Hi my name is AnhTuan.Im into Ninjas and Demons,some ppl say that Im very sneaky at doing things and I LOVE disturbing my lil sis its VERY Funny rofl .Another thing is I LOVE Anime I began watching Anime was when I was 2 my VERY first Anime that I watched was pokemon and I LOVED it ever since I still am watching Pokemon at this age and I still Love it.My favorite Anime is InuYasha,I love it because there are demons and Im very fond of Demons.

InuYasha is very entertaining and so is Naruto,I sometimes even try to act like Ninjas and Demons.Naruto is a very,also,entertaining in everyway I could think of,Funny,Cool,Awesome,etc,etc.Bleach a very awesome show Soul reaper are awesome though too!!!

My personality is that Im very Sneaky,like a told u before,Disobeying parents but not all the time,its very rude once you think about it ALOT Of THINKING!!!!Im very energetic I LOVE going outside and getting lots of fresh air unlike some people sitting around playing or watching Computer and Television.I wish that I have Telekinitic Powers so that I could lift things around without having to move a muscle.My favorite thing to do is to play with my best buddies and eating pizza all day long.

My Loved ones is all my best pals and all my friends so that if I ever need them like Im feeling down,their always around to cheer me up and I will never have to worry about it ever again.

My friends and family are the best and I hope they will be there to support me along the way and Ill support them too (NOT BY GIVING MONEY AWAY)