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random sketches when I have time to upload them
sometimes people disappoint you. stop acting so surprised.

Ever have one o those days where you disappoint yourself. My friend ditches at the last second every time, so I've come to expect it. By chance I ask her to come out (again) and she actually says yes, then changes her mind. fair enough we still have our movie night plans. Then decides shes too tired to sit and watch a movie that we had planned to see a week ago. really too tired to sit in your PJs in bed and watch the first part of a movie with me?

If you don't want to or don't think you can hang out just say no from the start. Don't say yes and then make up an excuse at the last minute. Once in a while I get it, but every time? really? you don't think I've caught on to the pattern?

again its your fault for doing it, but I'm mostly mad at myself for continuing to extend an invitation and hoping you'll say yes. For expecting you to do what you say you will, even though experience has taught me that you won't. I miss you and I'm worried about you and I'm hurt that you keep yanking me around like this. I've gotta learn to cut myself out of other people's problems. Its not my job to make you feel better, its not my job to keep giving you the opportunities to get out there, and I'll just keep hurting myself if I don't remind myself that no matter what I do you never get better, you never accept opportunities, you're not the person I knew. I know you're hurting, but I'll just hurt myself if I keep trying to do more to help you.

Thats my lesson for the year. butt the hell out of other peoples problems. You only hurt yourself in the process and then you're no good to anybody. let them solve it on their own, if they want your help they'll ask for it. If they're not ready to ask, any help you give them will probably be a waste.

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