Name: Aurora Noctua ( Noctua, latin for little owl, was a former constellation between he tail of Hydra and Libra.)
Age: 7 sweeps (roughly 15 years old)
Blood Color: Burgundy (#A10000)
Physic Power: Cosmic energy control
Lusus: Owlmom is a very large lusus with especially sharp talons. Unlike regular owls, she has a pair of horns on her head that vaguely resembles Aurora's, but without the swirls at the end.
User Image
Dream Self: Undecided
TrollTag: curiousConstellations
Title: Sylph of Time
Planet: Land of Stars and Pocketwatches
Strife Specibus: undecided
Fetch Modus: undecided
Quirk: undecided
Interests: include stars, genies, fortune-telling, and jewelry making.

Horns: Reference. The stars hanging by the base of her left horn are very long, so they reach the side of her face. The other ones along her horn vary in length.

Hair: The style is like this, but it is black, much longer and messier. And no ahoge.

Clothes: Her top looks like this, but the main shirt should be black with her symbol in dark red (#A10000) and the tank top should be a gray. Underneath she wears a pair of simple gray leggings (the same color as her tank top. She wears a pair of short black boots with no heels, like these.