Yesterday wore me out. stressed Not only was I boring myself with a cross-word puzzle book, but my mom complaining about dad's brothers and sisters free loading of her too. You know, ever since I was little my mom never like dad's family, so it's a story I've heard to many times before. stare If somebody upsetted her or something funny happened, she'd always tell me. I figure, "Hey, if I not going to do my chores around the house like I'm suppose too. I might as well listen to what she has to say ( since I don't listen to her completly )." 4laugh She was talking about how they use her food and detergint, and buys thing for themselves. And that she's tired and needs rest. I should be worried about her health, but like I said before, It's a story I've heard to many times before. Besides, mom always came out on top in the end, so I'm not completly concerned about her. smile