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Hellbent has another side to the story. (c 13NightsofBlackCat journal)This was taken before the oridinal story, Hellbent. Also i might add a few profiles of our characters from Hellbent. X3
Hellbent: Character Profile
Keith Arnett

Animal: Horse (water demon)
Age: 22 (19)
Birthday: April 30th
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 190
Hair color: Dark Blue
Eye Color: Hazel and turn ice blue when in demon form

Growing Up:
Keith lived most of his childhood without the love or attention of his father. His father, Kim, feared him because he was a demon. When Flow came into his life his dad got further apart and paid more attention to Flow because she could handle a sword just like Kim. Keith would never get mad at Flow for getting all of his birth father's attention, he knew it was his father's fault that he forgot him. Keith was violent and unsocialable. Always getting into fights and into trouble. He ran away from home alot and still does today. This is how he met Chriss Usagi, a quiet emo boy how just so happen to pass by. Chriss had found him in an alley beaten up and damaged, so 8 year old Chriss took 16 year old Keith home and nursed him back to health. Keith promised to repay his dept even if it meant his life, they became friends ever since. He met Lisa right after meeting Chriss. She was the new student and by this time everyone was afraid of Keith in one way or the other but Lisa had no idea. They fell in love but Keith didn't want to get to close to her because he knew Blight well enough to know that he would use her somehow. Even though he told her, they are still together.

Keith is the water demon and one of the few demons who actually follow Blight. Lol. He doesn't show emotion at all only when hes really pissed or really drunk!! xD He has a drinking problem dont judge! X3 Anyways, he'll read when he has the time just because his mother is a writer. Never make fun af him like calling him pony-boy, sissy, horse-meat, gluestick, ect. unless you want to fight. ^^ His favorite people/things would be Chriss, Flow, Lisa, Blight, Penrose, Fang, beer, apples, sushi, candy, and travel. He doesn't like his dad, Jynx (because they're natural enemies), people who make fun of him, meat, rings, and sleep.
He has blue hair that covers half of his face. Markings on both his cheeks and two piercings on one ear. He usually wears ripped jeans and a grey almost black vest and always wears a cross necklace that his father gave him.

Thank you for reading.

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