Chapter 2

“ROSALIE!” Kirie shouted in complete terror. Rosalie came into the room and sat on the couch. “Mom…” Rosalie said. “Your mom did this there’s no way!” Kirie said trying to get grip of what was going on. Rosalie shook her head. “SH didn’t know what she was doing…….*cough*……..” Kirie gave Rosalie a good looking at. She started at her toes and get going up, grimacing at every open wound. Then she got to her eyes. Kirie jumped. Something was different, but she didn’t know what. Kirie noticed that Rosalie held a slender staff looking object in her right hand. “What’s that?” Rosalie looked at it and sighed. This… very powerful… was taken by a powerful demon….I took this so that mom couldn’t use it. We have to get out of here.” Kirie didn’t understand. How could her innocent beautiful friend be at her doorstep beaten, bruised, and talking of demons and dark magic? Rosalie lifted the staff. “What are you doing?” Rosalie didn’t answer Kirie’s question. “CHO-CHO-GO!” There was a flash of light. When Kirie opened her eyes she was no longer in her living room. “What the hell….. Rose…..where are we?” Kirie said with caution. Rosalie started to run down the street. “HEY! WAIT UP!” Kirie said as passed the glass window of a store that looked like it was an antique shop. “Holy mother of Jebus…..” Kirie said as she saw her reflection in the window. She was wearing a peach colored tunic style top, and puff, grey silk capris. She had gold anklets and a tattoo down her arm. She looked at Rosalie. She was wearing something like her top. But instead of a shirt it was a beautiful dress. She had a few braids in her hair tied off with beads. She had a gold headband with a jewel in the middle with jewelry to match. “O.k. Rose what the hell did you do?” Rosalie looked at her confused. Then she said, “Oh yes…..we need to talk….”
Rosalie took her to and abandoned building and began to talk. “Rosalie’s mother opened a seal that was shut thousands of years ago…” Kirie interrupted, “Rosalie’s mom? Don’t you mean your mom?” Rosalie looked at her grimly, and continued, "She found an old cursed book and was captivated by it. The demon who cursed the book had possessed her. He used her body to cast spells and train himself back to his original abilities. Then he finished. He left Rosalie’s mother’s body and opened the seal. Letting out power you humans have never known. Kirie’s jaw hit the ground. She didn’t understand. Magic wasn’t real. Demons didn’t exist. Yet everything she knew had died at that moment. “B-b-but Rosalie….you must be her! You sound like her! You look like her!” Kirie shouted. “Don’t you get it!? The demon destroys everything he sees! He killed Rosalie’s mother then her! Rosalie is dead!"