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Princess Alisviel ~ I don't think I'll be using this much, if ever.

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let's talk about the twewy oc for a bit.
posting a journal entry so i can link here instead of having to make a new thread every time lmao plus I don't want to link to the rp tumblr every dang time

yes anyway

meet Shiroizumi, Takumi. Takkun works for 'short'.

ok so they're genderfluid but go by like any pronoun you want to use tbh because they really don't care. (I use 'they' pronouns in most of this post, but it usually varies in actual RP posts.) and also they don't want to cause undue stress on anyone else by preferring one of them. (it's Japan, Shibuya to be exact, which is, from what I hear, even less knowledgeable on gender identities than the general english-speaking world these days.) however, because they really don't trust anyone to believe their gender identity, they also hide any outward signs of their birth gender. so as not to give them a reason to tangibly prefer one, so that any preference is just for their peace of mind. that means that when he's not dressing as male or she's not dressing as female (Takumi does both), they are v androgynous. hell they're p androgynous normally. it's just that makeup is a wonderful thing.

body structure is p much androgynous too, but they always have shorts underneath any skirts. mint-dyed hair that goes a little past the collarbone, but pastel wigs in other colors are always an option for a shorter or longer or different colored hairstyle. makeup styles vary, if you can draw a makeup style on your art. can do things like little crosses underneath the eyes, pastel drips from the eyes.

I mean really, Takumi's inspiration drawn from the western pastel goth fashion (as well as imports ordered online) is practically endless, basically just do what you want.

that said, it's kind of more classified as a weird hybrid between fairy-kei and visual-kei when you consider that pastel goth isn't really a thing in Japan. Takumi doesn't care. they do what they want, basically, since it's not worth worrying what other people think about one's self-expression, according to them.

some style inspirations include Juria Nakagawa and Kerli.

more details / personality:

For those who knew Takumi before he was temporarily reassigned elsewhere, he was very bright in colorscheme, to say the least. Happy and excitable on the outside -- lonely and depressed on the inside. The neon colors were always just a mask for the latter two, put together by synesthesia overtaking true color theory.

Since returning to Shibuya, it's like she's become a completely different person. Her genderfluidity isn't quite black and white, one gender or the other anymore; she dresses more androgynous, more often; the colors are far more muted and soft now, with dark edges, accents and designs. Nor does she care about what pronouns people use -- actually, she doesn't care about what anyone else thinks about her at all. Not anymore.

Too much keeping others at arm's length, too little realizing that's reason why he's been alone his whole life; the loneliness hasn't left him, but in place of caring too much about it and others, he now cares about himself too much. It's a change pushing people even further away. It's a defense mechanism against feeling unwanted. After all, if no one else will love him, he'll just have to love himself.

... A vicious cycle. Such a shame that he can't seem to realize or understand it -- or even understand himself.

Nowadays, Takumi spends most of her time working as a Harrier Reaper, doing her soft-colored yet dark-themed art, playing relaxing things on her guitar, and occasionally does the latter two in the RG. If people at large are good for anything, it's their reactions. To the pastel colored gore, and to the soft music with the depressing or thought-provoking lyrics... it's making a difference, whether negative or positive. She's even becoming a bit of a street artist, spraypainting the gentle-yet-shocking designs on alleyway walls.

It's nothing special or influential. It's definitely not CAT-tier, who Takumi used to enjoy the work of. It's just their final attempts to change the opinions of the sea of monochromes. Whereas before, people they met would begin to grow into their colors as Takumi began to learn about them -- such a process is near-impossible now that neither Takumi seems apathetic.

Again. Who cares about anyone else, when no one else cares about him?

And again, such a shame he couldn't realize that people did care.


☆ Wears a lot of wigs and contact lenses, so don’t be surprised if her hair is different one day than the next.

☆ Synesthesia (chromesthesia) sparked her massive interest in colors, as well as her love of music. However, her ideas of color don’t always match up with others’ ideas; and it’s usually better to smile and nod if she begins to ramble.

☆ As Reaper, she, of course, sends Noise to attack Players rather than directly. However, during the Game, his Psych was his guitar, which sent a variety of attacks based on the key of the chord, note, or melody. His entry fee was his ‘color’; manifesting in completely grayscale vision and an appearance, even to others, without color to anything but his skin.

☆ Takumi’s noise form is “Papilio Cantus”, a large butterfly/moth noise.

☆ His artwork nowadays tends to use the same muted colors he dresses in, featuring more unnerving themes than anything he used to draw.

☆ The music he plays on guitar tends to be mellow, relaxed stuff for the most part, but can also range into catchy melodies, if not outright rock when the time is right.

refs: 1 2

and I can draw more if you need any more!

and now it's time for the weirder version of this OC. disgusting and gross version. yes.


now this is a PG13 site and I have no interest in Gaia's 18+ site, so mentions will be all I do.

this is "Taboo" Takumi, infected with "Taboo Noise" and it's basically something I headcanon to work like a normal infection with a lot of weird symptoms. since they're not very physically strong, Takumi's mind, body and behavior are extremely warped by this stuff. not even just the charcoal skin in the ref.

like. Taboo Takumi is a serious masochist. being hurt feels good in a bunch of different ways. they are also incredibly gross, by which I mean occasional involuntary drooling, smelling burnt all the time, sweating profusely... etc. like, TWEWY is a JRPG so if Takumi were a boss, well, they'd be making plenty of pleasured noises after being hit. it's that bad. hell, they don't even care anymore about their birth gender being "revealed" in this form.

I didn't get to the feet in that picture, but it's basically just going to be either high top sneakers in pastel colors, or black and white creepers. most of the time,

Taboo!Takumi finds it too warm to wear a whole lot, so you can see there's (unsafe) bandages covering their chest. these probably are frayed a bit, or falling off. skirt or pants or whatever you want is fine so long as it's frayed.

THERE OKAY I think that's everything

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