we help you? What do we get in return?" Tohru could hardly believe his ears! Nobody had ever managed to escape from Nalbina, or so the popular belief was. And either way it would be a challenge.

"You wish compensation?" Tohru asked meekly.

Balthier shook his head, "Coming from your profession I doubt you have much gil to spare." Tohru stiffened and clenched his fists.

"How is it you know about my occupation Sky Pirate yet we have never met?" Tohru asked, his defenses suddenly up like a brick wall. It was obvious Balthier knew he was a slave from his appearance and apparel.

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