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The haunted diary.
This will be my own haunted lil diary, I never really write much in diaries, mostly I write when something really bad happens to me, but I also like writing novels in my diary, with spooky themes that is x3 I love writing horrorstories.
Chapter 2 - Fear
Every fiber of my body wanted to scream and run away, but couldn't. He was stuck in a net and wouldn't get out until released. The person who'd been hiding in the bushes finally showed itself. It was a short, scarred man. His hair was a mess and stood in all directions. His eyes small and clouded. He was dressed in a white coat, reaching to his knees and covered in some red liqouid. I didn't know what it was, not yet. He looked up at me, his small, figureless lips curled up in a smile, revealing bad looking yellow teeth. I froze by the sight, not the mention the stench! It was horrible, like rotten meat. I whined up in the net. I wanted to come down, but at the same time not.
A shriek left my mouth as something hit my thigh. I looked over my shoulder. An object, something like a metallic bumble bee was stuck in my soft flesh. I winced, starting to feel groggy, my head spinning. I looked over the bushes, the man still smiling. My gaze went higher, to the mountains, on which the other side my home was. I wanted mom to come and save me, but she wouldn't, she wasn't awake yet.
I felt sleepy, my vision growing dull and finally I passed out.

When I woke up again, my entire body was sore. My head was aching and my chest was strapped tightly in bandage. I got to my feet, only to hit my back in something fal down again. I looked up. Trapped in a tiny cage, I was. I growled under my breathe. Where was I? I curled up and whined, closing my eyes.
Suddenly my body tensed again, a snap being heard beside me.
"Who's there?!" I shrieked, fur on edge.
A growl was heard.
"Oh sip it, cub! Some of us are trying to sleep here!" a dark voice said.
"Yeah go back to sleep, newbie!" another followed.
I gulped, my eyes slowly getting used to the darkness. I looked to my side, seeing the owners of the voices. My fur stood even more. Next to me, in the same small cages as my own, sat a shaggy bori, his fur tattered and dirty. As well as a mean looking buzz, his wings broken and eyes gone.
I yelped. The sight being too much for me. I closed my eyes, forcing myself to sleep.
The bori and buzz did the same, figuring they had a new noisy lad on their hands.

The next day, it was bright in the room. I blinked, then my eyes widened. The entire room was filled with cages, big and small, and most of them occupied. Pets of all shapes and sizes sat in a cage of their own, some were even stuffed with three or four pets!
All of them were in bad shape, skinny, dirty or even furless. I bit my tongue, would I look like that too? What was this place?
"Relax kiddo." the old bori said, turning to me. In the light he didn't look as bad, he only needed a bath and some food. Maybe a good grooming, and he'd be fine. His fur was long, especially by the chin, which almost gave him a beard. I giggled a little. The bori smiled.
"Feeling a bit better are we?" he said in a deep old voice. I nodded.
He did too. "How old are you boy?" he asked.
"Four." I anwsered, only knowing how to count my age in human years.
"Four.. that's a tender age. I myself is 30." he replied.
I flicked my ears towards him. 30? That was older than my father.
I was about to ask him where I was, when suddenly the door swung open. I flinched, staring at the door. A dark figure stood in it's path, gleamig eyes staring at me. I felt the fear rise within me, a fear I'd feel for many more times. Fear....

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