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I wanna wake up in a dream to find that it's my reality.

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The Reoccurring
It's been bothering me for a long time... a nightmare that for the past several weeks is random and just keeps coming back... not nights in a row, but just popping into my head while I sleep at random nights, like whenever it feels like.

The dream starts off showing a high school at night, and then takes you into the gym that's been totally redecorated like a five star restaurant. In the center of the room, around all the other tables that are full of people, there is a tall platform where a table sits with five chairs. In front of the platform is a TV...

Anyways, I'm excited... I'm jumping all around the room and chatting with lots of people and then my four friends show up. We sit at the table and are congratulated for our findings on something...

And then we proceed to be taking a camera, my four friends and myself, along with an audience, down a series of long, underground tunnel ways we found underneath the high school. Inside these tunnel ways there are ancient things that have been stored and where always looked for but never found, missing links... and as we start exploring the tunnels, the lights start to get darker and dimmer with each room. The first room was bright, the second less bright, and the third, even lesser. At the seventh room of showing what's inside of them to the audience and people watching on the camera at home, we come to a room where the door is lost... we get into the room, but we can't find the door again. So, we try to seek another exit out.

We come to a wall with a bright, shining light on the other side of it. And one of my friends pulls up the wall. It acts like a garage door. We look around, but I can't see what everybody starts to scream at past my friend. When he backs up, I see it's this deformed, bald person with yellow skin, his skin rotting, clothes tattered and a limp. He's walking normally towards us at first as if he's curious... and then he sticks his arm out and starts limping faster. Towards me.

He get's a hold of my leg as I'm trying to back up and rips my flesh open and then lunges for my head, but I something flashes and then I wake up, terrified.

I think the dream kept going after that. But only once did it go further. In that dream, one of my friends wacked the thing's head off with some sort of object and then we started to run... and that was about it...

I'm going to write this in my real, paper, journal, but when it's daylight... it's childish, but I'm literally terrified that this thing that attacked me in my dream is going to come out from under my bed and kill me...

...... eep.....

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