i deleted all of my entries...

i'm sick of everyone critizing my poem like they aren't even worth anything. i was sitting with a couple of friends, and i showed them my poem "lost". they barely read it, labeled it as emo, threw it back to me, and continued talking.

thanks guys.

instead of my poems, we talked about some weird girl's book. she's writing mystery book whe she can barely write an essay. what did everyone say to her? why "wow, you are such a good writer." "omg can you write more?" "such a good story plot lne" .brilliant in my opinion. it will be a real bestseller. and my poem can just rot in "emo-labled" hell.

once again, thank you guys.
'ppreciate it

not that my parents weren't just as supportive. oh no, they gave me all the love and companianship i needed. when my mom read my poem, her absolutley blank expression and very encouraging "wow kanon that is really emo. can't you have a happy ending, like normal people?" was very warm and supportive. i'm sure my dad is a really fast reader, because when i asked him to read my poem, he said "done" in about 2 seconds. i asked how it was, and he whole-heartedly replied "good.cool"

so, this leads us back to me deleting everything. don't be disapointed, i know you people who i call friends religiously read these, after all, i see the numbers in the "times viewed" section. after all, 2 hits out of 30 friends, is well, almost all of them, right?

domo-arigato, and good-bye