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Deverprinces's thoughts
My thoughts...however random, mundane, idiotic, or just plane boring they may be...prepare yourself or your brain may just explode...but probably not.
Today is the day! I'm not sure for what but it is definitely today! Or maybe tomorrow...only a few hours left in "today" as I'm writing this. I had an idea for a story that reverses one of the normal patterns in my writing. Normally I avoid putting dragons into my stories or if I do there is only one or two in the entire world and they are night on immortal. I recently had an idea for a world where humans are nearly non-existent because like in our world the gods made the beings in their own image...dragons. The gods are all different styles of dragons with different powers born from a single celestial egg kind of like in Japanese or Chinese mythology. My girlfriend is helping with dragon drawings and ideas while I design the world and it's people and cultures. The only connection this world will have with any of my others is it's connection with what I have come to call "the before universe" a universe that existed long ago that met a rather terrible end. Some of that universes artifacts survived and were left stranded and warped from the reforming universe and it's new worlds. Anyway I've talked enough. Please comment feedback is always welcome as is criticism though the later may get you ranted at depending on my mood lol.

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