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About me and whats going o in my life.
Hmm lets see i really havent written in this thing in like FOOOOOOREVER!! hehe lets see whats happend in a year

Mostly just chilling haning with friends going to the mall and movies and school

Im a somphore now and almost a junior since the years almost over and im only 15! woot woot i feel so young hehhe.I cant drive till halfways through junior year though :/ which sucks beacuse the rest of my friends will be able to, but they will be driving me places ive been told which is good.

let see school wise im taking Geometry, Biology, U.s History, Spanish 1, English 2 and Art.I have all striaght B's but need to get an A in math this year so i can switch over into a high science class so thats what im working for right now.That and i have my eportfolio to get done which sucks.Its not even something i can blow off because i need it to graduate.

So ive Finally also figured out what i want to do with my life.I want to either be an artist or a science teacher but im not sure what colleges i want to go ot yet but i have recived a couple of letters froms some biggrin which i guess is good.

besides school not much fun things has happened at least nothing intersting to tell you unless youve hung out with e before :3 lol im a people person so if u want to tlk send me a mssg.

Oh we got a new dog :3..but my old one died sad sad we also got rid of my bird T.T but we still have the cat. I love cats and want one of my own since the cat we have right now is a family cat but im like the only one i likes and stays in my room.My mom dosent like cats and dosent want another one when claude dies and im sad about that so i keep nagging her about it and she said i could have my own cat if i cleaned up after it...eww i dont want to have to handle cat poop lol so i guesse we wont be having another cat anytime soon.

SO yeah i think the last time i wrote in this was before christmas so if ur wondering which i got; which i know ur not hehe, but imma tell yoy anyways here you go.

I got an ipod a new cell phone and $200 to spend on whatever i wante lol hhehe not much but it was a great christmas and i spent alot of money at hottopic buying new clothes smile

okay so yeah this has been alot of typing so i think im gonna go now buy byee peeps <3 you all smile

Soul Silver FC: Jimmy 1979 2142 7473[/color:ca5570b1bb]

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