Okay so a few months ago i made an avi of Alice Cullen,
ya i know twilight is 'gay'...
is it really up to other Gaian's to say how bad or how good?
But we must draw the line,
because there is a big difference in honest critisism and just bein a a** hole!!!

I had been very excited to see the results of my avi but was MORTIFIED to see what people wrote!!
here are just a few...

from Aura Ashley 'omfg npt another twilight cosplay. twilight sucked and so does this avii. waster of a 1000 gold. i hope u loose, u deserve to loose too'

and from midnight da wolf ' .....ok...i have had ENOUGH of this cosplay. this is too plain and its super easy. this makes me hate Twilight even more now. 0/5 show some creativity plz'

from soren_alenko ' Fail, fail, fail, FAIL.'

Now what is it our parents tell us while growin up?
if you dont have anything nice to say shove it!!
I mean i wouldnt do that and just how would all them people i mentioned above feel if i totaly went and ragged on them if their art or avi sucked? they would prob hate it, but idk maybe its just me?

let me know what ya'll think!!!