Okay, I have a good question for all you people out there... WHAT THE ******** IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE ON HERE?! Especially the assholes who think they run this god damn site!!!!No one should ever think they ******** own ppl, you people are retarded! Plus the constant disrespect from "older members" ******** you people! I've been a member of gaia since 2004-2005, if you people wanna try that with me, dont you dare! Im ******** sick of people's egos! You people have no ******** life, all those people who give a crap I thank you for making gaia a better place, If there was a reccomendation for the way people treat others then I would really be an a*****e, because half of you think your ******** when your just another allhole whos got all self-esteem and no gd damn respect! Yea I can be a jerk, but you dont see me being one do you?! No I help people when they need it on Zomg, hell I ask people if they need help so that way I come to them!!! People appreciate that you know!!! This is the deal, if you people who want to be jerks can shut your stupid a** mouths when ever you have something rude to say, then your doing yourself and all of gaia a favor, and if you dont, then you dont deserve the respect of anyone on gaiaonline.

To people like 0997gunner, Edorisuke, Sayerahlee, whatafreako, Kisatomaru, Shiromisu ((truely a great guy!), 17_coquikun_my_heart_22 ((a real sweetheart, she amazes me)), Mimiko Haiachi, Shikaru3698, Undead beloved, Insane_emo_ichi, and all of the people who have been kind to thee members of gaia... you guys are awesome, you deserve better than what some of you get from people on gaia. Never let yourself become egotistic or self absorbed, keep showing the old and the new members that there is better out there than how some of these people treat them. If someone asks for help and its not anything extreme, then help them, or at least try to teach them how to help themselves. Im sick of gaians who dont care, because they ruin things for everyone else.

Pass it on,
Zack Newman
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