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My Life
My everyday life and its stupidities.
4-17/18/19-09 Dream Log 2
*Making up for lost time*

The first dream I had since I last updated: 4-17-09

There was some sort of love affair dealing with myself, Abbi, Karl, and Tj... but I can't remember exactly what it was. I DO remember that Tj and I had apparently been past lovers for some reason and weren't anymore. (Forgive me Abbi. It's only because you've been talking about him and that night we were talking about how you wanted him to come over and how Karl would want sex and things dealing with the like.) When really it's switched.

The second dream since I last updated: 4-18-09

In gym that day, we had to test our hang-gliding skills once again. This would happen every year at around the same time. It was a required competition in which whoever could stay in the air the longest would win the grand prize which seemed to be a little maroon colored cloth bag of coins. The Students could use their powers as often as they liked and could do anything to stay in the air so long as it didnt harm someone else. I could hover and control blood. So, waiting in the bleachers, we all chose our partners. Abby Jones was to be my partner at first but changed when Haley wanted her. So Tammy and I were partners instead. (This was totally fine with me since Tammy is a lot thinner than Abby Jones). After everybody else had gone, it was finally my turn and everything that could have gone wrong, did. Tammy ended up ditching me and I had to rely on my powers alone. Although this, too, was fine with me since I usually prefer to ride solo. I went down to the floor, grabbed the hang-glider, and glanced around at the spectators. Everyone, including the teachers, sneered and seemed to be bored with my attempt at the competition... as if there was no way I'd be able to beat any of them. I tried to take my mind off them and looked at the gym itself which had shrunk considerably just for me. How can one fly a hang-glider in a gym when there's no cliff to jump off of let alone a breeze strong enough to hold a person in the air? The answer: Magic. The glider was like a japanese fan in the sense that it would start out as a solid stick that would unfold its beautiful white feathers and expand as the runner picked up more speed. Then, all it would take was a simple jump to get the runner lifted into the air regardless of wind or not. Back to the main story, I began to run as much as I could before I HAD to jump into the air and turn sharply to try and fly the other direction but my glider never opened. So, mid-air, I had to unfold the wings myself but something was STILL wrong. The feathers looked brown and dead and disconnected. Even with my hovering abilities, there was no way I could stay in the air forever so I just came down. Miraculously, even with all my problems, I had still managed to stay in the air longer than anybody else had but the others in the gym wouldn't have it. The woman holding the grand prize refused to give it to me, trying to say that I cheated and didn't deserve it. So... I socked her in the face causing her to drop the coins in a puddle of her own blood. She fell to the floor for but a moment before shape-shifting into her own magical form: a snake and tried to slither at the speed of light to the bag lying on the ground. I WANTED that money so I, being all dramatic-like, dropped to my knees and slammed my hands onto the floor while screaming, "NOOOOO!!!" I manipulated the blood to grab the bag and slide towards me. Victory was mine and the scene changed. I was sitting in the comfort of my home at my computer, doing whatever it is I do and I couldn't help but overhear the conversation that my mother was having with an old friend of hers not 10 feet away from me. My mother was babbling on and on about how she liked Karl for his abundancy in money and how he could whatever he liked. Her friend agreed and then argued that while money was a good thing to have, a truly loving heart was a much better thing to enjoy than anything else. My mom agreed but went on to say she missed Karl but it was nice having him close by, living with Taylor. I reacted to this with a query as to what she said. She gasped and replied that I wasn't supposed to hear what she had said. But I had and now I knew. Karl was the leader of a certain clan. My enemies. This clan consisted of EVERYBODY who has betrayed or hurt me in the past (which basically means everybody) and was now holding meetings and such at Taylor's house. It upset me but I wasn't going to let it get to me so I went back to my room to hang out with John. Something was a little off with him though and soon he asked to go to the bathroom. I'm not one to refuse a man his peeing privileges so of course, I let him. He just... never came back. Now fully upset, I took his car and drove off to Hi-Vee, the meeting cafe of my enemies.
l _______ l
l l l l
l l l l
l l______l l
l_____ ______l
l l

It was basically a giant round-a-bout with the actual store on the far end and another building in the center. The rest was parking lot with long stretches of cafe benches under shade of a sort of elongated gazeebo with ivy growing up the trellises on the outer edges, giving the customers a better sense of privacy. Walking in, I couldn't help but think my enemies had a nice place to meet. I ended up walking to the west gazeebo area and as I did, I saw Abbi talking to some chick I've seen around the halls at school. They both looked up and stared at me kind of scared. I wondered why they were there. When I finally got to the entrance of the gazeebo, I ran into my cousin Amber who was talking to someone else. She noticed me and started making jokes really loudly as if to hurt me but also make it seem like she was just joking with me such as: "SO YEAH! STEFFANIE SUCKED MY c**k TODAY!" or "I HEARD SHE'S REALLY STUPID!" Following these statements were a few snickers, naturally. I just ignored her and walked into the eating area and found what I needed to... John was sitting there at a table, eating and chatting away with Clarissa. The latter was the first to notice me and stopped talking mid-sentence. She looked shocked and suprised like Abbi had... like I wasn't supposed to know she was there. John turned around to see what she was staring at and it looked like his heart stopped. I started to cry but he just hesitated for a bit and then finally yelled at me, "Well... I CAN DO WHAT I WANT!" I turned and ran. The dream then took the perspective of John taking his initiation test after yelling at me. He was turned into a young boy again and was lost at sea during a violent storm. The sky was purple and twisting with flashes of lightning. It was hailing and the sea was churning. A passing boat noticed him and hauled him aboard right in my drive way. He didn't thank them though because he knew it was supposed to happen. It was the ship of the clan and they had arrived at their castle. Everything in my yard was the same up to the actual house itself which had morphed into a black and terrible, towering castle with sharp, ragged towers. Everything was waterlogged and decayed with dead ivy slinking up and down wherever it could take hold. The clan members took the young version of John into the castle where there was a considerable change of view. The interior was as clean and as white as could be with a few streaks of grey. Everything was smooth as if it had been completely carved from marble and there was gold leaf in between the tiles on the floor. But, as shown from outside, there was trouble in paradise which is where John's first task came into play. The castle was being attacked from the inside by a group of renegades. The clan decided to move into their horseshoe defense mode where they would all hold hands in rows and would move into the shape on a horseshoe in layers while chanting some spell. It was John's test to see if he would join in and do it to.. to see if he truly trusted the clan. As soon as he did and was moved into posistion, I became myself again but I was undercover in order to find the leader, Karl. He was hiding in the secret room off the left of the battle. This room looked just like a regular wall with nothing behind it but there was a small window with a cloudy film of molecules making a slightly invisible window. This room was so he could see the battle and give orders, but couldn't be seen himself. If the leader fell, so did the clan. But I saw him and he saw me as well. Even though I was undercover, he still recognized me and tried to hide away. Of course, it was too late for him and I confronted the invisible room. I basically yelled at him for awhile until the dream faded away and I woke up.

The third dream I had: 4-19-09 (I believe this has something to do with Joey's story a little)

In the beginning, there were two worlds that straddled side by side. Earth and Gaia. Gaia was far more large and advanced in comparision and had already developed simple technology in the course of a few hours. Earth on the other hand had even yet to have organisms more complex than single cells and was so small that it was seen as just a moon from Gaia. Gaia had an extreme fascination with technology and wanted to know all they could about harnessing power and were doing so at the speed of light. They were naive though and regrettably, their world wouldn't last for much longer. Because although they had immense knowledge in the field of technology, they knew absolutely nothing about the world that they depended on for survival. As quickly as the Gaians developed, their world degraded. Years passed and their vast experiments created toxic waste that melted through the planet and slowly seeped down to it's core. The planet exploded and sent chunks of rock, toxic waste, and most importantly, the technology flying into space. Earth was knocked away from the blow and was battered by the toxic waste and flying rocks (bye-bye dinosaurs). The other rocks from Gaia formed with the toxic waste and created new planets that would build in size over time from the rocks that merely flew to the far reaches of space. But, like I said, the most important part was all the technology that was sent out into the unknown. This technology had grown so advanced that it had grown its own personality and thoughts and refused to be seperated. All the metal and experiments done on gaia joined together to create a giant, living, metal world adjacent to Earth. The sun shone brighter than usual that day...

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