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Forbidden Love?
My story :D
Chapter 25...Final Chapter
Chapter 25

Over the years, things had changed.
Max went to the hospital and recovered from the incident. He also found out
that he had a brother. And his brother was Terry. It turns out that they were
separated when they were young. Terry stayed with his mom, and she gave up
Max. We think it was because Max was a little older then Terry. But, before Max
can meet his mom, she died when he was 13.And he didn't even know about it.
And their dad abandoned their mom and we don't know where he is now.
We also believed that their mom was half fox, and their dad was half wolf.
But over the years, Terry and Max became good brothers, and friends. And later on,
Terry had the chip taken out in his arm.

Riku, Saik, and Piper all found a place to live, and they'll be living together. They
didn't want to lose each other. Piper is dating Tommy, and they're a happy
couple. Saik is also dating Ren, they had a lot in common. And they became
good friends, and their friendship grew into something bigger.
Riku has been best friends with Chance. They do almost everything together.

Tommy started to sing in places. He really liked music and he wanted to show
how much he loved music, so he started to sing. And he's really good at it too.

For Crimson, he caught a really bad cold, and was in the hospital for 2 months.
But one day, we almost lost him. After a few minutes trying to bring him back to
life, we believed he was dead,so we all started to cry. But a few seconds later,
he came back to life. He told us when he almost died, he saw an angel. She
looked just like Mimi. The angel told him go back, it's not your time to die yet. And
after that, he recovered from his cold really fast and survived.

For me and my mom, we were reunited with my lost brother, Rea. Everybody
also went to my dad's funeral. Good thing no body knew who killed him, so we
were all safe. All my injuries finally were cured and I got 1 scare from the knife in
my back.
All this time, Rea was being captive at my dad's organization. Rea was able to
get out of his cell because one of the soldiers didn't lock it right. And he was
trying to find a way out, and he saw Max get stabbed in his shoulder, so he
wanted to help. So he took the gun from the floor and shoot my dad.
For my mom, she's been sad though because she misses her husband. The one she
fell in love with. Mom told us the story how she fell in love with him. She said he
took her to a garden at midnight, and purposed to her in the moon light. That
sounded romantic. <3

"Rea, I don't think I'm ready!" I told Rea scared.
"Don't worry, you'll be fine. Now take my hand." Rea told me.
I took a deep breath and grabbed his hand.
Then, music started and the doors opened.
Everybody looked at me and Rea, and stood up. Today is my wedding day.
Since my dad died 5 years ago, Rea wanted to walk me down to the aisle. As I was
walking down the aisle, I saw Max staring at me. He looked handsome is his tux.
My mom was the maid of honor,and Piper and Ren were the bride's maid.
Max's best man was Crimson, and the groomsmen was Terry and Saik. Riku didn't
want to be one.
I was feeling my stomach was empty. When Rea took me buy Max, I gave him a
hug and he stood by Saik. Then Max held his hand out and I grabbed it. He walked
me up the small stairs. Once we got up it, we faced the pastor.
"You look beautiful."Max whispered to me.
I smiled and said,"you look handsome." I whispered back.
He smiled back.
"Do you have the rings?"the pastor asked.
Mom handed me one, and Crimson handed Max one. Max took my hand and
put the ring on my finger. And I took his and but the ring on his finger. After we
did that, we grabbed each others hands, and stared at each others eyes.
"Will you love him, comfort him, honor and keep him, in sickness and in health;
and forsaking all others, keep him, and only him so long as you both shall live?"
The pastor asked.
"I do." I answered.
"Will you have this woman to be the wedded wife, to live together in the holy bonds
of matrimony? Will you love her, comfort her, honor and keep her, in sickness and in
health; and forsaking all others, keep her, and only her so long as you both shall live?"
The pastor asked Max.
"I do."Max replied.
"Then the power invested in me, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the
bride." the pastor pronounced.
Then Max lifted my veil so it won't be in his way, and he kissed me. <333 After that
kiss, Max took my hand, and we both walked down the aisle again. <3333
"Welcome to the after party everybody!" Tommy said in the microphone on stage.
Everybody started to clap.
"Congratulations Rachel and Max. This song reminds me of you two, so here it is."
Tommy explained. And he started to sing, Forever.
Max got up and held out his hand to me.
"Come dance with me. And you have to have to have fun."Max said smiling.
I smiled back and took his hand. He took me to the dance floor, and we started
to dance.
Than Saik and Ren came to the dance floor and started to dance too. And then
more people came to the dance floor and started to dance.
"So how do you feel right now?"Max asked me.
"I'm happy that I'm married to you. What about you?" I asked.
"I feel the same way."He said and gave me a smile.
He kissed me, and he gave me a hug.
"I love you, Max, and always will." I told him.
"I love you too, and always will." He told me back.

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