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Caged Linnet Bird
I'm re-writing the heading because I honestly sounded like an emo b***h before. I still sound like an emo b***h. Do you want to know why? PM me. I swear to you I'll give you a good reason. If you PM me and I give you my reasons and you HONESTLY think
English Final (Yes I'm that lame)
Jing Mei dropped her glass on the counter and propped herself up on the bar. The thought of her mother's death and her last words were incesintly buzzing around her mind. With her mother gone there was no one to push her stepfather, Shylock, to keep paying her bills away from home. She sighed and lifted herself up far enough to finish her drink.
A short man in a sharp dark green suit sat on the stool next to Jing Mei and waved over the bartender. "One very hard drink." He turned and looked at Mei. "Make that two." He stole a second glance at her and concealed a smirk as he straightend his composure. He sumized that she already had one, maybe two good drinks, her mind was more than likely on slow processing, and she'd had one hell of a day if he was any judge. Who needed an Arabic woman when you could have all of China? "Rough day?"
Mei sighed. "You've no idea." She continued to look down, letting her gaze rest on the water ring on her napkin. "Mom's gone, step father's a controling maniac who brought me 'home' from college and won't help with tuition unless I learn how to be a 'proper daughter.'" she shook her head and continued to mummble, "That's probably the reason they got married in the first place...they're both very old fashioned. Well, that and he has money." Her face grew even more sour than before. "After all, 'money equals sucess.'
Raymond waited patiently for her to finish and took on a very sympathetic look. "Sounds like you could use some...support."
She paused and looked at him thoughtfully. "You know, I really could."
The concealed smile behind Raymond's facade almost broke free, but he kept his constant straight face and continued. "Someone who would let you do whatever the hell you wanted, but still pay the bills."
"Or at least help with some of them..." The bartender came back with two rums and slid one to Mei who immediately drained half the glass. Ray shifted a little close to her as she downed the rest.
"You know, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you're a more...independent woman than your father-"
"Step father." Mei mummbled.
"Step father gives you credit for." Ray waved 'over the bartender to pour her another glass. "you can take care of yourself...except in a few minor categories, am I right?"

**Note!!** "That's probably the reason they got married in the first place...they're both very old fashioned.**

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