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Riyoku in Rossoland
User ImageBecause people seem to be assuming that I'm modifying my character to meet the situation, I took Stalker of the Dark's advice to write a journal. Much of the information will seem like arbitrary comic relief -- because it is -- but they are all true. (******** you, I'm not modifying as I go. I'm just an idiot who can't write what she means! These are the things Riyoku are. They don't change, damnit!)

Below is a list of abilities as well as a brief history of Regulus the Lionheart (otherwise known as Riyoku) as of after her escapades with Raid the Lich. Background history will be given prior.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Regulus the Lionheart, whose original name is not generally known, was once 2nd class nobiliy in the Grand Divine Council's (GDC) house of lords. Stars (god-like beings not to be confused with the material objects they reside in or are born from) do not truly have genders so she was, more or less, an 'it'. She did not take on the name of 'Regulus' until a bunch of people called the 'greeks' learned a game called 'connect the dots' and established the constelation of Leo the Lion, of which she was the brightest star, the 'heart' of the 'lion'. She did not establish a human-like form until the GDC got on her nerves and she ran away into the space between worlds (after she destroyed her host star in a tantrum), the multiverse, and self-proclaimed herself 'ruler' (it was a human concept she liked very much).

Regulus got used to being more or less of a rogue star. She attached herself to a gender and began to enter multiple universes, looking for ways to amuse herself. She had the status of a god and the whimsical nature of a child. Along the way, she returned to the blue-green planet that she had taken the name 'Regulus' from and took up yet another name that met her fancy. 'Riyoku'. A name that meant greed, effectively describing her selfishness and insensitive nature.

She eventually met a man named Raid, a drunkard, who she took a liking to -- enough of a liking to start modifying bits and pieces -- and ultimately led down a path of insanity and destruction... But that's not her story.

- - - - - - - - - - -
After the Escapades

At some point in time, Riyoku got separated from Raid, her macabre masterpiece, and began to travel the universe again. She had long lost the mentality of a star her class, thus overlooking the fact that the GDC might actually still be looking for her. She was taken unawares, arrested and charged with multiple crimes against the multiverse, and sentenced to time in celestial hell, i.e.: hell for gods.

Her condition, under the consideration of the GDC, was considered a form of 'insanity' (if stars can be insane) and eventually, they softened her sentence to immortality as a human, the race she fell so much in love with (if she could love that way). They gave her a mobile prison in the shape of a human body identical to that of the little girl she had masqueraded as, and ultimately became, with the only difference being the lack of color in her hair, a reminder that she had lost her 'former glory'. Most of her powers were taken away though her status was not (in the case that she would return to her former self one day, they wanted her back in the council).

From there, she was ejected into the Multiverse where she could travel to where she may. Instead of looking for Raid, she spent three-hundred earth years getting used to her limits and side-effects as well as sulking. She didn't come out until she caught wind that Raid was sighted in a place called 'Gaia'. Despite the fact that he was dead, she immediately wanted to see him. He was, after all, something that she recreated. He also made the best strawberry daiquiris that she'd ever had and strawberry daiquiris was the only component of Riyoku's diet.

She didn't expect a warm welcome and she didn't get one either. To cut the long crap short, they were able to temporarily reconcile and decide on the grand task of reviving Raid. The GDC thought that she could use some humbling (Riyoku is rather arrogant, so for once, those old geezers are right) and so they allowed Raid's revival and the imbalance it would cause and decreed her to serve him for the remainder of his life. When Raid's life ends, she would be freed from her servitude. She would be liberated from her human body if she exhibited proper behavior during that time. (As if that was ever going to happen).

- - - - - - - - - - -
Summary of Skills/Abilities

Riyoku's human body is, ultimately, immortal. Her limit is slightly above a human's, however. For example, she can still remain conscious after a certain amount of pain is dealt but she will pass out under pretty normal circumstances for humans. If her body is damaged, it will heal as long as she did not willingly and voluntarily sever a body part with her own hands. (If she does, 50/50 chance it will grow back). If her body dissipates into atoms, one arbitrary atom will become the 'base' and she will regenerate within approximately 10 earth days. Same goes for any random blown-up chunks. If you find her regenerating body (it will look something like a cocoon which is impossible to penetrate), you can imprison it, freeze it, do whatever, and she won't wake up as long as that is the condition she remains in.It is VERY possible to defeat her. Just not possible to kill her.

Riyoku can cross between worlds. It is her natural ability as a celestial entity. She can come and go whenever she pleases -- if she has enough energy to open a rift into the multiverse.

Riyoku can summon the Endless Hunt, a bunch of blindingly bright, fiery lions and lionesses. Really, all it is is a bunch of star fire, incandescent gas from which ever star she chooses to leech from. She likes to make it look pretty and serve as her mascot as according to her nickname of 'Regulus the Lionheart'. They're not really held together into a shape, but rather particles synchronized with each other. It allows her to control them with more speed, accuracy, and versatility although it does require an immense amount of concentration to make full use of the effect. It's more common for her to hide in a support position and concentrate only on the Regulus familiars, but she can use it in conjunction with other abilites if she needs to multitask. Note that starfire is like her blood. She siphons the material, usually from a high-energy star's corona, into her normal 'body', then passes it through her human body (which acts as a medium between her and the world she is physically in) in order to use it. Starfire is, more or less, plasma. Highly ionized gas. If you deionize it, it becomes harmless. Just watch out for the side effects of the chemical reaction. She can usually summon at a rate high enough to counter deionization, for the most part. (If she doesn't care that her body gets destroyed and takes ten days to regenerate, a maximum of 10 metric tons per second. That'd only last for a second and a half though. Only good for 15 metric tons or less. Dunno what that could do in Rossoland.) The Endless Hunt will absorb any form of straight-out energy attack, regardless of how much there is. Do not point lasers, light, fire, electricity, or any other similars at them. They will only get stronger.

Riyoku, in her human body, can use the Law of Order once every orbit of Neptune (about 164 years). Why Neptune? Because it's easy for her to spot and it's orbit is long enough. Why not Pluto? Because it has a greater chance of flicking out of orbit and screwing up her timing. It subjugates anything lower than her status for as long as she is 'present' (distance varying). Basically, that means anything except 1st class nobility in the GDC. However, she used it to unbind Raid from his bar, so it'll be another 164 years from then before she can use the ability again.

Riyoku can use magic. It's like the bullet for the crappy pistol (human body) that the GDC gave her. Most of it is more or less just crash courses from odd spell books or verbal instructions. Her accuracy rate with spellwork is about 98%. Due to her human limit, however, she either has to sacrifice things to fill up the amount of energy needed for spells that normal sorcerers wouldn't need... or she just has to take an effing long time. She doesn't ever bother to learn any until she wants to use one (probably just a hobby interest too). In other words, she doesn't know any magic for 'on the run' except for defense and support barriers -- the easiest and least energy-consuming branch of magic -- and basic, weak, idiotic, laughable fireballs (comes in different colors though). She can't use any other forms of magic without time, reference, and extra energy to spare. She will remember things that she's referenced for about four days after the last time referenced or used. There's only so much she can reference.

Riyoku can use her human body as a medium. Whether it's between her celestial body which resides inside her human body (or, rather, the idea of which is confined inside) and the outside world or between entities that are not herself, she can do it. It will wear and tear, but while it still has the capacity to do so, it will work as a one-in-all medium. (She will rent it to you for Raid's strawberry daiquiris).

Riyoku can run really fast. Um... rephrase. Riyoku can RUN AWAY really fast. True, she could probably attack rapidly in combat but she isn't going to do it (you will read, later on, about why not). In her human body, she can reach a miracle speed of 1/4 the speed of sound, on foot.

Riyoku can drink strawberry daiquiris and she doesn't seem to ever swell up or have to go use the bathroom. Thought you might want to know.

Riyoku can drive Raid nuts.

- - - - - - - - - - - -
Main weaknesses.

Riyoku's body is a human girl of 13 years old. JAILBAIT. And flimsy. Even if she isn't clumsy for her age, she doesn't have more physical strength than a relatively strong girl her size. She has enough to protect herself from regular humans (and no, not enough to take down Michael Phelps) if she doesn't feel like running.

Riyoku's body requires a massive amount of sleep (16 hrs a day) to run at full potential (but not food, probably because she can constantly regenerate). If she goes 24 hours without sleep, she is sure to pass out within 2 more hours.

Close combat, armed or unarmed, is impossible for Riyoku against the average Rossonian. She is physically weak.

Riyoku isn't immune to poison or drugs. In fact, because her body is small, they take effect very quickly.

Even if Riyoku can't die, she can still get dismally sick.

Riyoku is usually calm and strategic, but she is rarely motivated. Reviving Raid was one of those few things she actually wanted to do. If she finds a reason to stop doing something, she'll be lazy and just drop it, no matter how close she is to being finished.

Riyoku is arrogant. There are somethings that are required or expected that she won't do because it is 'below her dignity' or 'shameful' in her opinion. She is of the opinion that she stand above others. She does, however, have actions to back up her words, even though her claims don't usually come up to par. Adjusting to power usage in her new body is still difficult for her and she brags or belittles without meaning to.

Riyoku can only run at top speed for two minutes.

Riyoku can only stop being able to summon the Endless Hunt if her liver is ruptured and isn't finished regenerating. (But since the Endless Hunt is coming from her chest area, it's kind of hard to get this sort of information. You'd have to be Scanner.)

Riyoku is afraid of fat people.

- - - - - - - - - - -
Other Information

Age: Old.
Appearance: 13-year-old girl with long, white hair, red eyes, and fair skin. She dresses in black, gray, and white... usually in an elegant/childish style.
Gender: None, but she believes very adamantly that she is female, and appears to be such.
Favorite color: Red.
Favorite food: Strawberries.
Favorite drink: Strawberry Daiquiris (made by Raid, only).
Notable luggage: Black parasol with lace; black, fangy, rabbit plush toy that she calls 'Stalin'.
Purpose in life: Happiness -- do or die; To drink Raid's strawberry daiquiris.
Notable quote: "Me, me, me. It's always me. Well guess what? Me kill you. How's them apples?"
Threat scale (1-10): 4 (not that dangerous).

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