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Ep.11 Mission A90210
AHHH SCHOOL IS COMING! MAKE IT STOP! Anyways, the writing format I used for this ep. Is boring. :[ I’m changing back prolly next ep.
Oh and i changed the ending last minute.

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Cast Credits!
User Image-bluestar411 (aka bluestar)
User Image-CandyIsMehDrugs (aka Candy)
User Image-CrazYCeciL (aka Cecil)
User Image-cat_princess65 (aka Cat)
User Image-f r e s h cookay
User Image -RockinIceprincess (aka RIP or something else?)
User Image-silver_dragon_of_darkness (aka silverdragon)
User Image-xBoringGurlx (aka BoringGirl)

~-~-~-~-~ -~ -~

“AHHH! BEES!!”-Candy screamed
“There’re no bees here. We live in Southwest Asia!”-BoringGirl corrected.
“Southwest Asian bees? Ehehehe”Candy
“What’s that noise? I’m trying to train Pikachu so it can evolve.”SilverDragon complained.
“First of all, your Pikachu will never evolve, I’ve watched that show since I was 4!!! Second of all that’s just Cecil, Bluestar, and Cookay fighting in the other room” BoringGirl explained
“What show?” RockinIceprincess said. -everyone sweatdropped-
“Listen guys, I’m setting you all up in a TOP SECRET MISSION. And it might be the lamest mission yet.”-BoringGirl, “Here are the profiles, and private information.” And she gave the envelope to the girls.
“YES BOSS!” They all said together.
“I’ll be back. May the force be with you.” BoringGirl said and with a WHOOSHHH she was gone.
“Er, uh, Star Wars moment??”-Cat
“Quick RockinIce open the envelope!”-Candy said. *RockinIce opened the envelope*
Have them stop fighting over an immature boy.
Suspects: f r e s h cookay bluestar411, and CrazYCeciL,.
CIA agent RockinIceprincess-Gather all the information on f r e s h cookay
CIA agent Catprincess&SilverDragon- Interrogate bluestar411
CIA Agent Candy-Make sure to tie Cecil up before she runs away. Just please no using the death whip on her. And uhh… do everything I just ordered your other friends to do.
And to top everything off, make sure the whole thing is cleared figuring out how dumb this mission is, and make sure everyone gets along. Just do it in ONE PEACE.

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[A/n: *coughs* crappy mission O<]

“I've got a plan! How about we spy on all of them to see what they're up to!"Cat said
“For once I actually agree. Come on let’s get out spy gears out!” Candy said.

Everyone changed into their spy gears(which is all black leather clothes) and snuck behind the window, though they couldn’t hear anything just saw what happened. Watching from the window RockinIceprincess, Cat, Candy, Silverdragon, were watching the rest of the girls ‘fighting’.

“Ohemgee! They’re bitchslapping eachother! Hair pulling! Catscratching!!”-RockinIceprincess
“HAHAHHAHA!!” Candy laughed, “I wonder why girls do that, I always thought it was funny!”
“Shush, come on it’s midnight! Let’s see go back inside and hide SilverDragon’s walkie talkie under Bluestar’s Harajuku handbag! We can be like the Charlies angels!...sorta-ish.”-RockinIceprincess * goes inside&hums Mission Impossible theme song*; “Mwuahahaha they’ll never no what to expect.”
“WHAT TO EXPECT!!!” Cecil, Bluestar, and Cookay yelled.
“Yeah, and why in the world are you humming the mission impossible theme song?? Tom cruise is not cute!!!”-Bluestar said.
“Damnit RIP you shouldn’t have said that out loud.”-Cat whispered over the walkie-talkie.; “Yeah! And if you screw up one more time I’ll cut your head off!”-Candy
“Ummmmmmmm…BYE-BYE!!” RIP threw walkie-talkie in bluestar’s bag when they weren’t noticing. *runs off where the rest of the girls are*

~-~-~-~-~ -~ -~

“So how’d it go?”-Candy said gritting her teeth
“It was okay oh, and can you pass me that, f*****t?”-RockinIceprincess asked.
“WHAT DID YOU CALL ME????!!!!”-Candy screamed.
*everyone closed their ears*
“Shushhh, people might hear you! I said, CAN YOU PASS ME THAT BAGUETTE ?? I’m hungry! GOSH!”-RIP said&rolled her eyes.
“Oops sorry I thought you said something else” Candy grinned embarrassingly.
“What’d ya think she said Candy?” SilverDragon asked.
Over the walkie-talkie they heard…

~-~-~-~-~ -~ -~

"I CAN'T BELIEVE HE'S HANGING OUT WITH HER!!" Bluestar said and marched through the hallway angrily.
"Ohey..Do i smell jealousy in the air?" yelled Cecil from the other room.
"Oops sorry, that was just some cheap perfume my mom tried to put in my room." Bluestar yelled back.
“Ha, you shouldn’t be jealous of me. He loves ME. Face it. AND HE WAS MINE SINCE THE BEGINNING. You just never knew how cute he was until he grew more mature.” Cookay scoffed.
Bluestar came back into the room.
“OH PUH-LEASE!”, Bluestar snapped from both syllables, “I’ve loved him since the beginning…maybe.”
“How about me?? He loves me too!! I’ve loved him since the beginning!”-Cecil said.
“Yeah sure…you just ‘pretended’ to like him! YOU WERE EVEN SCARED OF HIM ONCE!!!”-Cookay shouted, “HE’S MINE!!”
“It’s just that he looked kinda scary. Dude, we were playing football. How can I not be scared?”

~-~-~-~-~ -~ -~

“Whoa, I can’t believe they’re fighting over him! That’s friggin B.S!!!”-Candy complained.
RockinIceprincess sighed. ‘HOW CAN THEY FIGHT OVER A BOY? Just cuz of him the whole group is falling apart’ she said and wept out a tear.
“Don’t worry princess, our group is gonna be together again. He’s just a boy, that’s really good a sports. Doesn’t mean we’ll break apart.” Cat said and patted RIP’s back.
“Oshiiiit! It’s the cops!! They’ve caught us! Come on get in the car! Cat you’re driving” SilverDragon ordered.
“Kay!” everyone got into the car.
"To the right kay? FASTTTERR FASSTTERR!!!" Candy screamed.
"THAT'S AS FAST I CAN GO GOSHH!!"-Cat; “Your car only goes up to 25mph!! Rip-OFF!!!”
“DON’T TALK ABOUT MY CAR LIKE THAT! It was 50buxx from swapmeet.”-Candy said. Everyone sweatdropped.
“Wait a sec, we haven’t done anything wrong so why are they following us??”Cat asked. Everyone coughs, “Suuuureee we haven’t…” everyone said in unison. [A/n: Whoa did I just say that?
“I NEED YOU TO STOP THE CAR!!” the policeman shouted in that whuchamuhcallit (those things that are like a microphone)
Cat stepped on the breaks. “CAT! YOU DIDN’T HAVE TO LISTEN TO HIM!!”-SilverDragon said.
“B…B…b…uut..he’s scary!!” she said.
Police-“Listen lady,” He looked up to see her face, “or….Catlady….I saw you driving under the speedlimit, and I see here the speedlimit is 80mph. I don’t want anyone tailgating in Tokyo, lots of riots starts if your car doesn’t have enough mileage. I’ll have to take your car so you guys are better walking home.”
[A/n: Ever seen Fast&theFurious Tokyo drift?]
Girls: ketsunoana!!!

And they walked back home. “Come on everyone let’s get this mission finished. “ RIP said, “get out our suspect’s private information!” *everyone took out the info sheet*
~-~-~-~-~ -~ -~

“Hmmmm..Look at mine. “Candy said showing off the sheet.

Felonies: 76
Weakness: Girly stuff
○Doctors say she goes mental when she sees shiny things, has over
○100weapons hidden in her room.
○Her parents were both murderers carrying on the family job they gave Cecil all of her weapons.
Occupation(s): killing, working at WackDonalds, stealing, and beat-boxing
Weight: Unknown
Height: 4’8

“OH MY EFFIN GOD!!” Candy screamed.
“Her parents were assassinators so whut, it’s not like she’s really gonna kill us?” Silver dragon said.
“AHHH! I ordered a catfish burger and she gave me beefcakes!”-Cat
“Hey lookie at my suspect!” RockinIceprincess interrupted. *holds up sheet(not s**t, sheet,loll)*

Felonies: 53
Weakness: Ovens
○She can disguise herself into anything she wants.
○Was once a Cucumber.
“Oh look there’s even a newpaper article clipped on here!”-Cat
Scientists say she was born in a bakery. A baker that was trying to sell a new cookie that everyone would buy, and mixed in sugar, spice, and everything nice, these were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect cookie. But Mrs. Field’s accidentally added an extra ingredient to the recipe: Beer! Thus the f r e s h cookay was born! Please be aware she may be dangerous in the hands of baking .
Occupation: Baking, killing girl scouts , and most importantly…CON-ARTIST
Weight: Unknown
Height: 5’3

“So that means...that guy who took my ice cream WAS HER ALL ALONG!!” RIP shouted on rage.
“Princess, you shud’ve known. All she was wearing was a fake mustache. How could you not have known?”-SilverDragon
“Ehh..the mustache really got to me.”-RIP
Cat&SilverDragon-“AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST…” *holds up sheet*

Weakness: Anything kawaii
Her clothes might be the lastest trend, but inside she’s got lasers hidden in her earrings, a chokechain necklace, and knives under her shoe soles. Therapists say after the death of Pablo-star101 she still holds a grudge for all meat eaters.
Occupation: Top student, Assonating haters, DDR champion, and shop-lifting
Weight: Unknown
Height: 5’1

“So that’s how she gave me that 50ft stuffed charamander for my b-day! SHE’S A SHOP-LIFTER!”-SilverDragon
“Yeah, and that was one freaky charmander.”-Cat shrugged.
“Come on! Let’s go get the rest of the guys and trap them in the ‘confession room’”-Candy

~-~-~-~-~ -~ -~

“He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not, he…”-Cecil kept muttering to herself and pulled out each flower petal.
“Give it up Cecil! Those flowers are supposed to be saved for Candy’s wedding!”-Cookay
“You mean the…bathroom?”-bluestar

The girls chained their wrists behind their back and took them to the ‘confession room’ tying a rope to the back of their chairs.

“This is one weird bathroom”-bluestar said looking around.
“I’ll go first with my suspect.”-Candy said. *the girls nodded their head*

~-~-~-~-~ -~ -~

“So…Cecil, I am going to start this easy with you. Since you don’t like telling the truth I’m strapping you to the lie detector.”
“Fine. Go ahead.”-Cecil scowled. *Cecil was tied to the lie detector*
“First things first. When I ask a question you either answer yes or no. Do you understand?”-Candy
“Y-y-y-y-essss”-Cecil said nervously.
*lie detector explodes*
“Oh god. This is gonna be harder than I thought.”-Candy
“Psstttt…just keep asking her the questions.”-Rip whispered to Candy.
“Oh yea! Okay so, ARE YOU REALLY 4’9?? Or…are you 4’8? DON’T LIE TO ME! I CAN SEE IT IN YOUR EYES!!”-Candy pointing a gun to her ear.
“Uh,uh,uh,uh,” Cecil sweated, trembling., “TOO MUCH PRESSURE!!!! Farewell mate!”
“Uhmmmm Cecil we live in Japan.”-Candy, but then Cecil jumped out the window. Candy sweatdropped at the scene.
RIP smacked her forehead. “NOT THOSE KINDA QUESTIONS!! I meant talking about the boy, YA KNOW!!”
“Ughhhh, I can’t handle this why don’t you go to YOUR suspect and to the interrogating-smaringnating.”-Candy said and popped a bubble gum in her face.
“FINE! Doing these missions isn’t that hard you know!”-RIP

~-~-~-~-~ -~ -~

RockinIceprincess went to suspect a. She wanted to take things slow and coolly, but the conversation went odd.
“Cookay…”-Rip said narrowing her eyes.
“Princess…”-Cookay growled.
“How are you, bluestar, and Cecil getting along?”-RIP
“Finnnnnnnneeeeee…”-RIP and blew her bangs up in the air.
“How ya feeling?”-Rip said, trying to start a new conversation.
“Just how sick are you?”-RIP
Horribly sick.”-Cookay
“Horribly sick?”-RIP
Cookay rolled her eyes on how the conversation was going, “Throwing up all morning for two hours straight sick.”
“You sure you’re a virgin?”-RIP asked suspiciously.
“Want some fresh baked cookies I made?” RIP asked holding out a platter of cookies in front of Cookay.
Cookay’s eyes widened&gritted her teeth.
“HA! I thought she’d actually do a good job! SilverDragon, Cat, you guys are up next.”-Candy commanded.
“Yes ma’am!” They marched to suspect b. ignoring RIP's scream.

~-~-~-~-~ -~ -~

“What’s up?”-bluestar
“Nothin. You?”-Cat. SilverDragon smacked her forehead. “What she meant to say is, “she interrupted, “was that I hear you three girls were fighting over that boy.”
“We want you guys to all get along.”-Cat
“If you guys won’t the whole group will fall apart.”-Cat
‘Oh god, oh god, oh god.’ Cat sweated at the thought.
“Can I go to the mall now or something? This bathroom is really creeping me out.”-bluestar
“Oh sure!-Cat squealed in delight and untied bluestar off the hook
“Suckkkerrrsss..mwuahahhaha.”-bluestar grinned evilly.
“What did you say bluestar?”-Cat
“Errrr uh, I said, Smuckkkerrrsss…hahaahahaha?”-bluestar said.
“……………”-Cat. But bluestar ran away.
“Hey Candy, what was his name?”SilverD. asked.
“Uhhmmmm…I forgot I just know that RockinIceprincess told me it started with the letter B.”-Candy replied,“Oh yeah. He had an N somewhere in his name too, I caught a peek at his name tag when he was walking by our house.”
“Okay, so bluestar,-“SilverDragon said but when she turned around she saw no one in the chair,”AHHHHHHHH!!! CAT DID YOU LET HER OUT??”
“Yea why?”
“Oh god, oh god, she must’ve went to the park!! EVERYONE!! WHERE DID ALL YOUR SUSPECTS GO??”_SilverDragon asked.
“Errrr…uhhhhhh..they all went to the park so they can meet up with him, so he can choose who he wants to be with.”They all said shyly.
“Oh yeah that’s right! BoringGirl’s at the park too! That’s where her secret lair is, I’ll give her a call saying that the three girls are all there having their brawl. “_RIP took out her cell.
“BoringGirl, bluestar, cecil, and cookay are going to the park! Make sure they don’t cause a scene.”
”Ahem, as I recall this is YOUR MISSION.”
“I know I know I know. But the more the merrier.”
Fine oh wait I see them them coming right now!.”
“OKAY! I’M COMING!” RIP turned off her phone
“Guys I’m heading to the park! Bye!” and she was off.

~-~-~-~-~ -~ -~

BoringGirl watched attentively as Cecil, Cookay, and Bluestar, faced one another. The girls’ eyes had flames, and BoringGirl was wowed. She was sure that these girls were such good friends that nothing could ever come between them, but now this had to happen...

~-~-~-~-~ -~ -~

"I can't believe how adolescent your being." Cookay was said.."Just get over it!"
"I'm not going to just get over it! AND DON’T USE WORDS I DON’T KNOW!" Cecil replied.
"And besides he was mine before you ever came into the picture, and I'm not going to give him up!"
"She was never yours!" said Bluestar. "You just thought he was!! You guys must’ve tried everything to get his attention!"
"How would you know? I've known him longer than you have!"-Cookay
"Oh well, that doesn't matter. He came to me, okay? You guys neglected him, so she came to me."-Bluestar
"I did not mistreat her! And you spoiled him giving everything he wanted"-Cookay&Cecil
“If ya know what I mean.” Cookay smirked.
" Admit it, BLUESTAR, you were the ONE that didn’t treat him right."-Cecil
"No I didn't! I did everything I could for her! She cared about me,Cecil. I could see it in his eyes. He'd always look so happy when we met..."-Bluestar
"He's happy with me, too!!"-Cookay
"Na-ah! He doesn't kiss you like she does me!"Bluestar
“Yeah right. When he kisses me you can see how happy he looks!”-Cookay said in.
"How would you know?"-Cookay giving Cecil her the ultimate ‘Choco-Chip Death Glare”
"Hey, I've watched her, okay!!! I have a much better relationship with him than you do!"-Cecil
"GUYS!!!," said BoringGirl interrupted, "I think maybe you're taking this just a little too seriously!!!Can't you guys work out a deal or something?"
"Oh please…" Bluestar begged, "YOU MEAN LIKE WE SHARE HIM? U’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!”
"Why not?" asked Cookay. "It works for me."
Cecil and Bluestar looked at her and raised their eyebrows. "You're a weird cookie, you know that?"
“It’s the beer.” Cookay said sheepishly.

Meanwhile, BoringGirl continued to stare at them, completely confused. While she stood there, RockinIceprincess ran to the scene as fast as she could."What's going on now?" she asked.

BoringGirl rolled her eyes. "Just plain ol’ friends arguing over stupid stuff."

"I came here as fast as i could! I've traveled more than 100miles here!! Now what's the whole emergency?"-Brendan14 [YoshiPwnz new usn]
"You started this mess now you have to end it!"-BoringGirl
"ME?? ME?? Are the girls fighting again??", "Dumb girls" he muttered.
""Excuse me??"-RockinIce
"I said...mum's pearls!!!"-Brendan14
"Yeah yeah whatever, now go up there and stop them from fighting!"-BoringGirl

"Arf!" agreed a small voice by RockinIce's feet.
"Aww,cute doggy!" RockinIce gushed. "He’s cuter than I thought!"

"His name is Benji. It all started after the house exploded, Brendan shipped us a missing puppy he found with a name tag yet no owner address. Then I picked him up and introduced him to them. I gave them a mission to find his owners but they were completely lazy, so they wanted to keep him. Apparently no one likes to share so they’re all fighting over this lil guy.” She paused and gave a thought.
RockinIceprincess swore that she saw a light bulb above her head.

“Oheyy…RockinIce you wouldn’t mind to have a doggy would ya?”-BoringGirl."
"I’D LOVE TO!," she squealed, scooping up the lil dog. "Come on, boy! Let’s show you to the rest of the group!"
“I hope this will teach you guys a lesson!” BoringGirl said wagging her fingers at the trio.

RIP walked off, with BoringGirl trailing behind her. Brendan14 and the three girls stared in shocked.

~-~-~-~-~ -~ -~

"That flight to Japan was $1,500" Brendan14 sniffed.
"She stole my doggy!" Cecil&Bluestar protested.
"My doggy," Cookay corrected. She sighed. "He didn't even kiss me goodbye!"

So whuch ya think about it?
LOL i bet when i said B&N you must've thought
Hmmmm..Next ep., well that depends on if I’m not struggling on being busy on a fkking thing called SCHOOL&&WORK.

© Copyright 2008 Sweet-Scented-Roleplays, Inc

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