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Ryo's Log
Just a bunch of Rp plots and random character's I've created over the years

Elves vs Humans
Humans had never ventured outside their remote little continent. They had no reason to, after all. They believed there was nothing beyond those seas but more untamed water. They were happy enough on Shiori, Their continent. Until an old fisherman starting talking about seeing a larger continent then their own, untouched by the hands of humans, perhaps home to more riches than their own land. Of course many thought the old sailor was just babbling nonesense. But as more reports from their own Fleet, that of the Royal Navy, the King of Shiori could no longer resist this curiosity he was getting in this continent. He sent a team of his finest sailors to check out the land. After all, there were bound to be natives in such a fruitful place, and the King, having already had many small wars with former natives of the outskirts of Shiori and small islands around it, wanted to size up his competitors.

He was shocked when the sailors came back, reporting no signs of human life on the island--No villages on the shores, footprints, no man cut trees, just animals, whom seemed to be startled to death by the appearance of the fleet, though they admitted they were a bit too scared to travel deep into the land's thick forests. Nonetheless, the King saw an easy victory, with no one to fight with, it should be easy. So the colonization began of the land, yet to be named from those taking it. They cleared many trees along the shores of the place, still a bit fearful to go deep into the unknown land. Some people were shipped over, to live, though only if they volunteered--It was mainly the young and adventuress who came, and began to help set up a town in the place, making a port for ships of trading the wondrous items they found there--bits of herbs that could subside pain when in a paste, such things like different foods as well. What they did not realize, was there was company they did not foresee on the Beautiful Continent. Aelaer they called themselves, translated into English as 'Elves'. They only knew of their existence after an older one, possibly high of rank in their community, came, warning them that if the destruction of their land did not stop, they would have to leave.

The humans were bemused, who was this old man, odd in appearance, Tall and elegant looking, his hair ling receding ,though his hair was still long to his waist and straight as a bone, his facial features strong and eyes intense, his ears pointed at the tips and long, though handsome even in old age, to tell them they had to leave, against orders of their king? The officials of the small town told the old Elfin man they would not be leaving, and they would not listen to a deformed human who was wild. The Elf laughed, telling him about the Elves, The Aelaer in their language he said, and how they had been on this continent called Shor Shaeria for years--Before the young human race was even established he said with dignity. The men of the King's government took this to offense, and threatened the old man unjustly--Perhaps afraid in some way of the strange race he was telling about. The old man only smiled gently, telling them that whatever they did, the land their feet bore down upon would still belong to the Elves. Upon this, the Captain of the Officials ordered the man be killed for treason against their king. And so he was. It was the next day, the Elves up roared in anger. They had killed their, chief, their leader, the beautiful, gracefully enchanting creatures mourned greatly, anger burning in their intense eyes at the thought of the wretched murderous Cestal, the Humans. Through the year the Humans have now been on Shor Shaeria, They and the Elves have worked a fearsome rivalry. The Clever Elves often cause trouble for the humans in terms of any development on the town they have been building, In turn, the Humans with their newer weaponry, have killed many Elves that have attacked humans.

Some frown upon the killing of the elves, most of the official guards of the town smile upon it. The population of beautiful Elfin creatures dwindles and rises, only to fall to rise again. Getting angered with this, The King has sent out his most experienced Sailors, Mercenaries, Soldiers, or even sometimes Servants, to come to Shor Shaeria, acting as hunters for the Elves. Not always for killing--Since the Elves are much more in tune with the earth, the animals, the sea, not to mention their wits for many things surpassing many humans, as well as the unusual powers some older Elves have, they are sometimes used for the Humans own purposes. Finding gold or other precious metals or rocks, as well as good herbs, discovering new medicine. Those unlucky elves whom are captures though, are not always so giving in their advice giving and helping--They are more or less the human's slaves, treated horribly, given subtle rewards for completing the tasks given to them.

The Elves hope the humans will see the error of their ways, for if they don't, Shor Shaeria could be no more....


3006: Mankind has exploited earth and it's resources for centuries, and finally the planet has been overwhelmed. All the minerals and wealth that the soil had to offer has been extracted and used recklessly. The ground has become barren and sandy due to constant expansion to accommodate the ever growing human population. The earth slowly became a barren wasteland. Civilizations began to suffer and world hunger skyrocketed. Space travel has changed. humanity has mastered deep space travel and interacted with several alien species. Distant planets have been discovered as have entire solar systems. The humans reach out and request assistance, they are granted admittance to certain planets. Politican's form the Galactic Federation to conduct treaties and ensure the save passage of the Humans. Ships begin to shuttle people from earth to different awaiting planets.

3070: The humans have made themselves comfy all over the Solar system. Spreading out even further from the planets they were granted access too. The native planets they try and colonize are not as accepting as others. Alien rebellions and wars are started. However The Galactic Federation has taken control of the solar system, becoming the law in space. With alien technology and weaponry at their disposal they are undisputed. When a rebellion is started, they quiet it before it can get out of hand. They also make it a mission to put an end to smugglers and Piracy. They will even go as far as to employ mercenaries and bounty hunters to take down criminals they cannot pin down.

Feudal Era

.the Bakumatsu, the bloodiest years of Kyoto. Imperialists (ishin shishi) vs. the Shinsengumi (wolves of Mibu)
Rurouni Kenshin inspired..yadda yadda


No one can remember a time before the kingdom cities of Pistola and Spada existed. It is said that they were once one kingdom, and a great fight broke out. There were those that thought those without the ability to use magic should be treated like servants. On the other side, there were those who thought those who could do magic should be banished, as they were too powerful. Most agree that a bargain occured which led to the creation of the two seperate entities of Pistola and Spada. These two city kingdoms have enjoyed a time of relative peace with eachother for the past century. Travel between the two cities has been open for years. But only royalty and their personal knights are allowed to take their weapons into the other kingdom. Civilians must check in their guns at the gates of Spada, and magic seals are applied at the gates to Pistola. It keeps the cities in balance. Some citizens are restless about being so friendly with their neighbouring rivals, and extremist groups pop up in both cities.

This peace is on the brink of falling into war. The king and queen from both Spada and Pistola have gone missing. At first, each kingdom blamed the other. But they soon realized there was something more sinister going on. Even though the heirs left behind are young, they are determined to find their parents before it's too late, while trying to keep the peace between the cities.

Little do they know, but their parents were kidnapped by a group from the Outerlands. The Outerlands are the vast expanse of ruins and barren lands that lie outside the only two surviving cities. In the Outerlands live the outcasts, those banished from the cities, and their children. Instead of imprisoning the very few criminals that each city produced, they are taken a few miles outside the city, and never let back in. They are left weaponless, homeless, and assumed dead. But many have survived throughout the generations, and a small community of the desperate developed in the ruins. Even the children of those banished were not allowed to return to the cities. They were harmless people, just trying to live. That is, until Brynmor took it upon himself to lead them. Brynmor was such a great speaker, that he whipped them into a frenzy over their unfair lot in life. He has the whole population following him, leading them with the prospect of hope. It doesn't hurt that he has the support of two fallen knights.

It is unknown whether the Outlanders have killed the monarchs, and the remaining royalty, and civilians, have no clue that the Outlanders even exist. Will Brynmor announce his intentions, revealing his existence and potentially exposing his people to attacks? Or will he continue to stir up relations between the cities, pushing them towards war? Will the young heirs be able to handle all of this pressure?

Curse of Plenus Astrum Sequel?

The last time we left Caska and Scion they had shared their first kiss in the forest. Even with the threat of Brody lingering over the entire city, love still found a way. Caska was pregnant a short time after declaring Scion as her mate. However they could not let Brody or any other enemies of the lycans find out. The DaCiana line was suppose to be close to dying out, so the thought of more offspring might make the expectant mother a target. So right in the midst of all the fighting, Caska went into hiding with two of the elders of her pack. She left the care of her pack to her Mate, with Grea and Miria to aid him. Although he wasn't too keen about leaving her. The vampires meanwhile tried to think of a plan to rid themselves of Brody. Awa swallowed her pride and pleaded with the lycans to help her get rid of Brody so that Loki would not have to sacrifice himself. The Ragnar pack was cautious at first, not wanting to trust the assamite. However in the end....they agreed to join forces and help destroy Brody. However with each battle fought, Brody still survived.

Meanwhile Caska was drawing close to giving birth. And it pained her to think that she would be bringing her pups into a time of war. Caska made a request of the elders that were in hiding with her, to use their expertise of herbs to concoct a potent poison. It seemed strange to them, but they obeyed their alpha none the less without much question. It was during this time that Brody launched an attack on the assamite manor. Using Consoa and Vester and a number of newly turned creatures Brody managed to infiltrate the fortress and attempt to take it over. The Ragnar were called upon to fufill their promise to Awa and help them get rid of Brody. Scion led the charge and he and Loki became locked in battle with Brody while Miria, Grea, Awa and the others tried to keep Consoa and Vester at bay. The battle seemed to have taken a turn for the worse, Loki had been thrown aside and seriously injured, as were many others. Scion was close to meeting his end, however Brody was stopped when a slender black and silver lycan jumped on his back and buried her claws into his flesh. throwing Scion off to the side Brody reached over his shoulder and grabbed his attacker and flung her over his head and into the ground.

He discovered that it was none other then Caska DaCiana, the alpha who had up and disappeared. Her belly was no longer swollen. And in her hand were three syringes filled with some sort of green liquid. Caska was quickly back on her feet, and she faced the monstrous lycan like form that Brody had taken on. Which each attack she made she tried to plunge one of the needles into his body. However Brody already knew her plan, and was careful to keep his skin from getting punctured. Caska's fur was soon soaked in blood. Vester and Consoa were using all their strength to keep Scion who had managed to recover from reaching the fight. It seemed as if Brody was unstoppable. All Caska wanted was a safe world for her children to grow up in. Her blood pooled on the floor at her feet, the smell of honey filling the air. Brody's nostrils flared at the sent, and Caska had a new plan. She rushed Brody, one last desperate act to kill him. However he was ready, and when she was close enough, he reach out and snatched her. His teeth tore into the flesh of her shoulder and her sweet blood poured into his mouth. The shock and pain cause Caska to revert back to her human form. When the fur receeded completely Brody tossed her body which was covered only in the tattered remains of her clothes off to the side.

Caska's breathing was pained, and she could hear Brody's laughter and Scions screams of rage and agony. A mysterious smile crossed her face, it took a few moments...but Brody suddenly began to gasp. It was only then that he looked down at Caska's body that he discovered the three syringes stuck into her leg. At the moment of impact she had injected all three syringed full of Poison into her blood stream. She had anticipated that he would begin to drink her dry the moment he got ahold of her...and she was right. The poison the elders had created was lethal whether it was injected...or ingested. Brody writhed in pain, and struggled for air that wouldn't come. Soon...his gasping quieted...and the terrorizing behemoth was no more. Caska could hear muffled voices, but she could not see. Her eyes were open but the poison had robbed her of her sight. Her mouth opened to speak...but no words came. Her mouth was dry and her throat was beginning to swell. It only took minutes for Caska to slip away, but to her, the last moments felt like an eternity. Hearing her heart beat pounding in her ears was torture..listening to it as it slowed to a dull drawn out throb. She couldn't tell anyone anything.

Her last thoughts were of Scion...and the children she would never get to know. And with that a tear rolled down her cheek, and the light left from her amber eyes. Caska gave her life to get rid of Brody and break the curse. Consoa and Vester were also freed of his hold on them and could return to their normal lives if they so wished. However...Scion was inconsolable as he cradled Caska's body. He would not let anyone come close to her or listen when they told him she was gone. Mazoku finally had to punch the grieving man to get his attention and direct it away from his deceased mates body. Scion finally tore his eyes away from Caska to see two pack elders standing behind Mazoku. In each of their hands...was a bundle. Scion rose and for the first time, met his children. Twins....a boy and a girl.

Ever since the Ragnar alphess gave her life for the future of her children the lycans and the vampires have made an effort to stay civil with one another. Caska's Will was an agreement...a treaty. The Ragnar clan regained the territory that they had lost in the first war and were no longer exiled in the forest. Also it forbade the indecent and merciless feedings that the Vampires had been guilty of in the past. No mortals were to be killed or maimed. And thus the Guardians were established. The guardians were individuals, vampire and lycan alike that dedicated their time to keeping the peace between the species. If a crime was committed it was the Guardians who sought out the culprit and delivered the punishments. It's been 17 years since the death of Brody and the passing of Caska's Will and the Guardians have managed to maintain order in the city and forest. In fact...the offspring of Caska work hard to keep it safe...seeing as they have joined Guardians in order to protect what their mother had died trying to establish...peace.

Ryo Sho Sen
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Ryo Sho Sen
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