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3 of the weirdest dreams I ever had
This is a journal entry about 3 of the weirdest dreams that I ever dreamed and I wanna share that with you guys.
Most of my weird dreams are scary dreams. As of now, I can come up with 3 different dreams.

1) When I was about 10 years old, I remember having this dream where my parents, my brother and I went out to eat at this restaurant. I think it was pizza hut! xd But anyway, we were walking around to see where we could sit down and eat. Then my family turns to me and just looks at me. I look at them and I ask, "What? Why are you looking at me like that?" Then, my dad grabs me by the ribs and lifts me up. I look at him horrified. "What are you doing? Dad! What are you doing?" He just smiles. So does my mom and my brother. They take off their masks that made them look exactly like my family. The man who was my "dad" had dark brown hair. It was scraggly and messy. He had red eyes, but they didn't glow. He had saggy skin on his face and had a grin full of teeth. After he smiled, the squeezed my ribs even harder. I yelled, "STOP! STOP IT! YOU'RE HURTING ME!" He just kept smiling and laughing. Same with the other impersonators. Everyone in the restaurant was looking at us, watching the scene in horror. They would gasp and yell and scream seeing me in pain. Some of them even ran away. Some tried to go and look for help. Then it ended.

2) A few years later, I had a different dream. Ever since, I've dreamed this same dream 3 times. It all started when I find myself in my mother's room. Her room also leads to the loft that is above the living room. I was standing right infront of the door to the loft and I looked around. Everything was covered with plastic sheets. It looked like my family moved out without taking their things with them. Everyone was gone except me. I look around closer and realize it's haunted. I see at least 3 different spirits lingering there. One was a young looking lady. She was wearing a black and red dress. It looked Victorian to me. She had long shiny black hair that was tied up in a bun behind her head. She was sitting on a stool in front of a mirror. She looked at me, then went back to looking at herself in the mirror. She wasn't doing anything. She was just sitting there, looking at her reflection. She had no emotion, but I could see in her eyes that she had years of anger. There was another spirit there. It was a little girl in a white night gown. She had long blond hair and blue eyes. She wondered around the room aimlessly. It wasn't that she was lost, she was just walking around. She also had a blank face. She didn't have any emotion in her face or even her eyes. Another spirit that was there was an old lady. She had pail white, wrinkly skin, blue eyes and white hair. She was also wearing a white night gown. Every few seconds, her hair would change from being in a bun to being down. When it was up she was calm. But when it was down, I would see her screaming at me. She looked angry, confused and betrayed. She scared me. I wanted to help her, but I didn't know what to do. The old lady scared me so much that I ran out of the room to get into the hall way. When I open the door, I find that my hall way is filled with doors. So many doors, but which one was the exit? Then, I hear something behind me. I turn around to find a spirit chasing me. I couldn't see it, but I could feel it's presence. That spirit was kinda like that feeling when you're walking alone in the dark and you feel like someone is walking behind you following you. That was the feeling that I was feeling then. I ran down the hallway screaming for help. "SOMEONE HELP! IS ANYONE HERE?!" I finally reach the end of the hallway and find a door there. I grab the knob to turn it, but it's locked. I turn around and find that the spirit is at least 5 feet away from me. I was horrified and petrified. I couldn't move. I woke up.
The second time I had the dream, the beginning was the same, but the ending was different. I managed to get the door open and I jumped into the door. I closed it behind me and I sigh with relief. Then I find myself in this gray room full of gears. The gears were turning. Some were silver, some were gold. I woke up.
The third time I had the dream, everything previously was the same. But then someone saw me and greeted me. They shared their cherry pie with me. I hate some with him. He asked if I wanted anymore. I said no thank you. I got out of the room and found that the spirit was still trying to get me. I found another hallway with lots of doors. I kept running and running. Apparently, I was pushing a shopping cart while I was running down the hallway. LOL I have no idea why I had a shopping cart. But the cart was useful to me because it smacked into the last door at the end of the hallway and opened it. Then everything was Disney stuff. I can't explain what happened then. That's all I remember from that particular dream.

3)This one isn't really scary, but in this dream, I'm being chased by the police. I'm apparently a man in this dream who is a fugitive running from the police. I have a buzz cut with brown hair, a white t-shirt (underwear shirt) tattered blue jeans, brown boots and blue eyes. The first place that I run to is my old elementary school. Some policemen spot me, so then I head towards the basement. The all of a sudden, the elementary school's basement turns into a huge condominium building. At first, we're in the basement. Then I take a chance and run upstairs to get to the roof. I made it to the roof and policemen are still chasing after me. One of them say "OPEN FIRE!" They start shooting at me. All but one misses. One bullet nicks me on my right arm. I grunt in pain, grit my teeth and keep running. Then, it wasn't long until helicopters found me on the roof. One came close to me and an anime looking girl had a megaphone telling me, "There's nowhere left to run! Surrender!" She was wearing this dragon like green armor as well. It was weird. The helicopter had a blaster cannon in it too! I knew that I would never stand a chance against that. So I fell to my knees, put my hands behind my head and put my head down to the ground. I woke up.

So yeah....sorry that it's soooooooo long! That's how detailed my dreams are.

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  • [07/16/08 08:42pm]
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