As of 4:00 this afternoon I will be leaving with my family to our vacation house in Maratha's Vineyard. For those of you what don't know, Maratha's Vineyard is an Island off the coast of Cape Cod, best known as the place where the movie "Jaws" was filmed...err anyway we will not have Internet access at this house as far as I know so I will be unable to reply to any comments or PMs until I either find access to the internet, return home on Sunday Night the 24th or go to an Internet Cafe. This does not mean you should not leave comments or PMs for I WILL get back to you at some point. If I do get access to internet I will add to this, describing my "Adventures"... please be prepared for feel free to check in every once in a while if you want to know what I'm up to since I wont have time to tell everyone individually.
To all my friends: I will miss you and don't do anything TOO fun without me ;3
...and don't do anything stupid either...

So we left the hotel in Boston this morning at 8am, found there was NO traffic to cross the bridge to the Cape and arrived to the ferry about three hours before the ferry we bought tickets for was about to leave...
the ride on the boat itself was smooth enough. lots of little kids screaming...
we got off the boat and nearly got lost finding the bike path... we left one car on the main land and most of us had to ride out bikes to the house. It was rough at first but things smoothed out. It would have even been somewhat enjoyable had my 18 year old sister not been belting songs from the little mermaid at the top of her already hoarse and cracking voice....
anyway... WE HAS INTARWEBS HERE!! I will be on a LOT more often than I previously stated but I have to watch it becuase If I'm on too much my mother will kill it... anyway... I'll be able to chronicle our adventures in much more detail now XD

...I think I'm already sunburned...

last night I slept a total of 3 hours thanks to the heat in my room.
Today we went to the beach for our first full day here. Getting there was annoying, having to ride a bike there and whatnot. Although it wasn't too bad, excluding the boogie boards strapped to our backs... making us look positively ridiculous...
The beach itself was fun. we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day and the ocean was enjoyable as well, once you got in about 15 feet though. If you stood too close to the shore the waves would make you the Atlantic Ocean's b***h. The first time I went in I got pummeled and surfaced to find my bathing suit had failed me on its most basic purpose. long story short I flashed anyone who had the misfortune of looking in my direction at that moment...
after that, however, I had a ton of fun. we walked over to the freshwater pond and played Frisbee for a while before we went back into the ocean up until it was time to leave. My sister in-law sucks at throwing a Frisbee XD

Now if you'll excuse me... I have to go pass out now.

I woke up feeling under the weather today. The day itself has not improved it... we were allowed to sleep but I was unable to take advantage of that due to the sudden horrible heat at 10:00am we spent the evening in a less than admirable town and it was more fun piling the seven of us into a five person car to GET there than actually walking around and looking at the tacky and horribly overpriced shops. We went to a fifties diner for dinner and my stomach would not allow me to each very much. the food was edible I just didn't feel like eating...

my previously mentioned 18 year old sister taught me a nice new song during said car ride:

Oh solo mio!
come and eat gelato
it comes in many flavors
like cherry and tomato...

shes not the brightest bulb in the box...

I have located a more comfortable blanket in the closet in my room. Hopefully that will help me sleep better tonight.

Yes it is confirmed I am indeed sick, another damn summer cold X_x
therefore I have taken the day off from family adventures...

woke up at 6am today and went to Oak Bluffs. It was a pretty little town with lots of pretty little houses. We parked on the beach and spent the morning there. The water was calm and relaxing but a little boring >_>;; so I sat on the blanket we set up and drew for most of the time...
we made the mistake of eating junk food when we got hungry and now I'm all queezily X_x hopefully it won't last.
and yes: to drive there we DID have to pile 7 people in a 5 person car again >_<;;

went souvenir shopping this morning and got everything I needed and then some ^^
then we went to the beach we went to on Monday for the afternoon. The water was much calmer than last time, due to the low tide, making it rather boring XD
the even can be best described by just describing my family:
We're always the group on the beach with the biggest load of crap piled up next to the blanket we "borrowed" from the place were staying at. Not to mention the most umbrellas. We always argue loudly and call the last one into the water a wuss. We also stay the longest and have the most fun and relish the opportunity to leave the beach last. and we always arrive back at the place we are staying, cold, wet, covered in sand and more alive than we eve are during the rest of the year.
Now I'm off to enjoy our annual lobster dinner. ^^