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Yivgeni's Big Book of Thoughts
Thoughts and other accidents...sigh...=_=
RP Character
Well, I have finaly came up with an RP character,

No name yet, but some basic lines:

He was a Vampire, and is currently a strange kind of a vampire, due to a certain event in his life.
(He looks like my avatar, only that he has his hair in a ponytail. Thats his usualy outfit).
He is a single father XP, and his daughter is 9 years old right now.

He has a katana (ordinary katana, no super powers to it, kinda old and looks pretty shabby..lol)

he is 5'7"
blue eyes, light brown to dark blond hair, over shoulder lenght, ponytale at about midway between head and shoulders.
Dark coat, and a T-shirt, pretty tight on his body. Jeans and dark shoes(boots).

Shy and uncomfortable in social situations, usualy has a hard time making close friends, although is very easy to talk with. He is very honest and somewhat naive (even though he had a loooong life).

The daughter: Miranda
Half vampire, similar to Blade, but does not have as much power and does not need blood. (A strange mutation occured in her). She simply has enhanced sences and physical abilities. She is 9 years old.

The character himself: Atrel
Was bitten by a vampire at the age of 24, has been a vampire for 400 years old. He had a daughter which he did not know of 9 years ago, and 2 years ago he met her. Something strange happened with him, when he was unable to bite her, some instinct stopped him. His mind fought with his vampiric nature for over 7 days, when finaly he began to sweat and felt cold. He had a pulse, for a few month Atrel was still sensitive to light. Finaly, he was left with most of his vampiric abilities, but no longer was thirsty for blood.

Loooooooong time..
Nothing for a while eh?
I have started drawing stuff for moneh! *GASP*
I also decided to stop being such a little immature freak about sex and everything to it..>_>. So now I talk about it alot, it helps me get over my awkwardness with it. I have sessions with myself, sortof like a psychiatrist...
Nothing came out of the last entry since I don't have her e-mail.. gonk
Maybe the unofficial gaia personals will help stare

School is over...yey

oh...here is my pic..so I remember myself xd
User Image

So..today was horrible. then it was awesome. then it was pretty bad. then it is.

So...today, i strangely decided to actualy do soemthing that i never ACTUALY do usualy ever. i was wlakign then i decided to come back with no reason to tlak to a girl. yup. i don't do that, coz i am way too shy for it. weird, i think my friend is loosening me up a bit, which is awesome!.
thats the good part of the day...so funny, lately everything good that happens has somehow something to do with her.

anyways, bad part is all the rest. so i wont get in to it...although i might!

Hi journal...i was thinking of making a diary type of thing for the longest time, but i am too lazy to make it in real life so i thought that i might write it here...and don't worry, no one will understand certain things since i will write them in hebrew or something, so i can use it as a diary...

so yeah, today was interesting, i woke up happy to see that my hand was not hurting like freaking hell like it wa syesterday, so i did not have to go to the hospital and could spend the day doing nothing...
i planned to read some school crap, but you know how it is?...so i did NOT read that piece of crap. I played this hellish game, Mu-online...i swear, it is like masturbating for your brain...jeeesh...

then i went to see a movie with my brother, "The Pacifier", good movie...i finaly understood that i want to be a teacher...i want to spend my time with young kids...or..half adults...lol, not closed minded FOOL adults that are out there....gosh, f grown ups were a bit open minded alot of problems were avoided...

oh i am so exited, the weather wont ever get better coz we f*d up the planet, so everyone will eventualy die from some snow flake up their brain...isn't it cool? Or maybe a huge tidal wave that will wash their intestines while their still attached to them but are not in the body anymore...lol...or maybe they will burn like a shnitzel. Anyways, when i grow up, lots of fun...

did i grow up yet? I mean..i am 18 and all that and go to get a friggin degree...but i still don't get it, you know that thing that makes you a grown up..some ppl get it at the age of 15 some don't till they die...
anyways...i think this is enough for today....


23:32 04 19/3/05

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