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Name/Nickname: Mel/ *Chisami
Gender: Girl
Race: Half Vampire, Half human
Prefrence: Guys
Age: 16
Eye color: Green/Blue/Grey
Skin: Always tanned, a bronze color.
Hair color, style: Short brown hair, shoulder length, with lots of layers.
Vision: Perfect, she only wears glasses to accesorize.
Personality: She is nice and calm, and she cares for her friends very much, but she doesn't show it. You get her mad, and you know you will suffer. She likes fashion, buying the most expensive Prada, Coach, DKNY, Jimmy Choo, Ella Moss, and True religeon. She is a bit stuck-up, but not snotty.
Likes: Peace, Order, fashion, her condo, her clothes.
Dislikes: Stuck-up people, even though she is stuck up. Knock-offs, Snotty people, italian food, and strawberries.
*-Chisami would be her japanese name.

Regular outfits:
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Arts for me!~

Regular #1

Regular #2

Hello!~ This entry is just to keep track of my OC. lets get started.

Name/nickname: Cassie, Kuri*
Gender: Girl
Race: Vampire, that tans, and doesn't go on a "blood frenzy" like a certian f** we know >.> She feeds of familiars, and changes cycle every hundred years or so. Just know that she doesn't show her fangs, unless her mouth is open. So she looks like a regular person in every way.
Prefrences: Guys
Age: 17
Eye color: Green
Skin: Light, tanned in the summer.
Hair color/style: Jet black, very soft. Large side bang, and her hair reaches down to her waist.
Eye vision: She is far-sighted, but only slightly, so she wears glasses to her job.
Personality: Cassie is straight forward, and pretty bold. She says things the way they are, even if it could be offending. She usually doesn't lie, unless there is a specific reason for it. She's a happy-go-lucky person, with a very bouncy and cheerful attitude. People mistake her as an idiot, but she is sincere on the inside. She gets average grades, usually 4's and 5's (B's and A's).
Likes: melons, fruit, her friends, the color black, blue and red, manga, gourme food, her room.
Dislikes: Not to much, but is very picky with her food.
*- Kuri would be her name in japanese, so... yeah.

Regular outfits(spring + summer):
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Work outfits:
(You MUST include the glasses)

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Arts for me:

Regular Clothes #1

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