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Reinstark, The condensed version


God does not intervene with the universe, though he allegedly created everything.
The universe constantly becomes one, then separates then becomes one again, in a cycle.
The universe was never made, it has always been, but never in a constant single form.
Prayer is a psychological comfort or form of meditation.
Evolution, physics, and science overall explains why or how things are, but does not define God’s existence.
If EVERY SINGLE FACTOR is considered in a specific situation, then one can to a degree, accurately predict, but cannot promise, a specific event.
There is either no coincidence or no relevance.
Nothing can be absolutely correct or completely absolute.
The afterlife is not guaranteed or known.
History is a long chain of events, one reaction after another, nothing is spontaneous.


Man is the god of his own life. We are all gods in the sense that we can perform an array of actions that would be deemed ‘divine intervention’ or ‘god-like’. If we do not act for ourselves, no one will.
Sin is relative. Forgiveness must be gained from those wronged, not from “God”.
No one can completely control everything.
All of mankind is equal to one another.
Any sentient or civilized should be regarded as equals.
Mankind is perfect because it is flawed.
Utopias and paradises are a state of mind and is relative.
Man’s inner nature cannot be suppressed, and every person is susceptible to it.
Man thinks either rationally or emotionally.
Most changes in Man are situational and are usually made when one absolutely must make in order to survive
We do own (except for that which is attached to us) or are guaranteed anything in life, including life itself.
In order for man to develop intellectually, his basic needs must be met.
Anything can occur given the right opportunity and because of the flexible nature of humans, given the circumstance, everything could be permitted.


Balance is when one achieves physical, emotional, moral and psychological homeostasis and clear of all doubt, fear, guilt, and over indulged aspects of their lives, have complete control of themselves with complete awareness by strength of will and thought.
Balance is achieved through meditation, confession of guilt, physical consciousness, certain dietary practices (not required but recommended), self reliance, openness, and being at peace with one’s environment.
Another goal of balance is to better one’s self in order to better those around them and their surroundings, using general experiences in life as a catalyst for such change.
The purpose of life is to live as we see fit.
The meaning of life is to live and to be humanly.
Our destinies are our own to shape while simultaneously being influenced by multiple other factors occurring before and during our lives and is constantly affected by these and all factors in life.
The soul is a symbol that represents a particular person’s identity or persona.

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