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Enter My head
Yes! I do play Animal Crossing : NL but before adding me, please shoot me a pm! I am collecting fruits at the moment and would love to share what I do have so far!
My native fruit is the CHERRY
I also have an average of 6 PERFECT CHERRY trees around my town!
I have so far // APPLES AND LEMONS

yum_cupcake Show(s) of the moment? //

Buffy the Vampire Slayer [Oh Spike, How i ❤ you so] // My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic // The Guild // Hetalia: Axis Power // Hi! My sweeheart // Star Trek DS9 [JULIAN BASHIR ANYONE!?] // Star Trek TNG // PSwG //

yum_cupcake Persona? //

Shy // Paranoid // Happy (most of the time) // Crybaby // Crazy // Insane // Random at most // Creative // Simple // Enthusastic // Hyper // I'm me c:

Some call me egocentric, and bossy and sometimes even a b***h and overall a*****e to people. That's not true, I am honest and I can't deal with everybody's bullshit e.e yeah, don't start bullshit with me! I will completely disassociate myself to you. I will listen but as soon as someone starts pulling me in... It's just brutal. I have enough. I have my problems I don't need yours <3

yum_cupcake What I like //

2NE1(lovelovelovelovelove) // Cake // Tea // Sweets // Cinnamon Rolls // Yellow things // Cute fuzzy things // Colors // Pastels // Water colors // Sunshine // Cup cakes // Smiles // Art // School // Warm weather // Sun glasses // Stars // Culinary stuff // Care bears // Hello Kitty purses [Damn right! *Proud owner*] // Chocobos // Text Messages // Scooby Doo // Stickers // Sunshine // My boyfriend // Colorful Make-up // Hello Kitty Stuff in general // Money [It don't make happiness but it doesn't make me sad either >w<] // My friends who i ADORE // Chocolate! // Totodiles // MY LITTLE PONY: FiM // Minecraft c:< // Pokemanz // Starcraft // Gaia // Star trek // Art // Tumblr

yum_cupcake What I hate //

Asses // People who think they are all THAT // Bland stuff // People who just can't seem to take advice // School [it's a love/hate relationship~] // Math // English class // Well come to think of it French class too! // Crowds // Mean people in general // TWILIGHT...i hear about it enough THANK YOU // Tampons [I ain't shy~] // Hardcore Emos (yer sorry guys but if you think life sucks and you wish you could die and be all depressed and stuff. Yer a. go see someone, I'll even pay for it b. Life sucks? MAKE IT BETTER!?)


I do donate, but only and ONLY when I am cleaning out my inventory and only to my close friends c: I'm sorry random people! If by all means you have a legit charity to help out people who were hacked, new members then by all means send me a link and I'll always give a little something but if it's a personal charity for yourself (quest threads) or just a "can you give me something, like, your rich, gimme some gold" doesn't work with me. I worked really hard for what I have! So do the same!

This profile was made by me with some little help with the scroll bar c: thank you very much to asphixia86 for much needed help!

If you're still reading this, WOW

Ecchi -- Kiss
Community Member
Ecchi -- Kiss
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