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Micino Cannibale's Journal
My Nonsense. Usually tidbits of stories I will never finish. And (The much loved) avi art by others. :3
A Fox and a Flower.

Auburn fox, being a very simple vulpine, enjoyed the little things in life. While his friends where busy stealing chickens, stalking rabbits, discussing dear Henry fox and his lost paw, he liked to prance, he liked to observe, and enjoy every aspect of the forest around him. God forbid Papa fox knew his son frolicked.
Though, Auburn fox thought himself a gentlemen. He took time, though he was teased, to have lengthy, heartfelt greeting for everyone he passed. So one fine October day, the lovely orange fox was wondering through the autumn-turned forest, trying to find for himself something to do. (You see, Mister Auburn has always felt quite useless as well as out of place.) He found, lo and behold, a delicately painted pot, holding inside it a single Chrysanthemum! Auburn admired this strange, yet delicate flower swaying in the fall breeze. It's color was a striking orange, and it reminded him of the color of his soft fur.

"Oh my!" Exclaimed the fox, prancing excitedly in front of the potted plant. "You are the most beautiful creature I have laid eyes upon!"
The flower, in return, looked with surprise, then delight at the young fox. "You really believe so?"
The vulpine nodded enthusiastically, again praising the mum. "Indeed. The most! And you, you are the most beautiful color I have witnessed."
The mum smiled, then looked curiously up at the fox. "Though, you are a toothy fellow, you are quite the gentlemen! What business does a vulpine like you have with a wee flower like me?"
Auburn fox chuckled softly. "I merely wish to be friends! You see, I don't have many. Young foxes my age never stop to appreciate things. Oh, and I seem to have let my manners slip from me. I am Auburn fox! What is your name, if a may ask?"
"Oh..." Said the mum slowly, concentrating on the soft soil in front of her. "I was never given a name. But you could call me what you please."
Auburn fox smiled. "Scarlet. Scarlet is a perfect name for you." He nodded to himself, and looked to the Chrysanthemum for her approval.

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