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This BMP is off the charts!
Random writing!
"Yes, my king?"
King Willis sighed, he had heard that sentence far too many times today. Lazily resting his head on the fist of his arm, propped up on the solid, long dinner table, the blond Willis closed his eyes while the wine of the crystal goblet in his left hand swirled. "Have you noticed something strange about Julius lately?" he asked, as his soft blue eyes opened to inspect his adviser, and now the tutor of his nephew, Aime Chavanne.
"Strange, my king?" asked the twenty-something year old Aime, tilting his head in curiosity, hands laced behind his back in his usual manner. Willis nodded stiffly.
"He... has had this expression during lunch, and I don't believe he's eating as much as he should," the king explained, now sipping at his beverage. Noting the adviser suddenly looking at the ground, Willis raised a brow. "Has something happened?"
"I..." the man started, returning his dark brown eyes to look to his king. "Have noticed, probably the same expression as he studies... I believe it's loneliness." His brow now raised in curiosity, Willis raised his head from his fist.
"Why do you think this?" he asked, feeling a tinge of annoyance as Amie dropped his gaze to the marble floor once again.
"It's the same expression you have... my king," said Aime, strands of dark hair falling over his left eye as he raised his head to see the scowling king.
"Why would I be lonely, Amie?" he snapped, clenching his jaw. The adviser swallowed nervously, thinking maybe that hadn't been the greatest move.
"Perhaps, there is someone you want, but cannot have?"
"I'm the king of England! I can have whoever I want!" he nearly yelled, slamming the goblet onto the table, a sharp crack followed his outburst as the fragile crystal broke, spilling whine atop his hand. "Damn," he cursed, releasing the now-broken goblet as grabbed a napkin. A maid already cleaning up the mess. Amiee bowed, curling locks of brown spilling over his shoulders.
"My deepest apologies, King Willis," he said, before he was shooed out of the dinning hall by the aggravated king, and went back to his quarters. Soon to face a sleepless night, the weight of rejecting Julius's confession too suffocating to even close his eyes.

Rubber Duck Nurse
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Rubber Duck Nurse
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