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The Words of Malice, as spoken by Maliek Tir'Malice

Tir Malice
Community Member
Touting sorrow seems to have become a fad.

"No one understands me, no one really cares, no one knows."

The term "emo" has been applied to a particular group of people who dwell in the concept of pain, suffering, and sorrow. Somewhere between a "Goth," a "Punker," and what they refer to as the "mainstream," the group "emo" claims to hold individuality in high regard (regardless of all sharing the same ideals and trends), and also claim to have seen the darker parts of life, and the sorrows and loneliness constantly affect their world views.

The term "Goth" refers to another group that claim a similar relation to sorrow, only accept it as a part of life. The "Goth" crowd however, has long since ditched the pretense of a result of a particular event in life, and has instead embraced the culture as simply a fashion and lifestyle choice. The Goth trend has long since found its way into mainstream media and is accepted as a valid trend, all pretenses removed.

The "Goth" crowd was once held in the same light that Emo is now, and by progression of these groups of people, "Emo" will eventually hold itself in the same light. And the realization will be, neither are really in anyway related to the Sorrow of life.

Death, loss, regret, tragedy . . . what is it that really defines sorrow?

Sorrow, according to the dictionary term is : distress caused by loss, affliction, disappointment, etc.; grief, sadness, or regret.

Its a broad word. Many people have suffered sorrow in their life.

I've a number of my own. Death's of friends, death of my mother, death of a girlfriend, Girlfriends who have left me, as well as a number of other events in my life that can be categorized as such. Are any of these worthy of a claim that I have myself experienced the true sorrow of life? No, I can say that I've had my fair share, but no more or less than what every one else will go through in their lives. I've suffered depression, I've wished for death, but after the other things I've experienced, I've lived through and helped others through . . . my pain is nothing compared to that I've witnessed, and experienced first hand.

Molestation, Rape, mental and physical abuse . . . . These are things worthy of the claims. These are things that change lives, alter views, and destroy the general sense of safety in life. This is a violation of one's personality, mind, and body as well. And while Mental and physical abuse are general terms, a few harsh words, a distorted world view, can result in such a claim. But if you claim it, and tout it . . . you have not experienced the real thing. The real thing will shut you down. The real thing results in real damage. You don't claim the real thing, the real thing literally claims you, your life, your thoughts.

You can't express the truest sorrow in the world . . .

The ones who really have, will carry it with them their whole lives.

And they don't want to remember.

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