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My Thoughts
What I dream, think, desire, and love.
Hetalia Crack Meme*
*- This is quite stupid and very fangirly.

Pick 10 random characters.
1. Switzerland
2. France
3. Russia
4. Hungary
5. Belgium
6. Spain<3
7. Romano
8. South Korea
9. America!
10. Canada (Who?)

You found 1's secret stash of chocolate. (Switzy)
Switz: Ohellznah! *shoots me with his rifle*
Me: *falls to ground, stuffing face*

2 confesses his love to you. (France)
Me: Ew. Get away from me.
France: Oh? Why?
Me: Because you... *peppersprays* are a diseased pervert.

You walk into 3 in the street at midnight. (Russia)
*gets kidnapped and then becomes one with Russia for the night*
Me: That's what would happen.

You win a free holiday with 4. (Hungary)
Me: We're gonna go beat up France with cooking utensils now, right? You promised!
Hungary: But of course! *armed with a frying pan*

5 saves your life. (Belgium)
*gets saved from a almost-regretful night with Netherlands*
Me: I am forever greatful to you, BelBel!
BelBel: Aw! It was nothing. I'd do anything for anyone in trouble. I'm such a nice person. BlahblahblahwafflesblahblahblahchocolateblahSpainblahblahRomano.
Me: ... Yepp. Thanks.

6 is living in your house. (Spain)
*this roleplay scene has been censored/removed for sexual content. lots of it.*

You find 7's mobile phone (cellphone). (Romano)
Me: Ooohh... Let's see what Romano's got on his cell... *flips through pictures* Oh my! Never thought a tomato could be used in such a way...
Romano: *walks* Dammit! Where'd you get that?!
Me: Meep! *drops and runs*

You're asleep and 8 comes in and wakes you up. (South Korea)
South Korea: Your bed originated in South Korea!
Me: .... My poppa built this for me.
SK: Your poppa originated in South Korea!
Me: My poppa's from North Carolina...
SK: North Carolina = Originated in SK
Me: No... NC = USA
Me: *facepalm and strangles SK* Agh! Shut up!
SK: Shut up originated in South Korea!
Me: Ahhhh!!! *murders*

9 kidnaps you. (America)
*lots of scary movies, fattening food, and being stupid American*

You go to the cinema. 10 is sitting in your seat. (Canada)
Me: *sits down* My seat is cold.
Canada: Uhm, excuse me... I'm sitting here.
Me: .... *so into the movie, not caring*

1 confesses his love for 7. You are hiding in a bush with 4. (Switzy, Romano, Moi, Hungary)
Switzerland(1): Oh Romano(7)! I adore you! *is absolutely drunk*
Romano(7): Ch-chigi?!
Me: Quick, Hungary! Get the camera! It's time for black mail!
Hungary: *evil grin, with camera*
Me: This is gonna be hilarious.

2 and 9 are arguing. (France and America)
America(9): Burgers!
France(2): Filth.
(I don't know.)

6 is molesting 3. (Spain and Russia)
Pshh! Like that could happen. Spain + Russia? Where Spain gets to molest? No.
^J^ Nyet.

5 and 10 are stuck in a burning building but you can only save one. (Belgium and Canada)
Me: Come on, Belgium! You're the only one left!
Canada(10): Wait... I'm still here....
Me: Yepp! The only one!
Belgium(5): Okay! Let's go! *escapes with me*

2 is invisible. (France)
... He couldn't even try to be invisible. His pervy powers too much.
France: *attempting to be invisible*
Me: You ain't foolin' no-one!

OMG! 9 is more awesome than Prussia! (America)
America: Hellz yeah! I'm much more awesomer than him!
(Yay for Americanized grammar.)

1, 6 and 4 are at your house for dinner. There's a black out. (Switz, Spain, Hungary)
*me and spain disappear, our rp scene cut out, too graffic for you children*
Switz: What the ******** just happened?
Hungary: Where'd Hunter go? And Spain?

3 and 7 pull a prank on you. (Russia, Romano)
Me: The only thing worse than children: nothing!
*phone rings*
Me: Hello?
Russia(3): This is Russland, you become one with me, da?
Me: You have the wrong number! I don't know any Russlands!
Romano(7): *forced into the same room as Russia* Lemme go, dammit!
Russia: Kolkolkolkolkolkolkol!
Me: Hello?! You have the wrong number! I don't want to become one with you! My dog ran away and my fish died. I can't find my car keys and I don't know where I am! Hello!! You have the wrong number! What does "kolkolkolkolkol" have to do with my joining of your religious group? HELLO?! YOU HAVE THE WRONG NUMBER!!!
(If you get this reference, I ********' love you.)

You walk in on 4 and 10 kissing. (Hungary, Canada)
Me: Hungary! Stop making out with the air and go rape Prussia or something.

4 and 9 steal your boat. (Hungary, America)
Me: That's it! I'm never taking you two on a boat ride again! *tied up on the boat*
Hungary&America: I'm on a boat, I'm on a boat! Everybody look at me, 'cause I'm sailing on a boat! *totally drunk off their asses for some reason*

While 5 and 7 rob your house. (Belgium, Romano)
Belgium: Come on, Lovi~ We need to get these tomatoes (and waffles) to Spain as quickly as possible. *nabs all my tomatoes*
Romano: Eh. Whatever. *eats tomatoes*
Me: I feel a disturbance in the tomato-force. *is still tied up on the boat*

You're on a cruise with 3 and 4 and the Bad Touch Trio (Prussia, France and Spain) is on the same one. (Russia, Hungary, BTT)
Me: Oohhh Spain~ *both disappear for the remainder of the cruise*
Russia: Kolkolkolkolkol! You become one with Russia, da? *to everyone on the boat*
Hungary: *currently beating France with a frying pan and making plans with Prussia for some fun later*
Prussia: I'm so awesome! No one else here is as awesome as me. blahblahawesomeblahblahAWESOMEblahblah!
(Yepp. This all sounds about right.)

You need a new organ. 1 and 6 are both compatible. (Switzy, Spain)
Me: Switzerland! I need you to give me your arm.
Switz: Wtf?! My arm?!
Me: Yes. *absolute seriousness*
Switz: I don't even know yo- *stops and blinks* OH COME ON!
Me&Spain: Huh? What? *got too caught up in each other*
Switz: *majorfacepalm* You're insane.

5 is robbing 2. (Belgium, France)
Belgium: Donnez-moi tout votre argent, vous fran├žais de porc. *kitten smile*
France: *cops a feel and hands over money*
Belgium: *cute smile* Blahblahsomethingaboutbeingniceandwafflesblahblahblah!

You're being held hostage by 10. The hero is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9. Or multiple.
Me: *playing with the polar bear and in swoops America (9)* ... Took you long enough!
America: I'm the hero! I'm here to save you, random fan-girl! blahblahblahburgersblahblahblahsupermanblahblahblahaliensandbeingtheheroblahblahblah!
Me: *major eye-roll*

1, 2 and 4 are watching a scary movie. (Switz, France, Hungary)
Switz: This is so lame.
France: *feeling up on Hungary*
Hungary: *beating the living fool out of France*

You're stuck on a desert island with 7, 8, 9 and 10. (Romano, South Korea, America, Canada)
No, I'm not. (Canada) 10 does not exist, South Korea ( cool would be dead b/c I would've kill him, but Romano (7) and America (9), we'll just party.

3 and 5 have robbed a bank. 5 comes to you for help. (Russia, Belgium)
Me: Why'd you do it, BelBel?!
BelBel: *rambles on about being nice and all that s**t*
Me: -_-;;;

6 is in a bad mood with 3 for robbing a bank. 6 comes to you. (Spain)
Me: *consoles Spain in the bedroom* This is how we do it.

1 and 7 are doing a monkey dance. You and 10 are watching and filming it. (Switzy, Romano)
Me: *evil giggle* Dance, Switzy, dance! ... You too, Romano! *films vigorously*
Canada(10): .... *invisible*
(Switzy and Romano = drunk)

2 and 8 are being racist about 6 and 4. (France, South Korea, Spain, Hungary)
France: *can't say anything b/c he's a whitey too*
South Korea: Everyone originated in South Korea!!!
Me: You two fail.

3, 5 and 9 are at a convention. (Russia, Belgium, America)
Russia is himself, Belgium is Ichigo from Tokyo Mew Mew, and America is Sailor Moon!
America: I'm Sailor America! And in the name of America, I shall punish you!
Belgium: For the Earth's future, I'll be of service! Nyah~
Russia: You become one with Russia, da? Kolkolkolkol!
*random mob of fans* *lots of fangirling, pictures being taken, and pipe swinging*

You, 1, 4, 6 and 10 are having a sleepover at 7's house. (Moi, Switzy, Hungary, Spain, Canada @ Romano's)
Me: *eating all the food and goofing around with Romano and Spain*
Hungary: Hunter! Where's my camera?
Me: *shoulder shrug* Did you even bring it?
Canada: Here it is....
Hungary: Oh wait! Found it! It was sitting in this chair! *snatches it out of Canada's hand and starts taking pictures of us and Switzy*
Switzy: *passed out over the back of the couch, with permanent marker drawings all over his face, with a severe lack of clothes going on*

2 is in love with 5 who is in love with 8 but 8 is in love with 2. 2 doesn't love 8 back, 5 doesn't love 2 back and 8 doesn't love 5 back.

France is in love with Belgium who is in love with South Korea but South Korea is in love with France. France doesn't love South Korea back, Belgium doesn't love France back and South Korea doesn't love Belgium back.

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