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wind chronicles
random stories i come up with i'm just bored
~ch.1:A bright Flash

At first a tug a poweful force rips your presence out of the darkness.Violent waves of pain scorch through your body your nerves light up and catch on fire.Your eyes open wildly looking around franticaly.The pain in you body slowly disinigrates.A feeling of nothingness comes over you,and there you lie in the darkness as it begins to evaporate into light.It slowly fulfills your body,you blink and the light shatters revealing the whole world to you.You smile as all your memories flow back into your head.Thats what they say when your sins are forgiven by the lords and you are returned to the world.....if only they knew.

Sirhc came to and found himself in complete twilight level darkness.A violent shock of pain stabs through his chest.He found himself unable yell out or ease his pain.The pain is sent deeper into his body beggining to take the form of a sword.The sword's handle was an elegant gold taking the form of a dragon,and the dragons eye the most amazing ruby gem ever imagined.The blade was charcole black with blood red inscriptions running up the blade,and halting at the tip where a small gold mark is gashed into it.Sirhc was compelled to grab the blade but found his arms and hands complete dakness.The blade began to emit a small light.Quakes of pain vibrated through his body repeatedly as the rest of his body began to reappear.His body now completely reformed,he shook as he felt a sharp tug...no a pull..no a grab of rising pain.He felt himself quickly being dragged through the darkness to the light.He saw a barrier up ahead shimmering with light.

Sirhc was pulled straight into the barrier but almost suddenly a forced halt.A sudden presure was forced onto his back he felt like a nut in a nut cracker being squished till it finally pops open.The pressure continued to rise sending pain down his spine.He felt every bone in his body crack loudly,and then a sudden violent crack as the barrier shatters.He had almost had cried out in pain if it weren't for the fact that he could not speak.He was being dragged through the light quickly then a sudden stop.He felt like he was floating in mid air,and then he found himself lieing on the a soft ground.He opened his eyes the light from the sun blinding him.He quickly sat up breathing heavily as sweat dripped down his chin."Where.....where am I?

please comment on journal any advice or opinoins

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  • [05/02/09 08:04am]
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