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My Avi's and OC's
OKAY. This page is for anybody I commission or for anybody who wants to draw something. heart


Click to view my avatar gallery thread.


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Physical Appearance
Gender: Female
Height: 5"6
Weight: 125 lb
Skin: Warm healthy white skin with many freckles. (the freckles are a trade-mark of hers....make sure you draw them.)
Hair: Her hair is white and wavy. It stops right at her breasts. She likes to style her hair and put many accessories in it.
Eyes:Blue is her normal eye color. When she’s super-happy about something they turn purple. When she's worried or serious about something her left eye turns silver. When she's in battle mode, both eyes are silver.
Wings: She has snowy-white owl wings.
Clothes: Generally the base color is white (ex: white summer dress). It can have designs on it. She loves to wear short dresses or anything that shows off her freckled upper-legs. She loves accessories--especially stars and peace signs. She sometimes wears white-rimmed glasses.
Weapon: She can summon a fantastic silver scythe.
-She's got fairly nice breasts, but not HUGE. think B-almost-C cup.
-Her ears are pierced twice in both ears.
-bubbly and cute
Other Stuff
-She LOVES fish. In fact, her living area is completely COVERED in fish bowls of all sizes with many colorful fish in them. There is no water in the bowls. The fish can also swim out of their bowls and swim around the room in the air...'cause their magical. She will never eat a sea creature.
-She loves Sekatsim (see character sheet below)
-She cooks yummy baked goods smile
-She tends to be almost naked when she's at her house. For example: when cooking she tends to wear only an apron. She doesn’t do it in a sexual way, she just likes to be naked xD;
-She's not THAT hyper all the time. Just sometimes, so don't draw her like some ditz, 'cause she's not.

- her holding a fish bowl with a fish in it and some fish swimming around her or swimming out of the bowl
-holding a lantern with a glowing fish in it
-draw her with flowers or clouds
-draw her holding a bundle of flowers that are actually stars with flower stems
-draw her with jelly fish around her...or any other sea-creature.

Reference Pictures:
Weapon and basic character (except this doesnt have her freckles)
Cute winter clothes
Good example of fish bowls and her wearing only an apron xD
no freckles, but great example of how cute she is <3

Sekatsim (aka: Sekki)

Physical Appearance
Gender: Female
Height: 5"7
Weight: 120 lb
Skin: Light tanned skin.
Hair: Her hair is dark brown. It’s short with side bangs. She likes to put a simple hair-slip in it to hold her bangs back or she especially enjoys headbands.
Eyes: She has warm brown eyes with a hint of green in them.
Wings: She has dark brown falcon wings.
Clothes: She likes to wear a tight shirt and shorts with many buckles and straps like you’d see in Tomb Raider or something. If she’s not wearing that get-up (which is usually for adventure purposes), she tends to wear mature and sometimes slightly masculine clothing (not too much, just slightly). She loves wearing boots. She wears earthy colors and dark colors. ALWAYS wears dark fingerless gloves.
Weapon Sekki’s specialty weapon are arm blades that she can formulate from her fingerless gloves. They glow yellow.
-She's got smaller breast. They’re THERE… just not very big. A-cup.
-She has a single cartilage piercing in her right ear. It’s usually a tiny hoop-earring.
Other Stuff
-She’s in love with Sterces
-She’s a fantastic fighter.
-In case it wasn't already apparent, Sekki is a little bit of a tomboy wink
-She likes bugs.

-draw her with glowing moths in her hair or floating around her
-draw her holding a lantern with a glowing moth/ladybug in it
- draw her with vines
- draw her with ladybugs
- draw her with spiders

Reference Pictures:

winter outfit example
Example of a winter outfit she would wear

My Artwork
User ImageFreckled Sky Art JournalUser Image

****TO VIEW ART visit my deviantart page HERE or visit my old art thread HERE Most of my new stuff is posted on my imgur page HERE****


Q. Do you have an art shop?
A. No, because the last time I had one I couldn't keep track of anything! For now it is a PM system for art until I feel more prepared to open a shop. That way people rarely stumble across me and i can still get gold without getting flooded.

Q. Can I commission you for some art?
A. Bribe only. If I already have 2 art pieces I'm working on already, you will either have to wait or bribe a higher amount.

Q. OMG can I have some free art??
A. No, sorry. I needta be your friend for you to get that privilege wink

Q. Art trade?
A. Depends on your art's value vs. mine wink

Q. Do you do couples?
A. Yes, but whatever you offer for ONE character is doubled. Also, it's more likely I'll do a commission for you if it's a YURI (girl-girl) commission.

Q. What are you less likely to draw for me?
A. Manly Males, and be sure you dressed him up REALLY GOOD. For some reason, many guys on this site don't know how to put the same colors together, lol. (no offense) And large groups of people... unless you give me a very good bribe. wink Intense Mecha, total Anthro ("furries" wink .... I think that's it. I'm not big on drawing yaoi.

Q. Do you do OC art?
A. Actually, I encourage it. Most gaia avi's who commission me have no clue how to mix-and-match their stuff gonk

Q. How long do you usually take for a piece of art?
A. If i do art in one sitting it takes at least 5 hours of total concentration. It's rare for me to actually finish a piece in one sitting though and can take up to a month depending on the complexity on what my real life is doing to me.

Q. How would your paying system work? half half? full up front? trade in the wings?
A. I like having the full payment in a trade. I don't accept until I'm done but it's a way of staying organized as well as knowing the person really has that amount.

Q. Do you do freestyle or could I pick the position/poses?
A. Picking the position and poses are fine. But I will turn a pose down if I don't want to draw it. Sometimes people give me the pose they want and if I can't do it I can't do it, don't get pissed. I don't draw for a living, this is a hobby for me lol.

freckled sky
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freckled sky
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