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New Profile! It's still Gaara but I like this picture better

My friend and I are starting not just a shop where you can chose from 2 styles of mushrooms to purchase but also I we will be posting a "Mushy Comic" Here in my Journal........So Drew KEEP READING FOR THE LOVE OF GOD KEEP READING. XD And send friends!! http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=22680061 There's the link. We only have examples of her mushies up right now but m,ine ar coming soon.......(Mine are cuter. ninja )

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.My pet scorpion "PINCHY!". Watch out, he pinches. wink User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.<-TIMMY

Ch.6 Prt.2
Neko: you could tell he's like "wtf?

Roquette: xDDD Lol Yep.He was pretty confused.

Neko: yep yep....*eats the wrest of the popcorn she stole* yummy!

Roquette: Mine! -takes popcorn and runs-

Neko: OI!!...alright thats it...TROWA!!!

*Trowa pops in* What?...I'm busy looking for something...
Neko:Roro stole your Kitty-Quat. plush.
Trowa: "I TOLD you I'M th only one allowed to call him that dammit! scream o.o Wait he did WHAT?! "

Neko: "Sick 'em boy" xD

Roquette: O.O Oh s**t!! "Sasukeeeee!!"

-also pops in- "What?!"

Roquette:"Save meee!"

Sasuke: -_-"No."

Roquette: "Itachi gets to stay in your room for the night."

Sasuke: O.O "Leave Roro alone!!"

Trowa: "AFTER he gives me back my Quatre plushie. Or gets me another one. Until then NO WAY EMO."

Sasuke: "Emo?! What the-"

Roquette: "He's calling you angsty and depressed Sasuke."

Sasuke: "Huh? Hey! I am not emo!!" -attacks-

Roquette: "Yeah Sasuke! Get him!" ninja

Trowa skillfully dodges Sasuke's attack of rage and sprints up to Roro stopping in his face. "WHERE. IS.THE.PLUSH?"

Roquette: >.< "I don't have it!!!" o.o "But you are pretty cute."
-hugs him tight and yells at Sasuke over his shoulder- "Dammit Sasuke, where was all your ninja s**t?!"

Sasuke: "Um. . ."

Roquette: =_=

Trowa: "GAH!! LET GO I MUST FIND MY QUATRE PLUSH!! >< stressed " Trowa struggles helplessly...."Wait...If you don't have it...But Neko knew what I was looking for then... scream NEKO!!!"

Neko: ******** Trow-bo?"

Trowa:"Give it back. NOW"

Neko: "But he's so KAWAII!! "

Trowa: "IT'S MINE! GIVE IT BACK!!"((isnt all this screaming hurting your ears?lol))

((Yep. xD@.@))

Roro squeezes Trowa tighter. "Stop yelling! It's hurting my ears!!!!"

Trowa: *Cracking noises are heard* "OW!!....Actually...That felt kind of good...But anyways,I want my plush or I WILL kill you, Neko."

Neko: "Fine. You don't have freak out so much. Sheesh." *Finds it and Gives it back* "Happy now?"

Trowa: "Yes."

Roquette: "Well that was interesting...."

Ch6 Prt1
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Boys wake up~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Neko is in the P.A room, and as she turns on the speakers anyone who WAS still asleep are now awake thanks to the anoying schreeching of the microphone as it came on.

"Hi boys. This morning is a bittersweet morning. This is because Malkie has gone on a journey to seek oput more Bishies. However, she did send in someone to take her place. Here HE is."

Several of both groups of boys moan and or curse about the fact of a GUY being the replacement. ((I read legal drug once. they are cute. xD))

((Of course, Roquette shall be just as, if not even more crazy than Malkie! Woot! Yes, yes! Aren't they! I love Kakei!))

Roquett walks up to the microphone, an ear to ear grin on his face.
"Helllloooo boys!!" he all but screamed into the mic, "My name is Roquette and I'm gonna be replacing my good friend Malkie in this place. And just in case you were all wondering, I was the one sending her bishie mail. So no doubt a few of you want to kill me right now"

"No s**t traitor!" yelled one of the boys from Malkie's side of the mansion. There was a genral grumble of agreement from the rest of the boys in the house.

The grin on Roquette's face didn't falter and inch, he was clearly enjoying this. "Oh c'mon Kazahaya, you get to share a room with Rikuo. What's wrong with that?"

". . ." Silence from both parties.

"Well. ." started one of the boys on Neko's side, "Why aren't you captured with us?"

"Yeah," voiced another, "Aren't you bishie enough for this place?"

For the first time today Roquette stopped smiling. His face suddenly held a confused expression as he thought hard. "Well I. . .um you see. . .what happened was. . .um. . .You know what? Why am I here and not there?" Roquette asked turning to Neko.

Neko: Because you're willing and don't need to be confined. And because Malkie requested it. ((did he only send Malkie mail? cuz if not then how are we gonna get Naruto ShikaXKiba in here? )) But don't worry, you ARE very delicous looking. We just don't feel like ties you up unless you want it.
*The boys in the house are all yelling about how unfair that is*
Neko: Shut up and let the man talk!

((Well, Malkie is looking for more right? Let's have her send the bishie mail while she's gone))

Roquette's lips turned up in a goofy grin and he struck a corny pose.

"Yeah I am pretty delicious aren't I?"

He grabbed the mic and started dancing around the office while teasing the boys in the house. "I don't need a leeeash, I don't need a leeeash! I don't even hafta have a collar! Nya, nya, nya, nya, nya!"

The boys' grumbling and complaining continued to get louder, and a bang was heard from Sasuke's room.

"Sasuke! No chidori in the house!!" Roquette yelled, and he kept skipping around the room. The smile, still never left his face. He was begging to resemble the Chesire cat now. . .

Ch5 prt3
Draco: Potter, if you get me out of here i promise to neevr torment you or your friends again.....

Harry: How the ******** am I supposed to do that?

Draco: You're the "hero"! YOU figure it out!

Neko: It should be in the toy closet hanging on a hook near the whips and beads......

Ron, Blaise, F&G: W-whips?.... gonk cry

Malkie: Oh yes! Of course we have whips. How could we half a** our fetish? *gets d***o*

Sasuke: Oh god. . .

Malkie: *evil smile* Now what shall we do with this right now??((sorry the reply took so long. I'm multitasking! Cleaning the house at the same time! I'm so talented))

Neko: Well we can calll his brother, or his sensei, and ask THEM to put it in, or you can put it in yourself.

*Draco has fainted and Ron has started kicking the unconcious lump....Harry looks like he's contemplating whether or not to pull Ron away*


Ron: eek *stops*((Yay multi-tasking!))

Malkie: Hmm, why not call both? *whispers* We can put the three of them in the camera room and watch from the T.V.'s in one of our bedrooms. Sasuke won't cooperate unless he thinks no one is watching. Itachi!! Kakashi!!

Itachi: *walks down the hall looking irritated* What?!

Kakashi: *poofs* Yo.

Malkie: *gives them d***o* I want the two of you to take this, *gives Kakashi Sasuke's leash* and Sasuke, and go into that room over there.

Sasuke: Eh? What's going on?

Itachi: *now obviously a lot happier* Oh nothing little brother. Come with us for a bit. We're going to have a great time "hanging out". Right Kakashi?

Kakashi: That's right. *tugs on Sasuke's leash* Now lets hurry, I'm getting impatient.

Sasuke: *being dragged away* Helllllllpppp!!!!!

Malkie: Have fun!

Neko: WAIT! They forgot the wrest of the outfit!! He at least needs to wear the cat-ears headband!!! *runs after them and pops it onto Sasuke's head*


The newbies: *stricken with horror*

Itachi+Kakashi: *get even more excited and speed up their walking pace*

Malkie: Let's go to my room and watch!!

Newbies: *still stricken with horror*

Neko: what about the newbies?.....What should we do with them?

Malkie: I think it's time for bed....We'll watch that tape later. twisted The other boys can watch if they want too.
*Several groans or disgusted shudders are heard off to the side*

Ch5 part2
Neko: Draco, Harry, and the twins, you're all by me, but after a few days of good behaviour everyone will be allowed to visit the rooms of others. If we left anything out in your orientation the others can and will fill you in on anything...Oh but we'll warn you, we're kinky, if you didn't notice by the fact that we had a leash and collar AT THE READY, so beware or be prepared....Especially Draco and Harry....

D&H: o.0;...................


Neko: Ron, do you want to be put in the weasle suit?....Wait......Malkie do we have a smaller weasle suit?...Cus the one for Itachi is to biig for Ron....

Malkie: Really? Hmm, I don't think we do. We'll have to either make or buy another one. And all of my newbies, you'll be on the west wing of the house. That's my side. Kakei and Saiga you share a room, and Kazahaya and Rikuo share too.

Kaza: Whaaaaaat!! But I dont wanna share with him!!!!!!!!

Malkie: Oh? *smiles* would you rather share with me? I'd be happy to have you!

Kaza: Er. . .on second thought, I'll share with Rikuo.

Malkie: sad Awww. Fine, then. Sasuke!

Sasuke: Huh?

Malkie: You'll stay in my room tonight!

Sasuke: O__O eh?

Malkie: You'll share with me tonight!

Sasuke: Nooooooooo!!!!!!!!

Neko: Meh, we can just dye the ferret suit depending on whose wearing it at the time...Although.....I would like to see Fred&George in fox suits instead. Because fo their wily nature. ;3

F&G: No weasle?

Neko: No weasle.


Harry: Wait...Who was the tiger for?....

Neko: You, the panther was Blaise. You'll both be allowed to hunt Draco down in the event you all end up in your yiff suits.

Draco: WHAT?! o.0;

Malkie: Yep, and we get to watch!

Sasuke: What about me? You didn't assign a suit for me.

Malkie: Hmm, that's true. I did mention a penguin though. . .How about a kitty!! Oh, Sasuke you'd be such a cute kitty!!

Sasuke: Oh god. . .

Neko: Oh!! How cute! With a little bell!! And a turtle-neck tank top and fuzzy ears head band!!...If he wears a black thong do you think we can finally use that tail d***o we've been dieing to try?....

New boys: o.0; WTF?!

Neko: He'd look so sexy and cute!!

Malkie: He would! He would! Especially with the bell. Eventually, only the bell XD

Sasuke: What?! No way!!

Malkie: Oh be quiet. It's not like your a virgin or something.

Sasuke: *blush. grumble grumble*

Malkie: The tail d***o. . .Now where did I put that thing?

Return of Fan-girl Heaven, Bishounen Hell
Some pics, accompanied bye odd quotes to celebrate the return of my co-authored comedic series "Fan-girl Heaven, Bishounen Hell!"
And then of course, the returning episode...WITH NEW BISHIES! xd WE HAVE MORE NOW! Oh and my co-author, has switched Gia namees...Her previous one is now a mule and she is now known as "Malkie" so...more confusion to deal with for readers....but since we really don't have any that's not a problem! ^-^...we should spam our friends to read this...We REALLY should......

User Image

User Image

User Image

User Image

User Image

User Image

User Image

User Image

User Image

User Image

User Image

User Image F*&^ED up, but adorable none-the-less.

User Image RUN SASUKE RUN!....We're catching up to you, and I need my exercise.

User Image Now I know how to beat Morgan or Tim or even Ilya when they get mad at me...But where am I gonna find someone who will sell me REAL bullets?.....*Goes to black market*

User Image For those of you that are from the HP thread....Bandit would like to say "HI" twisted

User Image Why do you have 8fingers on that hand?.........@_*

User Image POKE OF DEATH!!!

Malkie: Sasuke
Kiba (Naruto)
Kiba (wolf's rain)
Kakashi (because he bugged himself)

Neko: Duo
Fushigi Yugi twins

Why does my list seem longer?
I coulda sworn you had more!!
Add more bishies to your list!

xD ok ok h/o.... ))

"Neko: i don't remember them all but i know at one point i was near one hundred(yes...xD i know i know ridiculous) so i have at least 200....."
my friend got a boyfriend, well now they're engaged to marry aafter college..and i get to have all the gundam boys, so we'll add heero, trowa adn kitty-quat to the list. oh harry, draco the weasley twins and ron...they're mine now too.

Neko: Duo
Fushigi Yugi twins
Kitty-Quat (Quatre)
The Weasley Twins (Fred and George)
and...oh! Blaise Zambini...because if Harry gets to suffer with friends, so does Draco....and yes, I've been reading H.P. fanfics again......... sweatdrop

Malkie: Damn. . .I forgot about the Weasly twins. Lemme have one of em? X3
Hmm, Blaise may not be such a bad idea. Lemme make sure all mine have friends to suffer with.

Neko: hhhhhhmmmmm.....you can have blaise and ron.....i love twincest to much... and Draco is just uber yummy...So I have to share him....xD

Draco: WTF?! Potter where the HELL are we now?!

Harry: How the bloody hell am I supposed to know?

Malkie: Yay! I get to play with Draco too!! Oh, and I almost forgot about Kakei, Saiga, Kazahaya and Rikuo from Legal Drug! I'll go ge- *you got mail bubble appears over head again* Oooh!! Brian sent me more bishie mail!! *opens bubble and out pops* Kazahaya and Rikuo!!!! Yay!!!!

Kaza: Wtf? Where are we?!

Rikuo: For once, I don't know. . .

Kaza: What's with the creepy chick?

Malkie: Hey! That's Mrs. Creepy chick to you!! But "Master" will work well too. ^.^ You are now under my control, but since you two make such a hot couple you get to share a room.

Kaza: What?! I'm not sharing with him! And what do you mean "Master"?!?!

Malkie: Here Rikuo, you'll need this. *attaches collar to Kazahaya and gives leash to Rikuo*

Rikuo: Thank you

Neko: Before anything bad happens....EXPELLIAMARUS! *points wand at Hogwarts boys, and their wands drop to floor* KITTY-QUAT!

Quatre: *comes in looking rather tousled from sharing his room with Trowa((Ooc:GO TROWA!!))* Yes? -_- I'm kind of busy at the moment....

Neko: Grab the pointy objects and break them. Then go ahead and play more.

Quatre: *does so and goes back his "Trow-pillow"*

Neko: Ok now that THAT'S settled. Should we explain the "Hello-Kitty rule"?.....

Malkie: Yes I think we should!! *looks happy then scratches head* Uh. . .once I remember which rule that was.

Sasuke: *still on his leash* Idiot. . .

Malkie: Hey!! That's it! Neji and Naruto can't visit your room anymore!! You are grounded until further notice!

Sasuke: What?!?!? B-but. . .fine

Malkie: Neither can Itachi

Sasuke: NoooooooooooooooooooooooO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Malkie: *looks pleased with herself*

Neko: Ok, newbies-

Fred&George: OY!

Neko: stare Like I was saying....For those of you who have just arrived, if you try to escape, you will be forced to wear an adorable, but rather revealing and embarassing, animal costume, for those whom we have not decided on an animal yet, you will have to wear the default "Hello-Kitty" costume. We currently have cats, pandas,tigers, FERRETS-

Draco: eek stressed scream ....... gonk crying

Neko: *smirk* Lions, adorable-cuddly weasles-

Weasley brothers of 3: biggrin ..........*realize that they'lll have to wear the outfit of said animal if they do something wrong* gonk crying

Neko: Leopards.....what am I missing, Malkie?

Malkie: Umm, penguins!!!!

Sasuke: s**t. . .

Malkie: Aww, you'll get over it Sasuke. Eeee!! You'll look so adorable!! Oh, and we have to assign rooms to the newbies Neko.

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