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lost in my own world
poems, ramblings.....what ever the hell I feel like writting.
Beginging of the End....End of the Begining.
Just as the sun shines
the dreamers dream
the drinkers drink
the students study
the smokers smoke
I find myself more then ever
lost without you
Just as the grass grows
the writers write
the bullies bully
the singers sing
the fighters fight
I feel myself more then ever
dying without you
Just as the rain falls
the teachers teach
the prayers pray
the preechers preech
the watchers watch
I find myself more then ever
missing you.

Ich hasse dieses Gef├╝hl
"I ******** hate the way I'm feeling because my ******** life's not changing" -Mest

Ever been so frustrated you've surpassed anger and moved on to feeling defeated and sad? I'm not sure how I feel. I'm happy yet sad I'm angry yet confused. Is this just part of being a teenager? Not being able to talk to your parents friends stabbing eachother in the back. I get tired of trying. One of my good friends Brandon is most likely going to get sent to a boys home or foster care....I cant relate with people who I used to think knew me.....I find someone that makes me happy and feel good about myself but there's problems there. Maybe I worry too much. I know I think too much. Half the time I sit in class or in my basment and it's like I've been sleeping all day yet going through the motions of school and all other respodsibilites.

Forgive me
I never ment to hurt anyone
Never have I won
I know a simple poem cant heal
All the pain you feel
Your pain kills me
Just as your joy thrills me
I'm not the best
I'm sorry everything got messed up
If I could change it
Rearange it
I would
If only I could
Your sorrow makes me feel as if there is no tomarrow
Cant I help you
Please give me a clue
All the damage
How could anyone manage
I will understand
If you could not withstand
To forgive me
Because now I see
I do not deserve forgivness

Teenage Mind
Why is life so confusing
Absolutly bemusing
Nothing goes my way
no one listens to what I say
I dont know what to do
I simply have no clue
Thoughts feelings
Staring at the ceilings
I never thought it would be like this
Was there somthing I missed
I didnt ask for suck things
Is this the song all teens sing
What if I choose wrong
I will never belong
Happiness is a lie
All I can do is sigh
Parents want to talk
All you do is stalk away
Try and smile
It'd be easier to walk a mile
Soon I will bring this to an end
Maybe this is the last message I'll send

Cry out to the cutter.
I know that you cut
And it's your body but
I love you too much
To lose you to such
And I know
For I've heard your woe
I cant say I know your pain
I wish not for you to be slain
By your own hands
Cant you ignore their demands
All I can say
Life is not all death and decay
There is a light
Please believe I am right
Though you may not forgive
I want you to live
I just cannot deal
When my loved ones might seal
Their own life
Please make it through this strife
And now you know why
The very reason I cry
Please do not lose hope
I dont think I could cope
Please do not leave me.

lost one hakuna
Community Member
lost one hakuna
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