Hello Thar. I haven't updated my journal in a really long time. I wonder what to say.... Oh well, morea bout school then. School is like farting. Everyone has to, but everyone hates it. (Unless they're wierd-a** little a**-monkeys.[my little brothers]). There's this one teacher in my school. Her name is Mrs. Browning. She's my science teacher. Anyways, it's funny, because it seems like she tries hard to be a little modern and "hip with the little dawg foo gangstas". But she needs to shave, stop wearing ugly boot-slippers (idk htf im supposed to explain them!), and learn how to answer our questions. If we ask her how to do this one problem, she simply gives us another question that's exactly like what we understand, and expects us to understand. She also really never gives us indtructions. It's funny how our math teacher taught the whole class how to do the science project. (I gots an A!!) Well, I don't want to bother you about my never-ending problems with my school/teachers. Hmmm. Whatevers.