Well, how should I start this, for my life cannot be written and cannot be told. But if you were to put it into chapters, each year of my life would be many books.
My life is a world that contains mysteries and challenges that no normal human being can yet overcome, but yet, I am no normal human being.
This story is about dreams, magic, and awesome imaginable things that only a child would dream about, for no adult would ever think of the imaginable becoming reality. That is what modern day society has led us to believe, that there is no world where anything is possible or what some may call "make believe".
But unlike a normal adult, I call my imagination as a child would call his imaginary friend, I call my imagination my Amystika. It is a world I retreat to when reality becomes too harsh. It is a world that the impossible becomes possible and if you can dream it will become true. But the key to Amystika is to believe, for life really is better when you believe........