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Read "Athenia" and live in the magic! This journal will be a mix of different stories I've wrote in the past or going to write. If there is a story guide anyone wants I'd be happy to come up with a story by some of ur preferences. Depending on how people react to my stories is what will

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Athenia, The Beginning, Midnight Forest.
"Please remeber to read prologue before chapter 1&2" biggrin

Midnight Forest

The moon was lazily drifting above with a silver moonlit trail. As Cloud walked
through the forest he noticed things were beginning to come alive.

Some trees were ripping themselves out of the ground and moving deeper into the forest. There was different birds flapping their wings letting out noises unknown. A little ways ahead was a small meadow of Moonsparkle Lilies. Singing it's hunting melodies trying to entice passer byers to step within its bed and into an eternal slumber.

The farther in Cloud ventured, the more and more weirder his surroundings became. Large insects of many variates scrambled, wiggled, and crawled around in the forestry around him. In the background he heard the scream of a Bargrow. Every now and then he'd see the silver wispy cloud of a Consumer looking for some weak host to takeover.

By now the trees were beginning to thicken around him. Each one scarier than the first. He felt like that at any moment one of the trees would snatch him up and eat him.

All of a sudden in front of him he saw the one tree he most desired, the Lullaby
Tree. Its branches were dusted with silver leaves, and among the branches lay silky cocoon like flower pods, in them he relied upon their safety for the night.

Very slowly he climbed up to the nearest pod and bent back one of the
silver-blue pedals. With one hand holding the pedal he hopped into the flower and calapsed into a wherry slumber.

* * * * *

As the sun shown down upon the Lullaby Tree the flowers began to open. When ever a ray of sun would hit one of the flowers its pedals would open at a jerk reveling a soft, fuzzy, blue inside. Up at the top the flowers had all opened but in one a small little figure started to stir.

With a yawn and hiccup the little Forrest Fairy began to stretch her little arms.
She had pink hair with yellow streaks. Her eyes were a pale pink and her skin a
sparkily pale color. As she got up she straightened up her buttercup skirt and
retied her golden top and than began to stretch her glistening rainbow colored

Giving one more yawn she headed towards the small water pool in the center of a flower which she used as a mirror. As she reached the center she looked down at her reflection. Her hair was a mess! Setting down she began to comb her hair with a small piece of jagged egg shell. when it met her satisfaction she reached out along side the pool and gathered the rest of her belongings.

Among her things was four golden pine needles which she sat on her lap. Lifting up her shoulder length hair she put it into two tight little buns and than placed two needles on both sides to hold them up. Using one of her fingers she then toke out two small strands of hair to run along the side of her face.

The rest of her belongings was a silver and gold arm bracelet which she slid up her arm, two leaf sown anklets which she slipped over her feet to dangle around her ankle, and a small golden vine-like belt she tied around her skirt.

Smiling down at her reflection she then got up and walked towards the edge of the flower. Looking down to make sure the coast was clear she then threw herself off the edge and went into a free fall. As she was falling she began to open her wings. All of a sudden she noticed a late flower opening. Caught off guard the wind hit her wings at a wrong angle and she began to fall, but this time they wouldn't open. Screaming in fear she dropped towards the now opening flower. With a thunk she landed on something twisted and soft.

* * * * *

With a jerk Cloud's eyes popped open. Something had hit his head. Lifting his hand he prodded at his hair. "Stop that right now!" Screamed a tiny voice from his
head. Locating the sound he lifted it off his head. In his hand was a small, pale,
mad fairy.

"Let me go!" She wailed. Shocked and reluctant to let her go he slowly released
her and set her down on the flower. He'd never seen nor heard of a pale skinned
talking fairy. With curiosity he laid down on hes stomach and just stared at her.

"What's wrong, stunned by my beauty?" She said spinning around in a quick circle. "Or maybe you've just never seen a Forest Fairy before."

She was right that he'd never seen a Forest Fair before but he had heard of them. "Well...," he began in a stammer, "I have heard of small, people-like fairies
who never know when to keep quite."

"Fairy tales I tell you!" She squeaked in rage. "We are the ones who speak to
the forest and keep the seasons changing." With a stamp of her little foot she
crossed her arms and spun around to ignore him. "How would you like it if I told
you we fairies think you human are monsters! You guys go around and destroy our
forest bit by bit."

"I'm a what?" He asked puzzled.

"Oh, please, tell me you know what a human is!" She said turning around to face

"Well... Um..."

"You don't," she said cracking up laughing. "Where did you grow up? In the
middle of no where?"

"Well, I lived with Forest Trolls."

"No wounder!" She said plopping down on the flower. "Those Forest Trolls are always so secretive and don't tell anyone anything, and if you ask me they're
not the brightest of creatures."

Glaring , he looked down on her. "I didn't mean to offend you, promise," she
said raising up her hands in peace.

"Well anyway you're what people call human, I really do think it's a funny name.
So what's your name?"


"Well, I'm SunKiss," She said stretching out her hand in greeting. Using his
index finger he shuck her hand.

"Where are you planning on going," she said staring up at him with her
intelligent, sparkling, pink eyes.

"I'm not really sure, in my village when we hit fifteen we let the road take us
where ever it wishes."

"Well, I say you go with me to the Pompow village to visit my friend Twister."

"What's a Pompow?"

"My friend, you have a lot to learn, and with me as your friend, I promise, your
going to learn!" She said with a smile looking up at him.

Stay tuned for the next chapter.

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"I hope u all have liked the story that I've been writing so far. This story I started to write last year on Kupika, but not alot of people was interested in it so I stoped writing. But if any of u gaians like it I promise to continue. And please, always remember to give me feedback on what u think of my stories. Thanx for reading it." wink

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